Nam Joo Hyuk Gorgeously Hangs Out in the Desert in New W Korea February 2021 Pictorial

The Koala household has been trying to find the silver lining after nearly 1 year of various levels of Stay at Home restrictions. When the Koala Teens (and later Mr. Koala) watched Start-up with me I thought it was a one-off instance but now we’re on our second K-drama as a family (will play boy and share what that drama is later when we’re done) and it’s really been such a bonding experience. No wonder communal television watching is lamented as a treasured past time supplanted by activities that silo people. But since Start-up ended, beyond Koala Boy screaming “Jo Pyeong!” all the time (which has subsided), both Koala teens don’t recognize Korean actors so anytime they see me blogging and glance at a picture on my computer from the doorway from whence they have barged into my office they yell out “Is that Ji Pyeong? or Is that Do San?” So my world has been relegated to Ji Pyeong v. Do San even after Start-up is done ahahaha, but I endure because they are so cute both of them and I love that the Koala teens love them too. It really is Do San this time, namely Nam Joo Hyuk who has a new pictorial for W Korea coming out in February 2021 where he looks angsty and like he’s on a desert trek to find his meaning in life armed with a bottle of Dior Sauvage. I would be happier if the cologne didn’t smell like ass (sorry, I am VERY particular about my parfums for myself and colognes for the Mr) but Nam Joo Hyuk can do no wrong in my eyes so carry on my boy!


Nam Joo Hyuk Gorgeously Hangs Out in the Desert in New W Korea February 2021 Pictorial — 15 Comments

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  2. Nam Joo Hyuk was the brightest star of Start Up.. is my opinion. I know there was a hype on the 2nd male lead, but when I was watching each episode, NJH’s perfect acting was all I see. Hais acting in that drama was on point. But anyway, he’s a beautiful man here. Very tall.

  3. Omg he’s so good looking lol.

    But aside from that, actually NJH has had a great career so far and he’s really been building up slowly with some fantastic projects. He’s also been quite diverse with his choices, not sticking to the same type of characters all the time. I think he’s someone who can really build on his work and be huge in the future. Not just a Hallyu star, but someone who is known for his work in a more critically acclaimed way. Really happy for him!

  4. Personally, I found him ordinary. He’s tall, well built, good-looking but he lacks the little think that would make him charming/charismatic/sexy in my eyes.

    • @Sayaris I agree. Don’t get the hype about his looks either. I mean, obviously, beauty is subjective, but to me, he’s quite attractive but in a bland way, nothing striking about his features. Just my opinion, but I don’t see him as super handsome as everyone seems to. Again, just my opinion tho.
      But I do found him endearing in WLFKBJ.

      @organza He was overshadowed in School 2015 too lol ?

  5. He’s so handsome, and looking great as always. *-*
    I’m missing him already and looking forward to his next drama. Meanwhile, I might rewatch the Nurse files, or his last movie with Han Ji Min…

  6. Nam joo Hyuk is one of my faves. He didn’t start out as one and really grew on me. I found him cute in weightlifting fairy to Heartbreakingly unforgettable in the light in my eyes. Also despite everything terrible about the drama, I thought he was quite fine as ha baek. I think he has the range (maybe not saeguk), not the best acting chops but makes up for it in charisma and trying hard. And he looks like he’s really just a nice kid who somehow got the lucky number in looks. I’m looking forward to his next drama!

  7. I like him, but I still cringed in some of his scenes in SU, his acting is still green, but not bad. What he really lacks is screen charisma…maybe acting in more small roles in films will help him without downgrading his “male lead” category in dramas. Handsomeness is not equal screen charisma…just look at the leads in Mr.Queen they’re not as objective beautiful as Suzy and JooHyuk, but their screen charisma is so good!

  8. He’s extremely bland and always has the same expression on his its even evident in this photoshoot… in most of his dramas, (School, Haebak and now Start up), he easily gets overshadowed by the second male lead. The problem is that he has zero charisma. He has always had a good agency (YG and Soop) that lets bags him great projects hence his affiliation with these projects seemingly
    make him an elite actor. It seems he is sticking to the same roles…beta male, quiet, not much acting involved. ?

