jTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Releases Cool Spartan Teaser Posters with One Mysterious Hook

I thought February 2021 was like crazy far away when I first heard that Park Shin Hye was signing on for a sci-fi thriller drama Sispyhus: The Myth with Jo Seung Woo. Yet now it’s like a month away, and wishing to slow down time clearly doesn’t work because I need to stop the next few years before the Koala teens leave the nest and go off to college. T___T Back to the drama, the production released new teaser posters that I love, the cool black/blue shade used for the background, the stark simplicity of the two leads just looking at the camera, the glowing red episilon letter emanating from their necks, and last but not least, that one poster has a mystery person kept hidden but clearly plays a pivotal role. Cool concept and well executed, thought currently airing tvN thriller Awaken (Night and Day) did something similar but releasing a main lead character poster midway through the drama (and releasing updated full cast posters with that lead included) once his important role in the drama was revealed.


jTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Releases Cool Spartan Teaser Posters with One Mysterious Hook — 7 Comments

  1. Awaken is my favourite airing drama! NGM looks so swoony :p

    In time travel, we got Alice that was really bad, so they can’t do worse. In SF with time as a plot, we got Kairos that was really great and consistent till the end. So I hope they will follow Kairos’s example.

  2. Koala now im curious how old are you? I thought you were older. I guess you won’t answer but anyway.

    Back to the topic, every single thing about this drama is so well executed that is making me so excited. And they confirmed my suspicions that the drama will be a fantasy genre. We’ll have to handle hide creatures and I’m all for it. I wonder what this symbol means, they stated is related to sisyphus (the first word of sisyphus). Guess there are still many things they have not yet revealed and we will have to wait to see.

  3. Psh.her aura.. gaze..perfect .freaking gorgeous.indeed queen of her generation.hoping their hard work will payoff.fighting sisphyus team
    The symbol reminded me of shadowhunters runes..

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