Park Shin Hye Drops Sleek Promo Pictorial for Netflix Released Thriller Movie The Call Which is Getting Top 10 Rankings Since Premiere

The thriller K-movie Call (The Call) finally got released exclusively on Netflix at the end of November 2020 after two earlier movie theater release dates were scrapped due to COVID-19. In the two weeks since the movie has ranked in the top 10 films list on the platform globally and even making number 1 at some point in specific Asian countries. I’m sure the production sold the streaming right to Netflix enough to recoup the cost and it was always a more high brow budget flick rather than one of those giant blockbusters that spent all the money on special effects and location shoots. Female lead Park Shin Hye is getting positive reviews though her character and performance isn’t as eye catching as costar Jeon Jong Seo as the antagonist. For a COVID scuttled year it’s pretty impressive that Park Shin Hye has done well with not just one but now two K-movies, this summer with zombie survival flick #Alive and now Call.


Park Shin Hye Drops Sleek Promo Pictorial for Netflix Released Thriller Movie The Call Which is Getting Top 10 Rankings Since Premiere — 12 Comments

  1. Jeon Jong Seo was a beast in the move…sooooo creepy. I think I have nightmare of her standing next to me in the middle of the night.

  2. Jeon Jong Seo said it, in acting it is easier to go up than down, both characters seem so well acted to me, they are a suitable complement and a great bet for a movie that really lacked publicity.
    Jeon Jong Seo is Machiavellian like a psychopath and Park Shin Hye was the perfect victim, I still wonder why she chooses such bad scripts in dramas when her choice and acting in movies is quite good to watch.

  3. Yay! For another hit from PSH, not only from the audience but most especially from the critics. Two strong actresses carrying the movie. The young director really wanted her for his movie as he made adjustments to the role and was willing to wait for her to be available. Now, the fans are anticipating her next project, Sisyphus The Myth with Cho Seung Woo, the actor she first co starred with when she was just a kid. Crossing finger for it to be a great drama and a ratings hit!

  4. I love Shin Hye and I’m glad to see her on top of her game with back-to-back hit movies. Looking forward to seeing her new drama with Jo Seung Woo. The plot seems much more interesting and likely a meatier role than her past couple of dramas.

  5. A queen indeed.happy that call is topping since its release.& disagree with saying that jjs outperformed jjs herself said that PSH balanced the performance btw them.jjs character was something to go overboard but PSH also contributed her part well so it went off really balanced.& Also their character are totally different one is a psycokiller & the other one is a victim.& Also in many of them films with psycos the films tend to take more importance to antagonist than main lead.but here PSH really performed well .so i didnt get comparison.they two played thier role well.& Director reversed her role it for her after she first rejected.
    & Also congrats for selected in asiaforbes list & alive is topping in Korean genre & non english movie
    PSH you really done well..proud to be a fan??waiting for sisphyus the myth✌️

  6. Yes suspenseful korean movies have been doing well on Netflix lately, I can see Home Sweet Home being the next Korean movie hit on Netflix.

    • Eh her characters are different. One is dramatic because she is the “responding” character while she is calm, rational and doesn’t show much emotion in Alive as it’s YAI job.
      Try to differentiate between acting and characters before blaming on the actors. The do what the script tell them. Not all characters the the same. It’s funny when she gets complained when her character cried and also get complained when her character doesn’t show much emotion. It’s not her responsible for the writing nor your arrogance

  7. The Call was good but so creepy omg, I had to turn the lights on more than once while I was watching. Jeon Jong Seo really is incredible but PSH did really well as the innocent foil, the two had really believable chemistry even though their only contact is through the phone. Also Lee El and Kim Sung Ryung <3

    It's a shame it didn't get released in theatres because of corona flaring up again, it would have been nice to see a female-centric film do well in ticket sales.

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