    • IA. He’s a handsome man, no doubt. But the issue is that he lacks that star charisma imo. Will be curious where he’ll be when he comes back from enlistment. I feel like he has yet to make a mark in the acting word. Like he’s talented and can emote well, but something’s missing. Soop is a great agency, and they got him in Here with big names, hmm…

  9. I think Joo Hyuk is a brave and hardworking actor and i want to applaud him for that.

    When I watch Weightlifting Fairy, i like and enjoy the drama. Its one drama that I can put on repeat. But only after Start Up (the second drama of him that i watched) that I become mesmerized and searched for his other projects.

    For me his acting is not perfect yet in the way that there are times when i find a bit awkward. Other than those little hiccups though, he either did well or exceptionally well. A significant improvement from Weightlifting. I find his performance in Start Up impressive and memorable.

    When I watched Light in Your Eyes, i again become amazed with him, with the drama as a whole and basically at his choice and taste in project.

    I watched a couple of episodes of Nurse Files but I find the fantasy aspect of that drama not really my cup of tea.

    What i get from this drama marathon of him is, his project choices is really commendable. I normally notice other actors his age, with the popularity like him tend to do projects that can sustain their popularity. Joo Hyuk on the other hand has picked ricky projects which can bring him hatred. I’m talking about Start Up, Light in Your Eyes and Josee.

    Anyway, I have been patiently waiting to watch Josee. Has this been uploaded anywhere with subs? I cant find it..

    • I must say credit must also goes to the production team, for his performance in Start Up as well as other actors in that drama. Because the result becomes wonderful and memorable thanks to the team including director and writer for their job well done. The drama could have been perfect if not for the irritating love triangle

  10. It’s impossible for an actor to be liked by everyone, but honestly, I think NJH is one of the most misunderstood young actors, so I truly applaud him for trudging on with a fantastic attitude to learn/grow, actually showing acting growth, and venturing onto a path with very unique choice of projects. (Btw I just want to politely say that, him not showing a variety of emotions in the Dior pictorial honestly is not an issue; he is not acting here, and as a model in this photoshoot, his goal is not to bring attention to himself or his emotions, but rather the product or the clothing that he is modeling for, that is the point! Also, he was casted for Here in 2019, before he even joined Soop. Just clearing out the misunderstandings.)

    As per what Wanne has pointed out above, his choice of projects have been very unique, diverse and humbling for a 26 year old who carries with him such good looks – basically he doesn’t go for roles that capitalize on his looks, but instead roles that are imperfect and which take attention away from his looks – and I see that as a mark of someone who is serious about pursuing an acting career. Granted, he isn’t the best actor of his generation (IMHO it’s all a matter of preference and it’s perfectly possible to co-exist among a pool of good actors with each actor charting their personal journey) but I think he gets more flak than others because of all the opportunities that come his way from both the *collective* effort of himself and his agencies.

    In particular, his recent roles in The Great Battle, Josee, TLIYE, SU and School Nurse Files show a very different type of actor journey he intends to take, and in particular, his performance in TLIYE was the turning point that got directors’ to cast him in his later roles (SU, Josee) because they watched the drama and were impressed by his performance. I personally am very excited to see where he heads to, and will support actors (not only him) who sincerely develop through sheer hardwork to build their talent. Seeing an actor with pure born talent is a joy (like Yoo Ah In!!!), but seeing an actor turn the initial tide and blossom is an equally rewarding experience as a viewer.

  11. I truly adore Nam Joo Hyuk in WFKBJ but fell asleep watching Start Up and never finished it. It’s all a matter of personal preference, finding the right role and whether the actor’s chemistry with his female lead appeals to the viewers. I believe NJH is the type that can hit success with the right breakout role. The roles that he choose have to suit him well so that he can tap into his real life experience. Otherwise he could have done a 50 episode weekend drama to hone his acting skills soaking up advice and mentoring from veterans. Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun did this in What Happens To My Family. Jung So Min & Lee Joon in My Father Is Strange as did Seo In Guk in Rascal Sons. I noticed they have all become better and more mature actors after that. Lee Min Ho was also accused of being a bland actor but his role in Gangnam Blues by acclaimed director Yoo Ha propelled him to stardom & gave him credibility. Yoo in fact didn’t want to cast LMH but his wife convinced him to & the rest is history. NJH may well be the next LMH. Time is on his side.

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