Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk Looking Compatible in First Filming Stills of K-drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door

This is one of the dramas I’m excited about for 2021 especially since it just sounds different and cool. Filming has been underway for tvN drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door with Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk with a supporting cast of Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Shin Do Hyun so that’s like a perfect five piece gift set of casting. Seo In Guk play the titular “Destruction” who stars a cohabitation of 100 days with Park Bo Young’s ordinary human, and of course they start to fall for each other. The PD did My Unfamiliar Family, Search: WWW, and Suits with the script by the screenwriter of the drama version of The Beauty Inside.


Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk Looking Compatible in First Filming Stills of K-drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door — 20 Comments

  1. I really missed Seo In Guk in dramas and he is so versatile, but … I hope Park Bo Young has a different role than her previous dramas, I feel that because of her small and very cute appearance she is being pigeonholed into typical roles, she is a chemistry machine with its co-stars, but I’d like to see something different in this drama, keeping my fingers crossed for this to happen.

  2. Welcome back Gukkie after 2 years. You have been sorely missed. Love love love the styling of black turtle necks, black coats and spiffy shoes on Gukkie. PBY looks very attractive with bangs and long hair. Hopefully they will have an explosive chemistry on-screen. That scene at the zebra crossing with them holding hands already send fans into a frenzy on their Twitter. I’m also very intrigued with how the writer will spin this story with a second OTP of Lee Soo Hyuk-Shin Do Hyun-Kang Tae Oh love triangle. KTO in particular resembles a young Andy Lau. These fabulous five are all visually stunning. Can’t wait till late April/May.

  3. Stunning kooks aside, I would like the PD and writer to push this one out of the ordinary. Fantasy-romance has a tendency to either derail spectacularly or hit the sweet spot of a colossal hit. I’m banking on the acting skills of Seo In Guk, Park Bo Young and Lee Soo Hyuk to do the heavy lifting should the script goes wonky. I have never seen Kang Tae Oh but heard good things about him via his work on Tale Of Nokdu and Run On. Looking forward to In Guk singing one of the OSTs too. Optimistically hopeful. Better to lower one’s expectation first.

  4. Nothing sounds different or cool about this to me but I’ll check it out for PBY, LSH and KTO. Beauty Inside writer? That’s Im Meari, one of the former assistant writers of KES.

  5. LSH is on fire. He should be getting his ML role pronto. Travesty to be still stuck as SL. I was hoping he would go head-to-head with SIG in tussling for PBY’s character in Destruction. Male cat fights with all fangs, claws and furs flying. Lol. This is his 3rd collab with SIG after all. Why put these two together only for them to have separate love lines? What a waste. Oh well, at least I will see both of them having a cat and mouse game on the big screen in Pipeline. That’s a bonus.

  6. Very wary of anyone to do with KES. Just hearing the KES connection send a chill down my spine. This is Im Meari’s one big chance to prove herself. Anyone knows which KES drama that Im Meari was part of?

    • C’mon, let’s give her a chance. Lol. After TKEM, I heard people speculating that KES’ mojo must have run out when her assistant writers left. I hear one of them wrote Search: WWW which was a good drama. The name Im Meari has stuck with me because it’s also the name of one of my least favorite characters in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Another KES drama. But I think we should give this writer a chance and see what she’s got.

      • Thanks for the encouragement Aurora. I was nervous coz these five are an interesting bunch and talented combo. I will feel so bad if the writing let them down. Let’s hope Im Meari is one of the really good writers that left KES. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Search WWW, Run On and The Beauty Inside were by all KES’s former assistant writers. I have not heard good stuff about TBI but the other two are very good and surprisingly have strong female leads. Working under your boss doesn’t mean you work and create like your boss.

  7. I miss SIG and would really love to see him on my screen again but I’m not sure about his pairing with PBY. She’s a very talented actress; but for some reason, most of her dramas have been misses for me with the exception of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which I adored. I also did not care for the past dramas of the production team; I dropped Suits, Search WWW, and The Beauty Inside for various reasons. I do hope this drama is good and it appeals to me. Fingers crossed.

    • @Adal, let’s give them a chance. I have missed SIG very much too. Trust him to do something different after a 2 year absence. He’s normally very savvy about his choice of scripts and no matter how bad it looks on paper, SIG always pulled something out of the hat to make his character different and to fit in with his female lead e.g. SKL. First time rookie writer, typical rom-com chaebol poor girl trope but the ratings took everyone by surprise considering MBC didn’t bother to promote it at all until mid-way hence the extra Busan press conference when MBC realised the popularity of the drama. My husband and I also adore PBY in SWDBS and in her movie Scandal Makers as a single mum. Her performance tugged our heartstrings especially the parts where she could not find her little boy and her sense of hurt/rejection from her birth father. It was a tour de force performance in our opinion. If PBY brings her film characterisation skills into this drama we could be witnessing a potential hit. Let’s all keep our fingers. See how it goes.

  8. MyDramaList and Soompi changed the title to Doom At Your Service. What the heck just happened? I’m confused now. More comedy than fantasy drama? Whatever happened to the something different and cool sounding One Day Destruction Came To My Door? CLOY went through some name changes for the title before. So I’m hoping this is something positive.

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