Song Hye Kyo’s New Drama by Kim Eun Sook is a Dark Revenge Thriller Titled The Glory

Mmmmmmm okay……this was not what I was expecting but am pleasantly more interested in it now. A few days after news that K-actress Song Hye Kyo was reuniting with hit screenwriter Kim Eun Sook for her next drama there is not a title and bare bones synopsis to add color to the project. The drama doesn’t have a network confirmed but will be titled The Glory and air in multiple seasons, with the first season as 8-episodes. Song Hye Kyo plays a woman who was bullied by her classmates as a child and had to drop out of school, decades later she’s getting her revenge as the teacher who will be teaching the children of those who bullied her. I’m not sure doing the same terrible thing to innocent kids of culpable parents is the right revenge method so hopefully there is more to this story. K-ent is abuzz that Kim Eun Sook is finally writing a drama not centered around romance and wonders if she’s taking a page from revenge melo queen Kim Sun Ok whose Penthouse was the biggest hit of the year from the Big Three network.


Song Hye Kyo’s New Drama by Kim Eun Sook is a Dark Revenge Thriller Titled The Glory — 29 Comments

  1. I mean SHK will not be in the first season ?, or put on a school uniform, all this is anyone’s guess and only increases my curiosity about the drama.

    • Maybe the high school days will be in flashbacks. In any case, I like Song Hye-kyo in intense roles like that in That Winter, the Wind Blows.

  2. I hope the high school girl version will be played by popular young girls of these days like Yoo Jung, So Hyun or Hye Yoon.

    • Hye Yoon? Ewww.

      I think So Hyun and Yoo Jung will only play the role if it will be impactful or meaty and just a mere supporting role. Remember, they are bonafide leading ladies now. So, I cannot see them playing supporting characters in the future.

  3. Literally what on earth is KES doing??? As if people already didn’t consider her plots overblown and poorly developed enough, she went ahead and said y’all are gonna get a full blown makjang LOLLL.

    I really hate revenge plots that don’t focus on the actual perpetrators themselves like what the children gotta do with anything? Even if they’re spoiled brats it’s still the parents that are the baddies here so I’m not liking this one bit, sorry. I don’t really understand how a multi season format a la Penthouse is going to help matters either since KES can barely write one season properly without her trusty assistant writers. Add SHK in there looking pretty and lost, who doesn’t have the range for a badass revenge role, and I’m seriously judging the male lead and network that signs onto this circus. Welp.

    • I love SHK, but this plot makes no sense as it reads, the kids aren’t at fault. Hopefully there’s more to it. Also, it seems like a weird plot to stretch into multiple seasons.

      Also, has Kim Run Sook ever written a dark revenge drama?? The whole thing is strange.

    • Makjang is on season, sky castle open it with some seriousness, then we have world of married and now penthouse.

      It’s the makjang resurrection phase

  4. Plot sounds interesting but I’m wary of the multi-season format. I loved that kdramas began and ended with one season, usually 16 to 24 episodes. With the multi season format, the risk of the project being incomplete is higher if the public doesn’t care for the first season. It’s definitely something new for KES, and although revenge dramas aren’t really my cup of tea; I’ll be checking out the first few episodes. With it being pre-produced, there will be time to work out the kinks in production; and hopefully the quality will mirror that of DOTS.

  5. SHK hinted in both her interviews for Vogue Hong Kong and W Korea about ‘genres’ so perhaps she was referring to this drama. Looking forward to watching her in The Glory. 🙂

    • I don’t think a male lead is necessary for this type of drama though. Guess that’s why there hasn’t been any announcements regarding that.

    • There will be NO love interest, no wonder she accepted. All good, no more rumours and speculations on who she should be paired with. Though I am highly suspicious on KES pulling off this genre, I am glad to see SHG step out of her comfort zone and try something different. Already sensing a “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”vibe to it.

      • Yes. It’s pretty obvious The Glory is a female-centric drama so I hope the speculations about her next partner can stop now.

