Jung So Min Signs on as Jo Byung Kyu’s Leading Lady in Sageuk Drama Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi

The casting train is moving fast for high flying K-actor Jo Byung Kyu‘s next drama, likely to keep it fresh of mind just off the highly rated recently finished airing OCN drama The Uncanny Counter. His next drama will be the sageuk titled Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi, he plays the titular secret government inspector named Ryan (Ra On) and now he has as his leading lady Jung So Min who plays Joy (Jo Yi) who teams up with him to solve him. It’s super opposites attracted, she’s fiery and opinionated and ahead of the times with her beliefs and he’s smart but rather aimless. The casting sound super promising and if there is a young actress who can play a sassy and potentially annoyingly full of herself type role without coming across as shrill and brash it would be Jung So Min.


Jung So Min Signs on as Jo Byung Kyu’s Leading Lady in Sageuk Drama Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi — 5 Comments

  1. What kind of names are these? I have no problem with the Korean ones, but using western names because it sounds similar? I hope the subtitle will use their Korean names not that horrendous western names, if not it will ruin the experience. Just like Children of Lesser God, I really want to watch it, but the quality of English translation is so bad until now, if I want to watch a decent translation one, it means I need to watch it in my native language subs, which I’m not willing to do.

    • What kinds of names are these indeed! And in a sageuk, to boot? They really need to tone down their obsession with all things Western.

      Wasn’t PHS rumored to star in this drama or was it all just mediaplay?

  2. This is such an interesting pairing. With a 7 year gap between them, it’ll be a noona-dongsaeng romance. Not too sure whether this OTP would work. Would give it a try once it airs. JSM shone the most when paired with older or near age actors. Her 3 dramas I like best are My Father Is Strange, Because This Is My First Life and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Her upcoming JTBC drama Monthly House is set to look good too with Kim Ji Suk.

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