Ji Soo Embodies the Perfect Lunky Devoted Male Lead to Princess Warrior Kim So Hyun in New Teaser for KBS Sageuk River Where the Moon Rises

It’s male lead Ji Soo‘s turn in the spotlight for the promos of upcoming KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises and oh boy I’m ready to do an about turn on his casting. His first sageuk outing was rough to say the least but this time it feels like the role was written for him. He plays Ondal, the Fool character in the folktale, a man from the mountains with no education and all heart. He falls for warrior princess and politician Princess Pyeonggang played by Kim So Hyun and she utilizes him to help in her end goal. As long as she truly loves him then I have no problem with that, but with such stories it always ends in rocks fall down endings because sageuks, they rip your heart out ha. I love this Ji Soo centric trailer which shows how perfect he looks in character, earnest and more muscle than brain but who cares because he already seems like he will do anything for his girl. The funniest aspect is the glimpse of him with Kang Ha Neul guest starring as his dad On Hyeob and imma wonder how old Kang Ha Neul would have been to birth a son as old as Ji Soo.

Preview for River Where the Moon Rises:


Ji Soo Embodies the Perfect Lunky Devoted Male Lead to Princess Warrior Kim So Hyun in New Teaser for KBS Sageuk River Where the Moon Rises — 49 Comments

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    • Yeah I think that KHN character died early and he exist on Ondal’s mind as he is. Based on the teaser I can say that Ondal’s remembering his father words so it must mean that KHN is just a memory.

  2. Just saw the teaser and I love it! I admit I had reservations about his casting, but not anymore, I’m completely sold now and as Koala said, the role indeed seems written for him. He looks so good too!
    I hope there would be character teasers for Kang Ha Neul and Lee Ji Hoon’s characters too!

    RWTMR, Fighting!

  3. Is it possible to love a drama this much before it airs the first episode? All the promotion material has been on spot and the music gives me exciting goosebumps. I’m quivering in excitement. It looks like it’s going to be a grand scale romance story with so much intrigue intersperse in between. There’s so many cute scenes shown already, I can’t wait see the music videos. I knew Page Turner couple would deliver on the feels ❤️

    • It is because it’s looking amazing! The cast is chef’s kiss! The director is legendary! They’re almost done filming just one more month!

  4. With the sight of On Dal and Pyeonggang being together, I suddenly think that Jisoo will probably have the best chemistry with Kim So Hyun so far. It’s giving me angst and ache so good for my heart to handle. I can compare their chemistry to Si Feng and Xuan Ji, Xu Feng and Jin Mi, romance so angsty yet deeply piercing through everyone’s heart. I guess it would be a nice stabilizer amidst the political conflicts and action the princess will go through. Personally, I think their chem would be far greater than Page Turner.

    • Ratings don’t have any meaning in the digital age. Popularity and trending counts more. Go worry about your bias dramas instead troll.

    • Just a friendly reminder that this Joane here is a troll and that she’s not worthy of your time. Please ignore her comment. And let this be the only reply on her comment. Have a nice day everyone ✌️

    • We do not care about ratings coz all of So Hyun’s dramas are popular overseas. And we never blamed So Hyun’s male leads like what your fandom is doing.

      • @thylane
        Do u really know who is her real idol and which fandom she belongs to then do tell me i would like to know
        If u think its yoo jung u better think twice

        Before even this drama aired dint in this very blog some (not all) fans wwere saying jisoo will bring down the rating he should not have been the ML etc etc just refreshing ur memory

        Every fandom wants their idol to work with the best and critising their idols partners r individual opinion becoz no fans can find fault in their idol

        So all fandoms r same some more some less


      • @joane everyone please ignore this poser. They have no life.

        @ana I read all comments in past articles, not one fan said jisoo will bring down the ratings. Some were skeptical of him and his abilities but no one said he will bring down the ratings.

      • @joane get lost, go play some video games or something

        @thylane joane is a poser, stop feeding her. Let’s not generalize although there has been a few that has blamed jcw and cleaning with passion male star for ratings failure. But that’s minority.

        @ana who knows whose fandom joane belongs to but ignore that no life person. Not a single message from past articles accused or indicated that Jisoo will cause low ratings. Some only skeptical of his acting abilities but they never said he will cause ratings liabilities. That’s a huge difference.

