After Baby Abandonment Scandal Zheng Shuang Dropped By Endorsements Including Prada, Labeled a Bad Influence By Official Chinese Broadcasting, and Pending Dramas Likely Will Not Air

The fallout is fast and furious for C-actress Zheng Shuang after her ex-boyfriend (really ex-husband) Zhang Heng dropped the dirt that after their breakup she did not want their two babies born to surrogates they decided to have when they were together. This makes “who gets the pet” divorce question a walk in the park. Read my earlier post for all the deets, this post is all about the consequences which is basically Zheng Shuang getting cancelled within 24-hours so hard girl wishes she were perpetually rick-rolled instead. Her major endorsements have all immediately terminated her contract including Prada which pinned the announcement at the top of their official weibo (haha). Workers were seen working through the night in Beijing and Shanghai transport hubs taking down her endorsement posters.

Her official fan club administrator (her #1 fan) has resigned and left the fandom immediately and her fan Weibo page closed. The official Chinese Broadcast Authority has put her on their “bad influence” list which means she’s blackballed, it’s the list where stars that have bad press get placed such as smoking in public, drunk driving, brawling, etc. Reportedly all her pending dramas, over 10 finished projects, will now not air which includes the 2014 period drama Jade Lover she filmed with Lee Jong Seok which was first tabled in 2016 during the China-South Korea tit-for-tat faceoff (remember THAAD, ahhh so long ago). Of all she’s done I did want to watch Lee Jong Seok’s first and only C-project but eh, I’ll just stare at his stills and call it a day because honestly I don’t think I can ever stomach watching her onscreen. I also feel so terrible for the innocent people who worked on, starred with, and invested in any drama with her that may never see the light of day, it’s so unfair to be punished for something she did only but is now impacting others.


After Baby Abandonment Scandal Zheng Shuang Dropped By Endorsements Including Prada, Labeled a Bad Influence By Official Chinese Broadcasting, and Pending Dramas Likely Will Not Air — 17 Comments

  1. Is it true that all her dramas and shows related to her that were already aired are also being taken down? I wonder if the international streaming apps like Netflix would do it also. I feel bad for all of those actors and production staff who did nothing wrong but got affected because of this. She’s not only taking the public’s anger but she may also many legal suits because of this.

    • it feels like reading entertainment business chinese novel where the female antagonist finally receives her retribution. but i felt that it somehow dirty to record meeting sneakily for 6 hours long. but maybe zhang han family had the reason to do so, probably coz zheng shuang family is very hard to give cooperation and want to abondon the babies. even though zhang han might be cheated, but that’s not a reason to abondon or want to aborted the baby! at least zhang han tries his best to be a father for their babies?

      • Sometimes you need play smart with evil people…just few days ago I (and my friends) want to record our evil boss because we just can not stand his unfairness anymore…and that just because of work matter, can you imagine when you need to deal with someone like zhen huang and her families who can throw away innocent lives like that? So I don’t think record their conversation is shady, it’s smart moves

  2. Since she wants to abandon her kids, then she will experience how it feels to be abandoned, even by a small degree in comparsion to her kids…

  3. In the midst of all these I feel sick if the father loses his visa and his children left behind. The 2 children have their DNA but to be forcibly left in the USA?

    I don’t even want to comment on her except to say can anyone pressure her to sign the documents to get the kids back into China? But ic its illegal what can the father do?

    I can’t even bear to think of the children. Heck care about her career.

  4. Shocked and disgusted at how she doesn’t see what she has done wrong. She believes that giving the children away for adoption has actually done charity for people who can’t have kids. That’s some kind of messed up logic.

  5. she just got a problem by mentioning deng lun and his ex last time and now,, wow. got cancelled by so many people means she probably did it and no one can help now. her career is probably over now. well, karma is a biatch tho. i only liked her in Love O2O. She’ll be in the same level with Li Xiao Lu or Fan Bing Bing.

  6. I don’t understand why they wait so long before airing a drama… It’s wasted money. Now, all the people who worked on these projects will suffer and won’t be able to shoe their hard work.

  7. Her family especially her father’s response to this situation has been something; it’s apparent that they enable her attitude. ZS and her father won’t even address or acknowledge the children. It’s scary and sad to think she has so much power over the future of two innocent lives that she doesn’t even care about.

    Even though her dramas are revoked, she’s already made so much money that the resources and even time is in her favor. It’s disgusting.

  8. She’s still playing victim on Weibo, so disgusting. If she wants to save her career, she better do right by those kids asap and make sure they can go to China with their father. I think something has to be said about her intelligence as well. Like, how the hell did she ever think this would go unnoticed? Even if she didn’t know there was an audio recording of her saying those really awful things, the children’s birth certificates still exist. Like, did she really not see this PR disaster coming ???????

  9. Her career is OVER for sure. I don’t think ZS thought it through before deciding to get married and have kids. She hired surrogates instead of her going thru the 9 months of pregnancy. She didn’t want the kids to come back to china b/c she doesn’t want the world to know she got married in the US and have kids. She kept it a secret, but I’m glad the ex-husband decided to reveal her true self. karma got her at the end and she got nowhere to hide. Hopefully, she will do good deed and sign the paperwork so the kids can come to china.

  10. I don’t understand how she and her dad (from the leaked audio?) can just abandon their own flesh and blood. Well to begin with, I don’t understand the full story on why she went for surrogacy with 2 women at the same time, then later on wish for the pregnancies to be terminated. Didn’t she want to get pregnant because of her career or can’t she get pregnant because of health issues – regardless, if those were her eggs and not donor eggs, how can she just easily abandon them. For people who have the right moral compass, even if they were donor eggs but she made the commitment to be their parent at the start, they still wouldn’t easily abandon the child. I can’t comprehend. The only explanation (I guess since we humans refuse to believe another human is evil) is that probably she has some mental health issues?

  11. She always looked like a frivolous woman to me. I couldn’t even finish her drama with Yang Yang because I couldn’t shake the negative vibe she gave me. This is why I prefer celibrities with mild flaws over the perfect “lotus flower” ones.

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