Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo are Swoony Adorable and Battle Intense in New Poster and Teasers for KBS Sageuk River Where the Moon Rises

Okay, all reservations done. Like, I NEED THIS DRAMA RIGHT NOW. The new poster and teaser preview is out for KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises with Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo and gahhhhhhh I’m dying here from all the feels these two are giving off. I heard her Princess Pyeonggang is using his foolish naive Ondal to help her win her political battles but these two cuties totally look mutually smitten. We got back hug, battlefield worried kiss, dancing, her exuding composed intensity as she plots and he’s all big and lunky and clearly at her beck and call. Now I think Ji Soo being a little stiff and modern with sageuks may not be a problem because that could fit his awkward country bumpkin character.

New preview for River Where the Moon Rises:


Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo are Swoony Adorable and Battle Intense in New Poster and Teasers for KBS Sageuk River Where the Moon Rises — 67 Comments

  1. But seriously KSH and her regal aura are no joke. She’s on a different level. Jisoo is the cutest bumbling puppy and lovestruck fool. Their chemistry is sizzling.

  2. I love how pyeonggang chose to identify herself as the king’s daughter. She chose Goguryeo- her country. That’s what I like! Romance and her chemistry with Ji Soo is just a bonus for me.

    • Yes yes finally! I’ve been waiting for them to show us Kim So Hyun in her princess garb, and here it is! She’s indeed born to play queens and princesses roles with her immaculate beauty and regal aura, it just looks so effortless on her part.
      And this just reminded me of how much I love pre-Joseon sageuk costumes, really beautiful!

      Love the poster too! It’s lovely, and just looking at it, I can already feel the strong chemistry! I just hope this doesn’t have a sad/tragic ending!
      And hoping to see some Lee Ji Hoon in the next teasers!


    • I must agree. Editing is mediocre but isn’t too bad either. That’s one of the downside of KBS drama, they are behind other networks in terms of their editing style. Could also be because the production company lacks support from their broadcasting network thus they can’t provide them a good editing team. The individual posters also looked empty honestly speaking but then the imperial visuals of Kim So Hyun pulled that weight and made me forget all those. As well as the oozing chemistry with this recent teaser somehow overshadowed that concern.

    • The teaser is not lousy just old fashioned. This drama has the same vibes as the epic sageuk dramas from 2000-2010. Most people haven’t seen this kind of teasers but go check out the teasers for Jumping and they’re edited in the same manner. I’m glad they’re bringing back this style of sageuk. None of the costume dramas pretending to be sageuk.

      • I agree that the editing can be better but it still feels classic and old fashioned like @Gelly said. It’s giving me Queen Seondok (lol I forgot the spelling, is that correct?) Vibe which will be My all-time favorite.

      • @Yepeu

        As you guys mentioned Jumong and Queen Seondeok now I realize why I felt nostalgic with all these. I guess we all have our certain editing style preferences. Personally, I also liked it. I just made that comment as I based on the recent dramas and noticed how the term “quality” is defined now in this time. As some may not compliment the editing but I guess it all depends on our own views and perspective. One may find it attractive and the others may not. But I should say that it actually fitted my taste.

    • I probably sounds like a hater but it wasn’t good. I am anticipating because I like old fashioned saeguk but it doesn’t look good.

      • No, you don’t. Having a not-positive opinion doesn’t make you a hater or bad fan. So hope you won’t also do a 180.

      • It looks great unless you’re expecting modern style editing which this director never does. Go see the editing for Kingmaker and Saimdang it’s very old fashioned. It’s his style and what he’s most famous. His dramas are high quality but traditional old fashioned dramas. He doesn’t use pretty palette or editing. Yet it’s good enough to get even non fans and casual fans excited.

      • @Miss Peggy No, you’re not because there’s a fine line between not liking it and hating it. We cannot receive a hundred percent positive feedback all the time. As long as you’re not making nasty remarks and respecting others opinions, we respect your opinion too.

      • Aaah I don’t like the editing of Kingmaker, the colour is fine. I really enjoy QSD and Jumong but the editing style, the transition and the framing isn’t that good.

        Not going to compare to make it less but MrQueen has a really good framing despite the story. Kingmaker does rely on suspense but the editing and framing, albeit not bad, didn’t memorable either

      • Mr Queen has so many controversies it’s better not to have anything even remotely similar to it. High ratings without positive opinion isn’t a good thing in the long run.

    • I was afraid to say this because I am not a hater, but that trailer in my opinion does not look good, I had so much expectation for this and it collapsed in minutes, maybe it is as some comments say and they are editing errors or the director’s style , I’ll be attentive to the drama because KSH looks very beautiful in this and Jisoo really seems to fit the role, this is just my opinion and I don’t want to offend anyone, sorry.

      • I’ve seen the PD’s previous works and can attest that this is actually his style. The drama will have the same editing style and he also likes using the yellow filter so you might see that too. It takes time to get used to but he’s the best at capturing strong scenes and dramas like this are his strong point. I’d suggest people not expect Nokdu Flower or Tale of Nokdu style of cinematic experience because you won’t get it. This will be more rustic and dated but equally interesting. His female characters are always the best never weak and some of the strongest and most well written characters you’ll ever see in a drama.