        @dave if Ana wants to lurk around, it’s her freedom. And no need to dig on her fave by saying failed dramas. Some of her fandoms are problems not the actress.

        @dan although Ana has the freedom to lurk around, I agree her behavior does have some toxicity. She never apologized for the things she said in that article in regards of “triggered.” No one was triggered. And numerous of people tried to correct her but she was silent. That’s not good.

    • @Ana why do you always lurk in KSH articles? Literally nobody cares about your bias or her failed dramas so why do you keeping being a busybody in KSH articles trying to defend your bias? We don’t need your toxicity in our fandom. We stan a legitimately good actress who shines irrespective of how good or bad the project is. She’s the real deal and you need to accept it.

      • @Dave IKR as far as I can see no one mentioned her fave yet she’s here all triggered. Like I read on other KSH article where she accused a fan being triggered when that person was just explaining. It’s getting annoying now.

      • @dave
        I have no interest to lurk in KSH articles and i dont understand what toxicity u talking abt

        Did i talk down ur idol i just defended my fandom dont u do that in my bias post when ĶSH is involved

        For me my bias shine likewise and i only accept that and i dont need to accept anything u say

        Failed or hit my bias shine irrespective of ur opinion

        I wont lurk in ur idol post as long as ur fandom refrain from mentioning yoojung and her fandom in ur comments when provoked by joane

        No offence

      • @Ana

        But @Thylane didn’t even mention KYJ’s name. He/she could have been referring to the fandom of anyone else. YOU are the one who mentioned KYJ. And got all triggered like you did in that other KSH article.

        Also you ARE lurking. If you weren’t lurking, you would have skipped this particular post. But you clicked on it to read the comments. Because you wanted to see if anyone would mention KYJ so you can pick a fight.

      • @/// it’s obvious who @thylane is referring which fandom joane is belonging to. People have to be slow to not get it. Obviously @ana is reading the comments and lurking around but it’s her freedom to do so. It’s a step too far to accuse her of wanting to pick a fight. She is only playing defense mode this time around. She did go too far in the last article but that is one of the few moment she went outside the lines.

      • @Sarah

        Uh…are you her spokesperson or are you actually Ana under a different alias?

        Read what she (you) wrote about having no interest in lurking. How would she (you) know what people wrote if she (you) didn’t click the article to read the comments? I know her (you) very well on this site and this is what she (you) does so I know what I’m talking about. And I also have the freedom to call her (you) out on it. You’d have to be slow not to get that. Good day.

      • @/// just because I defend someone doesn’t make me their spokesman or their alias. Your imagination is too wild. I called @ana on her nonsense as well. Why would I call @ana out too if I was her. Why would I tell her to apologize? Use logic lol
        She probably has a different understanding of what lurking meant because she probably didn’t even know what triggered even meant when she used it, when @winterbear wasn’t even triggered at all lol
        @thylane would mention @ana fandom in the actual name in the past. I’ve been here just as long if not longer than you lol So I was able to saw both sides at fault.

        You have the freedom to call her out if you have evidence but don’t jump into conclusion without heavy evidence.

    • @// i read all the comments and post whenever i have time but saying i only lurk in KSH POSTS with the sole intention of picking fight was ur self assumption and mayb u do it not me
      If i wanted a fight i would attack not defend

      Thanks for supporting my opinion and abt the triggered part i was too late to apologise when i knew i misunderstood that comment but if not apologising is considered toxic then i would say many of ur co fandoms have done that to me and many times

      • @ana if the co fandom refuses to apologize when they make a mistake. It’s on them. That is their own personal problem they need to fix. You call them out, that’s fine. No one can choose to fix for them but themselves. But you have the power to fix yourself, so when you realize you make the mistake, you can be better than them and apologize when you make your mistake. Other people being toxic shouldn’t influence you to be toxic either. I can only control myself. You can only control yourself.

        Some of my co fandom needs to stop digging on your fave when your co-fans are acting bad and Vice versa. But I can’t control them but I can only control myself. Just like you. Just my suggestion.

