jTBC Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick Becomes the Ro Woon Show as His Charisma Overcomes the Wafer Thin Plot and Characters

Welcome to the big leagues my boy! Oh I knew it, I knew the moment I laid eyes on Ro Woon in Extraordinary You that he was destined for bigger greater things. That drama was frustrating and I didn’t like the female lead but I stuck with it for him and Lee Jae Wook as the tsundere second male lead. Now in jTBC drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick (She Would Never Know), he gets to play an adult male, gets a mature female lead with Won Jin Ah, and he is dabbling in the Park Bo Gum playbook ala Record of Youth. Taking what is a really paper thin plot and just infusing the proceedings with his charisma and eating up the screen so I can’t look away. Sure his acting is still leagues away from top notch, and unlike last year’s It Boy Lee Do Hyun who acted his heart and soul out in the lovely and narratively dense 18 Again, Ro Woon doesn’t have much to work with here.

But he leans on his god given gifts, namely that incredible 6’3″ height that for the first time I see a super tall K-actor who isn’t stick thin and just unfurls his physique to make me believe that he will protect his woman to the ends of the world. And that’s all he needs to do here, as the entire drama is about Won Jin Ah dating a dude who is cheating on her with a woman that is the sister of his patron because she will kill herself if she can’t have him so he has no choice, and once Won Jin Ah finds out she’s pissed but doesn’t want to embarrassed and feel crappy either. Enter Ro Woon whose entire MO is “Sunbae I crush on you and will be your puppy and you can use me to get back at your cheating ex!” It’s dumb as rocks but the ending to episode 3 was so “FUCK YES!” that I have to write about this drama. Not since Lee Min Ho-Son Ye Jin in the “Game Over” kiss have I felt so good about sticking it to a slimy ex ahahah. Also Ro Woon, rawr.


jTBC Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick Becomes the Ro Woon Show as His Charisma Overcomes the Wafer Thin Plot and Characters — 12 Comments

  1. The plot is super drama-esque with the vicious second female lead, the love story with the fake boyfriend, etc. But I found the characters pretty humans. The FL questionning about what she must do with her cheating boyfriend without loosing her dignity feels really real, she’s angry, sad, denying, etc.

    Rowoon’s character stepped over the line in the 1-2 episodes but the 3-4 episodes explained why.

    It’s nice to see the actors working together, having fun. They’re all good in their role.

  2. Anyway dear koala,cheat on me if you can drama really needs your attention,its a perfect role for all player there,if u had interest 🙂

  3. I know absolutely nothing about the show but from your description it sounds like this could be a story that is turning the SL trope around? A character who is usually the second lead (third wheel, crushes, puppy feels, supportive and willing to be used) gets the female lead.

    I’m not looking for anything deep so it actually sounds interesting.

  4. Okay so after watching Where Stars Land, Extraordinary You and now this show, I think it solidified for me that Rowoon is definitely one of the better idol actors out there. He’s not ‘omg amazing!’ per se, but definitely one that has a lot of potential going forward.

  5. the grabbing hand! knetz praised the writer for the scene but actually it’s rowoon’s idea. He said he shouldn’t grab WJA’s hands because it needs consent from the girl.

  6. I lasted half of episode 1, and Ro Woon certainly carries the show there. I would like to continue watching for him, but I really can’t connect with the FL, SLs or other characters, and the story is boring.
    Still, rooting for RW and his next dramas.

  7. He truly is a powerhouse on screen! Tall, brooding and handsome (plus considering he’s beefed up quite a bit recently) he’s quite a looker. His acting is really top level for an idol actor in my opinion and leagues above the basics (I’m looking at you, Cha Eunwoo). Hopefully he’ll get better scripts from now on so his talent and potential will be properly appreciated.

  8. Wow miss koala is so whipped for rowoon, I wish I have the ability to write as good as your, to describing how perfect rowoon is ???

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