First Episode of Sisyphus: The Myth with Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye Gets Second Highest Premiere Ratings for jTBC with 5.608%

Premiere week continues in K-ent and this Wednesday saw the arrival of new cable network jTBC 10th anniversary Wed-Thurs time slot drama Sisyphus: The Myth. Like its ostentatious sounding title would presume, the drama is a large scale sci-fi action thriller with Jo Seung Woo as a genius engineer scientist and Park Shin Hye as maybe a survivor from an apocalyptic future back to make things right/better. The first episode got impressive ratings of 5.608% which makes it the second highest debut for any jTBC drama after The World of the Married. I watched the first episode riveted, like a good sci-fi yarn it lays groundwork and teases with still many unknowns, so be patient as much remains unclear. I am still wary because there have been plenty of thriller dramas with great beginnings such as Alice and Vagabond and Memories of Alhambra which all collapsed in the end like an ill-prepped souffle. Coming up with an interesting what-if sci-fi premise isn’t hard as the countless fan-fiction and bad sci-fi novels show us, it’s always in the execution and ending. Keeping my faith once again for Sisyphus and hopeful that this drama isn’t even teasing any romantic love line so at least it has a better chance of just sticking with the serious stuff and making it make sense.


First Episode of Sisyphus: The Myth with Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye Gets Second Highest Premiere Ratings for jTBC with 5.608% — 41 Comments

  1. will binge-watch this. I love PSH. Not gonna make a mistake like Mr queen. I was obsessed with the drama throughout its run and it made me crazy waiting for the next episode.

  2. Couldn’t finish it. I think the premise is pretty interesting. But the directing is just cringe. There’s something too makjangy, very reminiscent of your staple weekend soap, in the way they handle dialogues and scenes.

  3. I’m rather disappointed with episode 1, after the very, very unrealistic airplane scene, I just skimmed the rest of the episode.

    First of all, the FL somehow got on top of the train and just sat there acting like she’s on some kind of photoshoot with the wind blowing her hair like some kind of shampoo commercial.

    The airplane scene: what was that??? The production quality looked amazing in the beginning until we got to the airplane. The cgi shot of the plane on the outside was amateurish, very surprised since this was a huge budget drama, where did the money go for this scene? Seriously the ML takes the window with masking tape? That’s how one resolved the damage? He’s portrayed as a genius but I’m not sure if I buy it in that scene.

    Is this drama a comedy, a satire, or a serious thriller? The blended genres shown on the first episode wasn’t smooth.

    FL dad told her in the first 5-10 minutes not to talk, why did she blurt out the lotto numbers out loud? That scene with her and the waiter felt like we were potentially going to watch a romcom haha

    The ost near the end of the episode felt so out of place. Haha If I didn’t use the fast forward button I don’t think I would had been able to finish this episode.

    Only the acting was great and some of the production quality was good minus scenes like the airplane. I think the first 10 minutes was great until she did her photoshoot on the train lol

    • Damn Laura, you let it rip! Lol.

      So the scene starts with her crying and I’m like oh boy.

      Then the train scene happened and I’m like huh. It did look like a photoshoot and I still don’t get that scene. Plus, those guys seriously couldn’t see her? They had those gadgets. It wasn’t that dark. And it’s not like the train was mountain-high. And she wasn’t even lying flat on it. She was sitting and should have been easily seen. ???

      This is my first time watching JSW in action. [Been feeling too lazy to watch SF.] His character gives me Tony Stark vibes and he’s even got the playboy act, money, tech and Jon Favreau-esque bodyguard to boot. But I like him. He’s got charisma.

      The airplane scene I won’t even go into.

      I think Dad meant that if she got caught by the masked people, she should pretend to be mute and not talk. But Dad also warned her to stay away from Han Tae-sul. And she instead contacts him. Weird.

      I’m guessing the lotto scene was to show off she’s not ordinary? Lol. But another thing I didn’t get was why she was acting like a fish out of water. She’s been trained for this. And the character description says she’s a badass warrior but we didn’t see that. She instead reminded me of JJH’s mermaid character in LOTBS.