  5. I really wish this will be a good drama, this much coverage reminds me of memories of Alhambra and vagabond

    idk, just my thought

    • You’re only seeing this much coverage because the blog owner is excited the promotions from KBS are shit. Dear M has 2x more promotions but it hasn’t been covered here. Sisyphus hasn’t had much promotions either but it’s getting a lot of coverage on this blog for the same reason. All the best to them both and all the upcoming dramas.

  6. @dan
    U right i mistakenly misunderstood that fan so i opted out from commenting further
    But now u doing the same i m just explaining here
    Joane is known here to be Kyj fan (actually she is not)
    Rest read the comment and try to understand properly before reacting
    If its annoying for u sorry cant help it as i m too sensitive where yoojung is concerned
    U can ignore my comments and enjoy ur girls article

    • The uphill task is even having viewers tune in to the first ep that is the challenge now. That’s why they are selling hard Kim Haneul’s special cameo despite his limited appearance. As long as fans dun get too bitter about the eventual ratings per expectations than its fine. Frankly the drama is going in with minimal expectations so any unexpected upside will be buzz worthy. Sure beats a much hyped drama that don’t live up to expectations. Pressure is less.

  7. this @ana nowadays became so hateful recently. in the past, she sounded matured with all her comments. now she finally revealed her true nature and face.

    1st, when no one bring kyj names, she brought it herself and tried to pit war.

    2nd, when no sohyun fans said jisoo will bring down rating, she slanders sso that some sso fans saying like that. I’m full timer of this very own blog. when in the past not even single of sso’s fan expect for high rating coz we lowered our expectations, so why did we even want to accuse jisoo for bringing rating down when we lower down our expectations from the very beginning? u are the want that need to refresh ur memory. some only mentioned aboyt the acting ability, not rating.

    yes, ana has a freedom of speech.. but that doesn’t mean it’s ok for her to slander sohyun fans like this. reading her comments is more hurtful than reading joane the troll. i bet she will not even apologise for this mess like before.

    ana, next tym, if no one mentioned yoojung here, u should think twice on what to comment. coz nowadays, ur comments seems out of nowhere and created fan war. or are u troll too?

    • @hjw I’m a part of your fandom but I have to be fair and impartial. @thylane called out on her fandom, so that’s why she was defensive (she could had ignore it but she stated she is sensitive to attacks. She saw a dig at the fandom as a dig on her personally. Not saying she’s right but that’s how she feels, that’s why she acted defensive) and then @dave made it worse by digging at her fave by saying failed dramas.

      I agree no one said her fave name but only implied her fave fandom… but then @dave implied her fave by mentioning failed dramas which naturally triggered @ana.

      @ana didn’t slander our fave but she did slander some of her fans, which wasn’t right and I called her out on it. I called her out in the article with the “triggered” comment. You can find my name in the past article where I told her to not to look down on people and our fave popularity in IG just because she didn’t know her fave was also very active in IG and deleted many of her posts for who knows what reason lol

      It is correct our fandom will only contribute low ratings to the writer and other circumstances but not Jisoo. So @ana was wrong and should apologize for this.

      But also I saw some co fans make mistakes about her and should apologize her too. Both sides should apologize. I wonder who will humble first and apologize first? Lol ?

      Once again she is triggered when people mention her fandom. Maybe we should try not to bring her fandom up when telling @joane to get lost lol If we never mention/implied her fave fandom, maybe @ana will be silent from now on?

      • is @sarah red is the same with @sarah grey? to be honest.. I’m not familiar with ur names in the fandom, so I’m sorry

        anyway.. i rechecked my comment again.. i seem to miss out the the words *fans after *sso. should be written as *sso fans not *sso only as my comment intended to imply that she accused SSO FANS, no SSO herself.

        anyway.. it’s your freedom to defend ana. but i still believe that she shouldn’t be triggered if no one said KYJ. and dave is triggered coz ana accused some of sso’s fans for accusing jisoo will bring down rating. so if we see who bring more damage here, it’s ana. she started the argument. coz she even slender sso’s fandom. thylane might be wrong, but she didn’t even bring kyj name here. and ppl will just ignore her comments. it’s ana who is in the full TRIGGERED mode even by bringing something in the past which is not even happened.

        for what had happened in the past, didn’t there were many of sso’s fans that already apologise to her? I’ve read all their comments about all of misunderstanding (is it even misunderstanding?). i guess some ppl can’t move on. well, u might refute me, but it’s my freedom to think so.

