Episode 15 of Queen Cheorin Hits New Rating High of 14.534% as the Queen Fully Embraces Her Place in the Joseon Palace

After 5 episodes in the 12% ratings, with two episodes getting north of 13%, it feels like Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) has finally broken through both in the ratings game and in the narrative. Episode 15 got a whopping 14.534% and there are still 5 more episodes left to see if it can fulfill the early on potential when it premiered to record setting highs. I do somethings feel like I’m watching a different drama that those ardent fans who love this show and are giddy over the OTP. I like the characters individually, enjoy their chemistry and banter, but the romance isn’t working because I can’t tell who the King has fallen for. I wish the drama would say it’s the personality of modern man Bong Hwan, which is fine by me, but then the Queen exhibits parts of her previous soul owner Joseon lady So Young. The show has to commit and then I can decide if it works for me, and also another problem is soul Bong Hwan spent so long trying to go back rather than accepting he’s here for maybe forever.


Episode 15 of Queen Cheorin Hits New Rating High of 14.534% as the Queen Fully Embraces Her Place in the Joseon Palace — 19 Comments

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  2. Many scenes show , the king has fallen for the Bhongwan personality. The Bong wan personality didnt, many times he felt pity until So yong soul would come in and the pity turn into longing or love.

  3. Although Mr. Queen continues to be entertaining, I also share your misgivings. Those villains though… you have to be a whole new level of evil to try to kill a five-year old. Who would have thought that the queen would be the mutual enemy to unite the Kim and Jo clans? And speaking of the queen…I heart Crazy So Bong! This is what I’ve been waiting for. The way she dished out the snark…chef’s kiss!

    On the other hand, I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying MLDM. Coming from the makjang queen herself, I expected Penthouse on crack. But it’s not over the top…yet. So far, I love everything about it. And the drama hit a new ratings high of 8.899% in EP3! Congrats to both!

  4. So, both the chef and So Young’s souls are in the queen body now, right?
    I personally find the chef character annoying because he is extremely self-centered and acts hightly of himself. He always thinks about himself first. I am also not fond of cooking scenes. Are we watching a cooking show?
    I really want to see So Young back in her body. Aren’t Cheoljong and So Young supposed to be main characters and the endgame?

    • I don’t know how much they’re following the C-drama (which I haven’t seen) but I’m not sure So Yong is coming back. Early on, I thought her soul would return at some point and bicker with Bong Hwan in her body but that’s not the case. I think Bong Hwan (mixed with the memories, hormones, softness, femininity of So Yong) and Cheoljong are end game.

    • No, I still don’t think so.
      Bong Hwan who used to be straight is now becoming bi because of Cheoljong.
      And, Cheoljong is always straight, who clearly has no idea there is male soul in his wife body.

      • @Laural I saw a comment online calling it trans love.

        @Lydia I wonder if they’ll make Bong Hwan stop liking women entirely by the time the drama’s over or if they’ll keep him bi.

  5. I think he fell for bong Hwan and bong Hwan fell for him. To me it’s quite clear that he inherited her memories but not her traits or spirits. Obviously the king doesn’t know he’s a guy now but I guess we can look forward to his incredulity when that happens ( the actor does that well) lol but I like the way the OTP has developed, it’s a little cliche but I guess it can’t go full blown BL

    • Bong Hwan isn’t just Bong Hwan anymore though. Comparing BH when he initially landed in Joseon vs. the Bong Hwan after So Yong’s memories returned, you can see a difference. So Yong’s memories, feelings, voice, etc. are part of who BH is now. And the show has shown that merge by having BH (who’s dominant) lament at how he’s losing his identity and sexuality and even trying to exorcise SY. I think they made it ambiguous to not piss off the conservatives in Korea.

      • I agree, the drama very clearly went for a merge between Bong Hwan and So young, probably to avoid the whole BL part of it and piss off the conservatives. In the cdrama it was always the make soul in charge and he ended up falling for the king.

  6. The show can’t says it out loud whether it’s BL or not because of some conservative folks of SK. But so far it does imply that JBH is the one in the driver seat while KSY is inside the lake, dead.

    Sometimes I have so much fun reading some folks getting agitate over how the show make straight seems bend and bend seems straight….hahahaha

    • I don’t intend to start from ep 1. But started last week’s out of curiosity.

      So spoiler question. Not spoilers per se- the Queen committed suicide in ep 1? And a modern guy- still don’t know the answer- got sucked in?

      That’s the whole basis of the drama? And have no clue about the 2nd female lead. Not sure if I care enough to find out.

      And for whoever complained about the cooking segment? I like the cooking scenes.

  7. I enjoy every moment of this drama
    Always waiting eagerly for saturdays to come just to watch this drama
    Sad it will end soon but ill binge watch it again

  8. I hope that I can watch it on Netflix soon. It’s hard to avoid spoilers till then. Lol

    It’s always hard to wait for any asian dramas with good english subs, fortunately the Yin Yang Master movie will be available on Netflix from this thursday in my country, I cannot wait. I’ve just finnished a short wuxia drama which was the best detective drama I’ve seen so far in any asian dramas, you might wanna give it a go it’s called the ancient detective. Clever, funny and I’m yearning for a second season, it was that good. ?

  9. International press always make it seem China’s entertainment industry is the ultimate homophobic east Asian country when South Korea is more homophobic. We have seen China churn out more “progressive” LGBT themed media than South Korea.

  10. idk if it’s BL or not because the King clearly see The Queen as a woman, not men and the moment BH merge So Young fall for the king, he isn’t practically a man either. It’s more close to the idea that soul has no gender and the romance is straight.

    We have pre conceived notion that the soul is a man if we take it that soul is memory and not physical being than, well, bonghwan is reborn as a woman.

    this can become BL if they go to the future and the 2 soul met again as a man then fall in love but to categorize this as BL seems like reaching. The reason the king pays attention to her/him is because his man-like attitude in joseon that doesn’t like joseon woman, if we changed this to a spunky woman in the 20th century, it’s not gonna change anything much.

    The difference of why the Cdrama categorise as BL is because in the early episodes, the queen clearly shows preference towards woman, like actively seducing them while in So Young case, she just said some cringy line to the woman and how her attraction to woman doesn’t come off as man to woman.
    Idk if this makes sense but this drama for me isn’t a BL, it’s soul swapping straight romance at the end,

  11. For me personally the soul in this drama is an invisible memory of the chef which is merging with the memories of the queen due to which he is confused with his preference in gender
    What is visible should be considered as the body is of a woman with different genders memory and the romance is happening between different genders

    Whatever the case is its an enjoyable drama just want it to b a happy ending drama or else ill be sad and disappointed

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