  6. I’m happy that she chose this genre which is a departure from her last project which is a romcom, although revenge plots especially if there are kids involved are probably trickier to write and execute. I personally wanted to see her in a light comeback drama but I realize now that that would be so predictable for her and that’s probably why it took a while before she found a new project that she wanted to do. I’ll check this out.

  7. I know this will be coming, some of high rated drama nowdays are mostly makjang or revenge plot (sky castle, world of married, penthouse), KES already done with rom com – romance, and fantasy, she knows those type of drama dont really work anymore. I’m sure SHK can pull it off, it’s KES writing that I’m more concerned

  8. Why season, duhhhh… on of many reason i like kdrama is they complete in one go.

    I understand the revenge reason but i dont agree with it, of course because child are innocent. Hmmm.. interesting how KES will wrap it up. I hope there isnt any romance plot, please. And be female centric instead.

  9. Read through pannchoa and a commenter mentioned a similar plot to a Japanese drama. Wonder if KES was inspired (wouldn’t want to accuse of plagiarism yet).

    • Lol it’s barely a 5 sentence synopsis for a drama that’s supposedly having multiple season.

      To even think of her being “inspired” or “plagiarising” something is preposterous based on the crumbs of information we have. I’m not saying she surely wouldn’t. I’m saying, you surely wouldn’t know that until umm… 1 year later possibly LOL

  10. I was hoping she’d go back to something like City Hall but she seems to be going for some version of Penthouse…I’ll guve her that am intrigued.

  11. Hoho, it seems a pig can fly now…
    To those who love to criticize on things that are not even clear, the more they talk, the more stupidity, prejudice, shallowness and absurdity they are showing , lolzzz…

  12. It seems interesting because she will be playing a teacher. However, the moment she hurts an innocent child using her role as an educator to approach them, I’m out. Truly hope this isn’t the case.

  13. Have this say, despite liking SHK somewhat, this project lost me. I think KES’s strength is only and only romance. It’s her bread and butter. Her expertise. The only thing she truly gets right (minus TKEM). In all her other dramas, the politics get awry, the fantasy is nonsensical and the story bananas. But one thing she mostly get right, is the swoony romances.

    Look, good for her to try on something new. But if I wanted a good makjang, she ain’t the writer I’d be considering to watch.

    • I honestly agree with you about the romance aspect of KES’s works but in my opinion, all her dramas (atleast post 2010) were badly miscast to me. I never felt an iota of chemistry from the very hyped HJW-HB pair, LMH-PSH put me to sleep, Song Song were cute but still off putting because SHK just cannot act, period (and uh, we all know how they turned out in real life which affects my opinion of their reel pairing), GY-KGE were just painful to watch but LMH-KGE somehow still managed to edge them out to be downright traumatizing to see on screen. LBH-KTR weren’t supposed to be a “romantic” pairing for official purposes but I can’t stand drastic age gaps or Lee Santa so they’re not making the cut either. If any of these dramas were properly cast for me, the romantic aspect of her dramas would be sweet to watch, I’ll give her that.

      But apparently this mess doesn’t have romance but rather a soapish, kimchi bitch slapping, revenge vibe going on with it so my hackles are already raised. Cue war flashbacks of the abysmal family drama, PPL tomfoolery and cartoonish villain escapades in TKEM *shudders*

      • It’s fascinating but her second lead’s chemistry has always been way better for me (excluding HB-HJW because I saw fireworks there, personally). For example, SeGa’s second leads were great, PSH-KWB had so much promise, LDW-Yoo Inna were Epic and KJW-Jin Goo were the best thing about DOTS. I liked YYS-KTR too. She’s gotten the right pairing for most of her second leads but I think KES tends to focus on the name rather than the actor fit or chemistry for her leads.

        Therefore, I get what you’re trying to say. In a way, this might work for some of us. But the people willing to watch come-what-may (read: no matter how illogical) are the ones who come for epic, sweeping romances. For this to work, it needs to actually be good enough or enjoyably-makjang enough. And neither is her expertise. She isn’t even in intermediate level lol

      • Good points about casting. Now that you bring it up, I realize I didn’t love any of those pairings you mentioned.

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