      If she’s from the future, shouldn’t she know how technology works? How could she not know she wasn’t directly talking to Han Tae-sul?

      A lot of things didn’t gel. And my comment is long enough as is.

      Based on the preview, we’ll see a bit of that fierce warrior side in EP2 but they should have hooked us with that in the premiere.

      Despite the inconsistencies and confusion, I’m willing to stick around and give the drama a chance.

      Oh, and happy birthday to Park Shin Hye.

    • honestly at first the crying almost made me roll my eyes until I accepted it due to the context haha

      It totally made no sense that they couldn’t detect her with their supposedly high tech gear. They’re so awful at hide n seek haha

      I agree ML does give out a Tony Stark vibe, I did like the scene he called out on the prissy man with his ramen complaint.

      Thanks for the clarification in the warning that her dad gave her. Overall I don’t understand her and her actions at all.

      There is too many inconsistencies. I suppose we have to be patient and wait for flashbacks for deeper explanations ?

      Maybe I’ll check out one or two more episodes, depends on how I feel. I liked FL since Pinocchio(my favorite role of hers).

      • Yeah, mine too. My intro to her was in Heirs. (Which we’re not gonna talk about. Lol. Enough essays have been written criticizing that drama, its characters and writer.) How refreshing it was to see a perkier side of her in Pinocchio. There were some issues, of course, but I enjoyed her performance and chemistry with the male lead.

        Laura, will you be watching Hello, It’s Me? It also premiered yesterday.

      • Heirs, I didn’t even bother after watching parts of episode 1.

        Yes! She and the ML had mad, fun chemistry together!

        I went from watching 0-1 live airing dramas to potentially 3-4 haha I’m considering checking out “hello, it’s me” maybe it would be nice to watch a light drama. What do you think of it so far if you checked it out?

        I’m looking forward to trying out Vincenzo this weekend since I like both male leads and I like revenge stories ?

      • I’ve seen only the first episode of Hello, It’s Me. It’s a bit all over the place. Just like the female lead. But the interesting part began more than halfway to the end when Lee Re showed up. Quite the stark contrast. Makes you wonder how the 17-year old prom queen version of FL became the 37-year old hapless candy getting beaten down by life. I’ll watch a few more episodes to see where it goes.

        Sisyphus? Haha, I haven’t seen EP2 yet but its ratings went up to 6.677%! If it’s truly as bad as you say, then either the collective star power of the leads is that blinding or Koreans are enjoying the drama. Or both. Good for jTBC. Looks like they’ve finally got a hit on their hands after their ratings slump.

      • Thank you for your insight on Hello. I’ll think about giving it a look!

        It’s personally only my opinion so maybe I’m a minority haha I’ve never understood how knetizens work. Sometimes they sleep on amazing shows (according to me) but other times they flock together as big as a planet and watch dramas that I think don’t deserve it. Everyone has different taste I suppose haha Although it’s okay not to be okay had its share of flaws, I thought it personally deserved higher ratings.

  4. Hope the second episode continue to be good. I’ve been too disappointed by Alice and my interest in Vagabond fizzled halfway through the series. So please be good.


    I too am confused with that train top scene. I was thinking maybe she kind of become invincible so the team of people looking for her couldn’t see her.

  5. I was a cautious observer of the first chapter, but this drama screams quality from minute one that I can’t help but feel excited about that incredible beginning, I hope it stays constant as someone commented also raised Mr Queen and with the last chapters the mess hurt so much of the script, as for this lady I did not think that she would get that audience, that is, JTBC has stagnated between 1 and 3% with most of its productions that 3 seemed an ideal number for its premiere, congratulations to the team and its actors they have done great
    Cho Seung Woo is too charming and Park Shin Hye, happy birthday to you. ?

    • Ah, say what you want about PSH but she’s a ratings magnet. Plus combined with JSW, I’m not surprised at the rating. And yeah, happy birthday to PSH.

      • I think the rating for the first ep is influenced more by Cho Seungwoo as he is well-loved and respected actor in SK. Considering also that his past recent drama works are well received by the public and critically acclaimed, many were curious why he chose this project. Though I will give credit to PSH if this drama will get international success.