      • And this, dear Emma, is a consequence of some fans’ toxic mindset that everyone, including fellow fans should only sing hymns and praises about anything remotely related to their idol. Else you get called a hater or bad fan. KSH isn’t in charge of editing so why are people getting defensive (your standards are too high, it’s just a character teaser, it looks fine, etc.) when others merely point out that the teaser editing isn’t too great as if they’re bashing the drama or KSH (whom we’re all excited to see). Are people not allowed to express different perspectives, even if they’re expressed respectfully and non-hatefully? Geez.

      • Why are you so triggered @chalice? What does don’t do a 180 supposed to mean? Anyone can change their opinion whenever they want and people have every right to defend the editing. The only one toxic here is you and nobody needs your fake concern. Please go back to your ‘real’ fandom.

      • @Tammy

        Looks like you’re the one getting triggered when no one’s even talking to you. Thanks for proving my point.

      • @chalice

        I know that one of the users you are referring to is me. I was trying to explain why the “character” teaser may not be as well-edited and so forth according to some people by sharing my perspective. I’ve never accused or imply anyone of being a hater or a bad fan. It’s like explaining a painting I did to an untrained eye or someone inexperienced, it may look like splattered paint but if I give them a few pointers and guide them by sharing my intentions while I painted my piece, the insights may open up their horizon and they may see the painting in a different light.

        I agree with you, people should be allow to express different opinions, positive or negative, but people should also be allow to politely respond back with their own set of opinions. No one was being disrespectful here in the beginning.

        Although I disagree with parts of @chalice post, we don’t need to accuse him/her of their original intent or accuse them of things that we can’t prove with solid evidence haha

      • @chalice

        I’m sorry chalice.. I’ve read all of the comments here.. but it seems that u are the one with toxic mindset..i didn’t find any comments that neither too defensive or strongly disagree about the dislike comments on the editing or quality. but ur comments seems too imply that like there are so many defensive comments about the editing, if my reading wasn’t wrong. in fact, i can’t find any too defensive comments, which toxic mindset should have.

      • @chalice

        I don’t see anything wrong with my statement. Just like what you said, we are all allowed to state our perspectives. I am not even pointing out that you are a “hater” or “basher”. I have never seen that in my comment. We all have different standards. The editing might not fit your taste and for some it does fit their taste. If you do not seem to be vibe with it, some actually does. No one’s even disrespecting someone here. You are actually the one being defensive for no reason.

  3. (Reposting my comment because it appeared as a reply to another comment lol)

    Yes yes finally! I’ve been waiting for them to show us Kim So Hyun in her princess garb, and here it is! She’s indeed born to play queens and princesses roles with her immaculate beauty and regal aura, it just looks so effortless on her part!
    And this just reminded me of how much I love pre-Joseon sageuk costumes, really beautiful and stunning!

    Love the poster too! It’s lovely, and looking at it, I can already feel the strong chemistry! I just hope this doesn’t end in a sad/tragic ending, like Ji Soo’s character dying while protecting the princess ?
    And hoping to see some Lee Ji Hoon in the next teasers!


  4. I know I already said this that the princess is supposedly to be TRULY BEAUTIFUL because I’ve read the folktale and I honestly feel like KSH just jumped out of the book with her ethereal beauty and My heart can’t handle this. ?

  5. According to the original folktale she was equally smitten with him as he was with her because even though she left the palace to marry Ondal to spite her father, the king, Ondal accepted her because he saw how sincere she was. He welcomed her into his home and she worked hard to improve their living conditions and lived happily married until Ondal saved the villagers from the intruders. The king is surprised to find out that this local heroes actually the famed fool Ondal and married to his daughter so appointed him a high ranking general of the army. The princess might have been power hungry from the beginning but according to the folktale that’s where her political ambitions truly begin. However, in the end Ondal ends up getting killed in battle and they couldn’t move his body as it was stuck to the place he lay so the princess came and embraced her lover and tearfully asked him to let go. It’s honestly a beautiful story, I hope they do it justice

    • I cried at the ending when the Princess talked to Ondal’s dead body. You can feel how genuine she loves Ondal. Though I am really hoping for a happy ending, I’m also looking forward to that scene.

  6. There’s finally a Gogureyo drama! The 3 Kingdoms era is the best and most interesting time period! KSH picks the best dramas and she picked a great one this time! Who’s excited for the hanboks!

    • And because I’ve read the folktale, I can tell that Ondal died in a battle against the Silla Army. I hope that they will still change the ending. JiSoo is finally the male lead so he should get the girl this time.

      • uh no, if they change the ending it would spark controversy. Jisoo has been in other leading roles tho

      • Yes it might spark controversy but I only JUST hope for a happy ending because I can move on easily on a drama if I get a satisfying ending. Just my wish ?

  7. Waah?? sohyuna looks gorgeous in every shot. This is the kind of character I always wanted her to play.I am satisfied seeing her play such character.

