Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk Repeat Their Photogenic Chemistry for Marie Claire Korea January 2021 Edition

I feel like the promo circuit for upcoming K-movie Josee, a remake of the Japanese movie of the same name, is to make up somewhat for the lack of OTP promos in tvN drama Start-Up. I see movie leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min everywhere and I love it! I just wish the same happened for Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy when they did Start-Up, it would have added treats for my Do San-Dal Mi ship and staved off all the nonsensical love triangle that never was talk. Back to Josee, the movie is an indie type flick so isn’t expected to make waves in the box office, critics and audiences are watching for whether it does an improved take on the original J-movie as well as the acting and chemistry of the leads. Han Ji Min, other than a blip in the 2015 with a drama that shall not be mentioned, has resurged and solidified herself as one of the strongest actresses of her generation group and Nam Joo Hyuk excelled by miles when he worked with her in The Light in Your Eyes. I’m excited to see how they do together now for Josee.


Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk Repeat Their Photogenic Chemistry for Marie Claire Korea January 2021 Edition — 14 Comments

  1. Omg love Han Ji Min so much. She is by far one of the most versatile and strongest actress I have seen. Her range is amazing. I’m excited to watch this film so much because of her. I’ve watch the Japanese version and don’t like the story but definitely will watch this for Han Ji Min. Forget about 2015 with Hyde Jekyll and Me. That drama is crap. I don’t even know why she agreed to take such horrible drama. A drama that slander her ability as an actress. What she had proven that that crappie drama is a mistake. Rooting for this talented woman.

    • True she slay in all her recent works and before 2015 she does well too. The 2015 Hyde Jekyll and Me drama is a mess with a weak plot that is all over the place i agreed. It’s a meal center of attention story where the female lead is not well written so I’ve never expected much from her while watching that drama. It’s mostly watch by crazy oppa fan girls, that’s no surprise she get blame for it’s low rating. Her worst production but it has been forgotten into oblivion already. I’m glad she chosen better scripts nowadays where she can truly show her range of performance. One can never shine if chosen a bad scripts. Hwaiting Han Ji Min and Josee.

      • Hyde Jekyll and Me beside the drama is super dragging and so predictable bad. I pity Han Ji Min for getting bash and blame for the low rating from crazy toxic oppa fan girls over their oppa. Funny I don’t like Hyun Bin and his acting so everything about that drama is overall terrible. I was able to finish the drama because of Han Ji Min and Sung Joon. I would much prefer Sung Joon as main lead because he’s more attractive and his acting is more appealing to me, while Hyun Bin acting is so unnatural and look very constipated everytime especially when he cried. Look so horribly force. It’s a pity I love the villain and Jang Hana better. Terrible drama of 2015. Han Ji Min has proven her worthy of being a strong actress despite having that horrible drama. I’m glad she’s doing so well and see more peoples are tuning into her works now.

  2. I miss Han Ji Min so much in the screen my favorite actress. Can’t wait to watch this drama in the State. They look great in this photoshoot. So exciting to see my beautiful Ji Min.

  3. If you need promotional photoshoots to get a boost for the main love line that means you don’t trust their acting. There’s a lot of main couples without a promotional photoshoot and they deliver just fine. Not saying that the dodal didn’t deliver, but I’m tired of fans excusing the lack of hype that dodal couple had and finding fault in everything but the writer. NJH and Suzy did really well with their acting, their chemistry was good and yes that love triangle should have ended so much earlier, the second male lead was too good that he didn’t need that to add to his story, he had way more chemistry with grandma than with suzy.

  4. If we take LSK out of the equation (because that chemistry is just of a different level altogether), NJH’s best costar is HJM. They look great together and Dazzling was pretty darn fantastic. Looking forward to this movie and they’ll be working together yet again in “Here”. I love this spread, and honestly NJH looks great in all photoshoots anyway.

  5. Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min look so good together in this photoshoots and the one for Dazed TLIYEs. Their chemistry is undeniably beautiful despite the huge age gaps. The TLIYEs still remain the best drama I’ve watched since 2018 to now. I still have yet find a drama to top it off. Seeing both actors pair up again for Josee feels so nostalgic like yesterday. I cried so much watching the TLIYEs and preparing to bow my eyes out for this one because I know it’s not gonna be a happy ever after ending. Why my beautiful couple always have to part ways. ?

    I look forward to see Josee. Love both actors especially Han Ji Min. She is one brilliant actor who is able to pull any roles off. She never disappoint.

  6. Han Ji Min is so beautiful. I love how she emotes through her eyes with every character’s she portrays. Just recently benched watch all her works after Familiar Wife ended. She’s amazing and I love Nam Joo Hyuk too. Josee I can’t wait to see you.

  7. Can’t wait to see Josee. These two have the best working relationship. I think it is because of their age? They are comfortable with one another and they don’t worry of any shipping issues.

  8. Beautiful Hanjimin, hope this movie will be release in Netflix too. I love all her works like familiar wife, one spring night and dazzling.

  9. It’s my favorite photo shoot of HJM…Marie Clare, with NJH. One can see through their great chemistry. Both are comfortable with each other. Both are versatile , NJH still need more experience but his potential is awesome. HJM is his great support. I just learned that “Here” drama is cancelled. It’s a different drama with same writer & most of the actors/actress like HJM but no more NJH, I wonder why? I read he is doing a drama w another actress. Oh well, life goes on. Hopefully, HJM & NJH will be together again in a drama.

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