      • @jamie I think it was a combination of both names, both are renowned actors and both have achieved solid ratings in their previous projects, now after the great start it all depends on the script and the development of the story.
        So far it seems like a promising story.

      • @jamie I will credit the high-rating to both of them. Park Shin Hye, all her dramas since the Heirs has never failed. All had high ratings and international popularity.

        Hopefully, the rating will continue to go up.

      • @jamie You are quite bias. The last time PSH has low rating drama was Heartstrings and it was still a big international hit.
        Even her last 2 movies were big hit in Korea and Netflix. Her name is almost alway trend when the drama release new material.
        But let’s only credit the male lead right?

        I remember people doubting her rating during Doctors and MOA, but they all ended up being hit. Even Korea media said whatever she touches turn gold but yeah you must know better than them. I wonder if you know her and her career at all

      • @Jamie – ….seriously? I’m not a fan but not a single one of PSH’s dramas has done poorly or even mediocre ratings, since 2011. Even her most recent two movies released in the middle of the pandemic era, were successful!

        Unless Jo Seung Woo was starring in all of those as well, give credit where it’s due. The Call doesn’t even have a male lead, she is top billed on that movie, and people still tuned in, at this point PSH name is a draw in her own right.

      • @Chopin – there may be a drama or two of hers that I don’t like, but on the ratings front, she has outperformed some people who got far more hype and high-profile opportunities than her. And not all of her dramas had ‘Hallyu star’ male leads or star writers either (The Call was just her and Jun Jung Seo). It’s good to see her going into this decade with an expanded range of projects.

  6. I liked the first episode, although there are scenes that I wish were done differently lol. There’s a comment above that the plane scene is kinda cringe-worthy and I would agree. I also wish they had used some other object rather than the intriguing “suitcase ” but fine, I’ll go with it for now. Some scenes are just wow in terms of ultra techy and modern look so kudos to the production. I have high hopes for this series since both PSH and JSW are actors that I like, so fingers-crossed that things will just get better from here on out on all fronts – character development, storyline, directing, acting, editing and even musical scoring.

  7. I was just coming to watch a drama, and I find myself in front of a movie better than cinema ones. The highest quality can be felt from the first second. Ratings are going to explode.
    Bravo JTBC!

  8. I saw it a little doubtful and I was surprised, Seung Woo plays Korean Iron Man and I can’t think of another actor with enough charm to play that role, Park Shin Hye, well he used to have a problem in how they used to use his image in the dramas, the girl is very pretty and most of the directors took that quality to turn her into a walking CF, her appearance used to shine more than her character and for the first time I did not see that, she is still beautiful, but her appearance does not It is the essence of his character and I loved it,
    If there are scenes like the one on the train that are poorly structured (PSH is me in life having online classes) and reading the comments of the second episode I feel that more incongruities are coming, I hope you maintain some sanity because it is a science fiction drama , should not justify a random hyphen. So far this was a pleasant surprise.
    Happy birthday Park Shin Hye, I met her a long time ago and I feel like I have grown up watching her work

  9. I REALLY REALLY enjoyed this drama. There are some unrealistic things but it’s a fantasy drama so I can let it slide. Plus I think is important for a drama to set the tone from episode 1 so no one will be fooled later. There isn’t anything that I hate most than a drama that take itself too serious at first but later start to rely on unrealistic situations.
    That being said, I really enjoy the characters. They are so unique and interesting and I think we will have fun with their dynamic. I hope it does well, the cast and production team deserve that.

