K-actress Jeon Jong Seo Confirms She’s Dating Thriller Movie Call Director Lee Chung Hyun as Netizens Fangirl that He Should Move in Front of the Camera

Oh, what a nice and totally out-of-the-blue dating news. A new couple is born in K-ent as movie actress Jeon Jong Seo and her Call movie director Lee Chung Hyun are dating. The two confirmed the news and admitted they fell in love while he directed her in the movie, to which I saw win and win! She’s gotten tons of praise and even awards for her villainous turn in the other potboiler of a movie, which is Lee Chung Hyun’s first directorial effort and he even wrote the script. He’s really young, just 31 years old and is one of the risers in Chungmuro. It doesn’t matter that he looks handsome for his directing and screenwriter career but K-netizens are calling it a waste of those visuals to just stay behind the camera. I’m happy for the cute couple and also that they could be one of those movie power couples if it works out haha, more good movies and good acting can come out of this partnership offscreen leading to onscreen.

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Park Shin Hye Drops Sleek Promo Pictorial for Netflix Released Thriller Movie The Call Which is Getting Top 10 Rankings Since Premiere

The thriller K-movie Call (The Call) finally got released exclusively on Netflix at the end of November 2020 after two earlier movie theater release dates were scrapped due to COVID-19. In the two weeks since the movie has ranked in … Continue reading