      • @hjw silver/red Sarah are both I, I type in wrong email.

        Okay that makes sense that you omitted a word out by accident.

        Both parties are being triggered lol Yeah @ana made things worse by making a wrong accusation I agree. And for that she should apologizes. The one that started actually was @joane and people responding to her makes things worse. Like why respond to her? Everyone knows she’s a dunce, blockhead. If they respond to @joane, they don’t need to bring up fandom and etc. Just pull at her without other strings attached ? just call her an idiot and move on lol

        It’s fair to thing the way you think. Some people apologized and some people didn’t. @ana probably holds bitter feelings towards those who didn’t, just my two cents.

      • @sarah

        yes i agree.. to think it carefully, it should be joane fault. maybe there are still many people who didn’t read or encountered on what koala has said about joane being imposter.. including thylane..so there might be many ppls who still thought that joane is kyj fan. but either this is just a misunderstanding in thylane part or not, I don’t know. this imposter or troll should’ve been blocked from the very beginning. or maybe someone who really cares about kyj fandom like ana give warning immediately after joane drops her troll comments like “this person pretending to be kyj fan”. so that everytime joane does her trolling, ppl will not relate her to yj.

      • @hjw what you said makes sense, it may be a misunderstanding. I don’t know how @joane has so much time to do what they do lol

  8. “I am too sensitive where Yoo Jung is concerned”
    Wait! Who mentioned her? Isn’t this a KSH article? Weren’t you the one who mentioned her?
    I see because Joane is known to be a Yoo Jung fan. And you’re a drama queen. I know you’re going to reply on this comment but I won’t waste anymore time to you. Keep being defensive for no reason.

    • she is on her way to get revenge to sso’s fandom…too obvious. let’s try to ignore ignore her next time if she did something like this again.

      • @sakura
        R u crazy?
        Or have ur fandom is guilty of something that i need to take such a drastic step revenge spree LMAO
        I guess u watch too much of thriller revenge dramas enter the real world now lol

    • @dan to be fair @dave implied her fave by mentioning “who cares about your fave and her failed dramas.”
      @dave shouldn’t have mentioned “failed dramas” lol

      @sakura I think we are stepping a bit to far by accusing @ana that she is on a revenge spree. What is she on a revenge for anyways? Like we didn’t do anything to her lol

      • @Sarah I understand your point.
        That Ana person is being misunderstood because she always jumps into conclusion and used words such as “triggered” which she doesn’t fully understand. Next time I will ignore her comment and maybe try to understand to why she’s always overdramatic. Again, I’m not here to argue. I just love KSH and articles about her the sole reason I’m here.

      • @dan thank you for understanding. I also think @ana needs to brush up on her English vocabulary comprehension. I think that might be the problem, people using vocab words without understanding the full meaning or realizing there are multiple meanings to a word or people having different interpretations of a word due to cultural differences. That’s why we see fights even within the co-fans and seeing them accusing each other of not being genuine fans. Sometimes reading the comments here tickles me lol

        That’s probably the best to ignore certain people. I still don’t know why people give @joane the time of day. I thought by now people will know she’s a mischievous goblin lol

  9. Attention Oris, subscribe to victory contents YouTube channel if you haven’t already, so that we get RWTMR moving posters and behind the scene video. We are getting closer to 5,000 people subscribers.

  10. @sarah
    Thanks a lot for being fair and not judgemental unlike ur co fan and it means a lot and would like to apologise for jisoo comment
    I would like to apologise for my misunderstanding of ur comment

    • @ana I don’t know where my comment is but thank you for making the first move to apologize and I don’t know if the others who haven’t already done so but I would like to apologize on their behalf for the misunderstandings and jumping into conclusions in the past.

      • @sarah
        Hope every fandom was like u or has a fan like you
        Thanku for explaining on my behalf really admire ur effort
        So couldnt deny ur request and sorry u had to take the brunt for talking on my behalf

  11. @rest
    I dont want to explain myself anymore only repeating myself refrain from mentioning my fandom and yoojung when provoked by trolls or any other and u wont see my annoying presence in ur idols article

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