  10. I saw the two chapters today, I did not expect something like this from this drama, it is not realistic and it is great that they say it and expose it from the first chapter, because you will not expect realism throughout the series, I liked it a lot, it feels like If you were to watch a movie and the rhythm is fast and does not stagnate, I just did not enjoy the PSH action scene,, not for her, she did very well, but it is the direction that I do not execute that fragment well, the rest is an addictive drama that makes you want more and more.
    Fantastic that the comment area is this quiet and safe area, before it was not really like that, the fans have matured and there is only one or another comment that seems to be more than a constructive criticism, the rest have only been very well received opinions …

  11. I think people talking about “realism” when the drama is fantasy/scifi is ironic, no?
    I think you watch the wrong dramas or just want to pick on things.
    I throughly enjoy the 1st 2 eps and so glad to see PSH back. She finally could do what she wanted in MOA and even before that. And we could finally see another side of her
    Rating increased in 2nd ep, so if this continue, PSH is bagging another hit in her pocket again. But she is after all the rating queen and an actor Korean can trust. Of course CSW is also a big factor for the drama’s success as well. They have great chemistry and I expected nothing less tbh

    • Yo, chill. Stop getting so defensive just because others have different opinions about a drama you like. No one’s bashing anyone, viewers are just expressing their thoughts after watching the drama. Breathe. Take the stick out your butt. Peace.

      • Yes. we’re being calm, please don’t break the peace. Everyone thinks what they feel, perhaps not always in the best way, but the best way to keep this calm is by not responding defensively.

      • I don’t think I wasn’t calm but I’m stating some FACTS.
        What part of time travel, or destroyed Korea is realistic and logical to you? It’s a fantasy drama and it you can’t take what the drama give you in their fantasy world then leave it.
        I found that people are picking on things when it’s not supposed to be a problem. Or do you find CLOY or Mr Queen more realistic and logical? Exactly! Those aren’t even a scifi drama.

    • Exactly..they are not watchers of sci-fi dramas or even know who the cast are (esp CSW,who enjoy a successful on-stage and TV career). And then, they can blame the korean audience for watching the wrong “drama”

      • No one is complaining about the actors. Also, it doesn’t take a genius to point out that the chase and airplane scenes were terribly executed. If there is any genre that should be cautious about making logical choices (in congruence to the show’s universe) it’s sci-fi. No one is looking for realism. But scenes that make sense.

      • If you want something that make sense, please watch slice-of-life, documentaries, thrillers or historical. They are more applicable in reality. The genre for this drama is under science-fiction, which is based on fictional stuffs anyway.

      • @LPY

        They are not watchers of sci-fi? Do you know the commenters personally to know what they watch or not? Or if they know the cast or not? I haven’t seen a single comment here bashing the actors. People have even praised them. So what is your beef? What kind of k-pop mentality is this that people aren’t allowed to express their opinions even if it’s not positive?

        You made snarky comments in EP1 & 2 recap posts for RWTMR. Yet you’re here criticizing others for expressing their opinions? Because this time you’re the butt-hurt fan who expects everyone to sing hymns about a drama you like? What a world-class hypocrite.

  12. We’re sure enjoying the drama, for her long time desire to be in an action role, to be with a top notch actor, and for everyone, co actor and PD stating they want her or forget about the project …. the ratings is sure icing on the cake and we’ll take it! ? it’s just a long time from her last drama that everyone is excited. Let’s not anyone rain in our parade! ShinHye is so lucky to have fans that wait and support her projects be it movies or drama since her agency is kind of lacking in that area. Can not wait for the next episodes. For us fans, as the poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge said….since it is science fiction, we’re bringing a lot of suspension of disbelief , just enjoying the show!

    • I now actually think that she has the final say in everything that her agency did (when in comes to her project). They didn’t release anything before the pilot episode and then, salt release tons of bts after first airing. It had the same notion with her last IG update (before airing).

      Anyway, I’m impressed?. There are some over the top scenes like airplane & chasing on the rail?, but since the genre is fantasy sci-fi it’s quite acceptable. Her action scenes is wonderfully done. But I prefer no hulk superpower high jump scenes again?. For me, drama is serving its purpose. Pure entertainment?

      • PSH is actually one of the co-founder of SALT.
        So I’m pretty sure she has ALL the says when it comes to her projects and career, which is obviously her reason to stay with them instead of going to bigger agency and loose her freedom.
        But the only things I’m not happy is how they promote her and their helplessness in Chungnumo which is where PSH is lacking.

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