tvN Mon-Tues Drama Awaken Finishes with Excellent Episode 16, Another Indelible Performance by Namgong Min, and Solid Average Ratings of 4.543%

It’s weird, after watching both Kairos and Awaken (Night and Day) back to back, Kairos is a better written and executed drama but I’m way more emotionally invested in Awaken due to the jaw dropping acting show put on by Namgong Min for the entire 16-episodes. This was his playground and we’re all just lucky to be along for the ride. It made sense that he would pick this drama, it’s dark and twisty and intense and it’s not his fault there are giant plot holes and raging scientific ridiculousness to drive a truck through. Watching his Do Jung Woo out-plot, out-think, and out-crazy the baddies was the whole point of the show and so mesmerizing. It helps he had a great supporting cast, I thought everyone played their parts well even the overacting crazies. I’m sad Awaken will likely be shuffled off into the bin of thriller procedurals aplenty in the K-drama depository, it was really entertaining to watch and made my Mon-Tues something to look forward to.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama Awaken Finishes with Excellent Episode 16, Another Indelible Performance by Namgong Min, and Solid Average Ratings of 4.543% — 14 Comments

  1. I loved it! The SF elements didn’t bother me, it kinda reminded me The Witch. I agree about the comparison with Kairos and Awaken but Kairos was too repetitive when Awaken mixed very well the action and the plot that made it very enternaining and never boring. Nam Goong Min was perfect, this manly style suited him so well, he should keep the “mustache” and the tan! It wasn’t a love story but his acting to show his feelings was better than his past romance for me. I think the writer did well with the 3 main characters, they all had their own development. I really liked LCA as smart FBI agent and Seolhyun as a badass cop.

    I’m not sure I will watch LuCA, the haircut is too awful :p

    • Awaken was probably the drama I expected to see least positive articles about if any and I am even surprised such article exists on the internet which is this article ofcourse and it is anomaly and ofcourse Kairos was 100 times better and i was not even big fan of Kairos later episode but i managed to finish that one

      • When Koala is biased, she tends to embellish and exaggerate. Don’t be too surprised at this article.

  2. 4.5% is just average. Nothing solid about it. But it’s great that the finale managed to pull in its highest ever of 6.2%. Personally, I found NGM’s performance here like a darker version of his roles in Gong Shim and Chief Kim but the same cavalier personality. Different shades, same color. Not blaming him, just my two cents. Still a fine actor, though. And a good enough drama overall.

  3. I really love NGM in these types of roles. His intensity is mesmerizing. I watched Dr Prisoner and Stove League right before watching Awaken. All three had him outwitting the “bad guys” and he is such a joy to watch. Where has LCA been? Last time I remember watching her was in Flower Boy Ramen Shop. She did a great job here.. Her chemistry with NGM was really good. I’m not familiar with the gal that played the cop. She was just meh for me and pretty forgettable. I am looking forward to NGM’s next role!

    • LCA was just wonderful, wasn’t she? She was the draw for me to the drama and I stayed for her and NGM’s chemistry. Last drama I saw her in is VIP (2019) and she was badass there too. As for the Hye won actress… no comment. I heard a rumor that NGM will possibly star in an upcoming drama called Black Sun. So that’s also something to look forward to, if true.

      • Ah, I skipped VIP, so for me it seems like a long time since I’ve seen her. I hope I get to see her more often. Great news about NGM and Black Sun. I agree with Koala that he could just sit there and read the dictionary and I would be all aboard. ?

  4. I dropped it. After second episode and i was excited about it previously. It was confusing and the romance line between the cops didnt feel right and forced. NGM character was also unlikeable an strange at times

  5. Such an average-mediocre drama. Nothing more than some great potential which was ruined as each ep went by. Jamie Leighton was just a cameo from the middle of the drama. I don’t doubt that Nam Goong Min is a fine actor but even his performance was dulled by the lazy writing. If I have to describe this drama in a single word, it is PRETENTIOUS.

    Kairos was good. I will give it a 7.4/10 and this one a 6.

    • The drama IS mediocre… just like its ratings. And I didn’t see anything extraordinary about Goong Min’s performance. He’s acted better.

  6. Why did u compare with kairos koala..i am sorry its a big big gap!kairos is masterpiece
    this drama i dont know something missed from the character,even NGM my fav one acting weird,its difficult,not recommended

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