  8. I’m really looking forward to this. It looks quite epic – gives me the Empress Ki vibes which is pretty awesome. I wasn’t sold on Ji Soo initially, but now I am. They both fit the roles so well and I hope we get a great drama with a happy ending because I’m so up for this!

    Also, really happy with the onslaught of sageuks being announced recently. It’s sometimes hard to find a TPM or EK level romance in sageuks but once it’s there, it’s sweeping and so grand.

    • same! not until the latest teaser, i didn’t get the chemistry that i want. but the latest teaser really proves me wrong about the chemistry. in fact, i think it would be the best chemistry that sso will have ever.

  9. you all have a really high standard LOL when I rewatched Kim So Hyun’s Tale of Nokdu teaser and compared it to this one, RWTMR actually looks like an upgrade to me

    • @eunice
      I was thinking the same thing, most teasers from most dramas are very lacking. The editing is very disjointed in many of them including many of the upcoming dramas much less past dramas but this drama teasers are getting more critical eyes haha I suppose this shows how much excitement and interesting this drama is receiving 🙂

      • yes and I think we should all focus on its overall impact such as the storyline, synchronization and acting because those are the most important factors. When I saw King Maker, it does have those filters and old-fashioned editing style yet it is still able to bring a great impact. Teasers are just glimpses so it is better to wait for the final product instead.

      • @eunice
        i agree with u… actually this teaser was way more upgrade than the tton teasers. and u said about the king maker, i realised something.. no wonder i felt something different with the drama. i turned out about the directing. it kind felt of nostalgic to be honest, but i meant in a good way. in addition to that, i also noticed that the king maker used many additional music as the background of the filming…which i rarely seen in latest sageuk drama. but it really did give an impact to that particular scenes. so i think we’ll also encoutered similar situations with river where the moon rises. but i like it to be honest. but if i want to point out something i dislike in the teasers, it would be the warm lighting.. or maybe yellow filter in other words. coz i more prefer the cold one.

      • @lupe

        Sorry you didn’t like it. Every one have different taste anyways. There is no drama or movie where every single viewer will like it no matter how much acclaims it has haha

        Nothing wrong with having higher standards even if it’s just a teaser. Also there’s nothing wrong with people like me being surprised that people have such high expectations for a teaser. It’s just a reaction. No harm either way ?

    • People say it’s not great also because everyone and the post praise it like high heaven.

      Just because it look old school in a saeguk does not mean it 100% good right away. Also what’s wrong with wanting a higher standard, it’s like people should just praise mediocrity because it exist.

      This is the result of that participants awards

      • if anything.. ppl praise it like high heaven due to the superb acting by the casts, as well as the plot.. but yeah, there have to be someone to ruin the mood.. pfft ?

      • @Sakura

        You took the words right out my mouth. People praise it because it has other factors to be praised for. There really is someone that ruins the mood. *Sigh*

      • @sakura @dan

        Yeah some people can be mood killers but at least they’re honest, at least I hope haha it’s okay, every human has different taste. Different feet, different size shoes ?

      • @sakura @Dan
        I do not understand when giving a different opinion ruins the mood, this blog has seen real pitched battles, I read the comments of people who thought they did not like the advance and they did so in a polite and respectful way.
        It would be a shame to have to refrain from giving an opinion.

      • @Mik

        I’m sorry if I sound like I’m invalidating others opinions. It is so not my intentions at all. You are free to give yours and it is your right. I’m not really good at expressing myself but yeah I apologized.

      • I don’t see anyone praise it to heaven. It’s getting the praise it deserves because it’s actually good. People are excited because of the actors and their excellent acting abilities that’s already visible in the teasers. Especially KSH and her tonality is a huge hit among both internal and domestic fans. Most hard core sageuk watchers are obsessed with tonality and hearing someone that good would make anyone excited. If you didn’t know Kingmaker is regarded as one of the best made sageuk dramas in recent history. It earned a lot of praise from critics and domestic audiences for staying true to the traditional sageuk genre. This isn’t mediocre buy high quality by domestic standards. This is how a real sageuk should be and this PD is extremely popular among the domestic sageuk watching audience.

      • @mik

        yes..ppl are free to give their opinion.. that’s why also i don’t want to restrain myself from voicing out my opinion about someone being a mood breaker. if u analysed carefully, can clearly noticed that there’s someone who are genuinely gave out the opinion about the low quality and editing style, and there are some one that clearly be a mood breaker. their comments are really out of contexts…even sounds offended. I just don’t want to point them out coz it too troublesome to start arguments.

  10. It looks absolutely amazing! Everything looks great! I know she will slay this role and this teaser is showcasing it!

    From what I know this is a character teaser, and it’s only giving us clips of some of her scenes, so I don’t think editing or transition from one scene to the next needs to be that fluid.

    So far all the teasers, stills, and posters make the drama look so promising.

  11. So ML is going to die???? ? ? ? ?…c’mon- give me a happy ending. I may consider not watching grrr.. – a sad ending will take a toll on my weak heart.

    • @js

      It’s loosely based on real story, so most likely yes. You can pretend the last episode don’t exist ? that’s what I do for school 2015 and dodosolsollalasol

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