Second Episode of River Where the Moon Rises Has Ratings of 5.8%, 9.7% as Action Moves Between Palace Assassination and Hidden Village OTP Meet Cute Time

After the cutest of cute first meeting moments between leads Kim So Hyun‘s assassin Ga Jin (memory lost Princess Pyeonggang) and Ji Soo‘s Ondal at the end of the first episode of River Where the Moon Rises, I was sold and in it for the long haul. She’s badass and just going through life’s motions she’s been dealt, he’s warm and teasing and bumbling through life at his dead dad’s request to be utterly foolish and therefore completely unthreatening. I love their dynamic and the coming romance feels both totally logical yet swoony in how their two pieces will complement each other. I think it’s enough to overcome the problems that have become evident just two episodes in: the script is really barebones and doesn’t have enough character or world building done properly and the PD needs a new editor because the drama is just a series of jump cuts and too short scenes strung together disrupting rhythm. Good sageuks may feel slow in the beginning but it’s necessary to flesh out the central conflict and introduce myriad characters that will be in the complex web of power and politics. Here everything is thrown in a bibimbap and sure it tastes good but I do need to know what ingredient I’m tasting is meant to add to the flavor pool. Hopefully the directing will calm down later, until then I will just smile like a fool every time the OTP shows up together to be awkwardly sweet with each other. Ga Jin’s dilemma on Ondal bumbling into her assassin world is what every wife thinks when her husband is being annoying – kill him or seduce him, lol!


Second Episode of River Where the Moon Rises Has Ratings of 5.8%, 9.7% as Action Moves Between Palace Assassination and Hidden Village OTP Meet Cute Time — 42 Comments

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  2. I agree with the directing problems. I hope they will hit a double digit ratings in the coming episode. They are almost there. RWTMR, fighting!

      • Someone’s really keeping tabs on the ratings. Teehee. A commenter asked in the pilot post where most of those gushing fans went. And I get the impression that most of them (like thylane here) don’t really care about the drama but more about the bragging rights if it garners high ratings. I picture them (like thylane here) holed up in a temple fasting and praying fervently for the ratings to rise just so they can storm here in their numbers to gloat like “In your face, haters!” Hahahahahaha.

      • @LMFAO

        Such vivid imagery! I can picture it too. Lol.

        And snapping at a fellow fan to mind their own business? Wow.

      • @Thylane please don’t be like this. You’re giving haters reasons to come here and bash the drama with your ratings obsession.

        @LMFAO someone is keeping tabs on someone keeping tabs on ratings huh
        @..on now, now, you again with your smug tone. I remember one user here with that same username but different avatar and it’s @KES. You really like using different accounts huh.

        I advice you guys to do something productive and stop spreading hate.

    • @kiki

      I personally don’t see anything wrong with @thylane being excited about ratings. People who find pleasure in criticism and poking at things will always find myriad list of reasons not to like something haha

      Just let them talk to a wall, they have so much negative energy to expend 🙂

      • Same! I don’t see anything wrong with @thylane’s “obsession with ratings”.

        Quoting @lydia “The ratings of the program is the ONLY and single most important gauge for any artist” in Korea. And we all know @thy is a fan of KSH, what’s wrong with wanting more for your fave?

        Some people really need to eat ice cream and chill.

      • @rating is just a number but rating is veerryyyyyy important in korean drama.. what’s wrong with hoping a high rating for it? this blog also obsess with rating. thylane just hoping for a high rating. just because u don’t like to discuss about rating, don’t restrict others for doing what they like. it’s even has nothing to do with u…just let it pass

        @lmfao ur imagination is so wild. is that the thing that u will do? lmao

      • Sorry Guys!!
        I have nothing against @Thylane and I know that it’s normal for fans to act this way.
        I just think that these guys @LMFAO and @..on are eagerly waiting for her comment and use it as a reason to spread negativity.
        I will let them talk to a wall from now on haha

      • @kiki
        your imagination is something. im just here reading comments about kSH and here you are mentioning my username.

  3. I personally enjoyed how fast paced everything is, I think the drama may be doing a reversal of where they give us a huge feast right from the get-go and will gradually disassemble each food group and ingredient.

    I agree the camera and editing can be wonky at times but overall I think it fits in with the adventure style presentation we are receiving, kind of hard for me to put it into words but let’s say it personally doesn’t distract me but all this natural earthy feel haha

    I love how her female friend is playing the leads match-maker. It’s strange but I think the mercenaries trio is so cute when they interact together.

    My girl dancing scene was so beautiful and the attempted dance attack was awesome.

    I love how the theme of this drama is “life is precious” I love that although GJ has amnesia, she doesn’t lose her humanity. She didn’t want to take the baby’s life, in fact, she even turned against a fellow cohort when he did it. Also she has a special affinity with animals as you can see her interaction with the puppy.

    I love ondal relationship with his “mother” I love them! Im not sure I would had blinded myself to get him to calm down and not do something crazy but at the time she was desperate and she needed to do something fast. So I understand her move. I also love how the tribe revered and respected ondal’s father. It showcases what an amazing chief he was.

    The king is losing it lol

    Cant wait for next week episodes

    • Thank you for this wonderful review @Laura

      I totally hate the King. He let his wife die in vain. Why didn’t he do anything to avenge the Queen? He knew that it was somehow a setup. For 8 years, all he did was cry and drink? The sad part is the Queen have no idea why her husband wanted her dead.

      KSH dance is so graceful and finesse.
      GaJin and Go Geon fight was the highlight for me. I repeated it for like 10 times hehe.
      TaraJin the no. 1 shipper is so cute.
      I’m liking the show so far but I agree that editing and directing can be better.

      • The king’s insecurity, paranoia, and lack of critical thinking will be his downfall. I somewhat feel sorry for him since it seems he does show some regrets for his ridiculous actions, but it’s a bit too late. I hope they sort of redeem him by making him sacrifice himself in a meaningful way for GJ haha

        I love both male leads and I also enjoyed their sword fights, I hope we get to see more amazing interactions between the two. What do I do when I want her with both male leads? Quite the conundrum 🙁


        OMO thank you! I just looked at the behind the scene video! It’s so cute! Haha Her laughter is everything and how they filmed the horse riding scene is comedic gold lol and that axe head falling off the weapon was hilarious lol

      • Her laugh is so contagious. It’s not even english sub and I don’t understand a single thing they said but I’m laughing with them.
        In the drama, she looks so badass riding the horse but it’s all her acting and the horse was not running LMAO. I wish for more BTS probably her with Kang Ha Neul.

      • @yepou

        I know right, it’s fun energy! I hope they release more behind the scene videos, it looks like a joyful set haha

    • @Laura

      That was one lucky puppy. I’m so jealous ? If you watch the BTS posted by VC in their youtube channel, you will see an adorable dog-person Sso. Oris please watch the BTS hehe.

  4. Personally, this episode wasn’t as riveting as the first and took awhile to get into but Lee Ji-hoon made it all better. Lordy, he’s fine! I need more of him, please? Sensed a bit of chemistry in his all too-brief swordplay with Ga-jin which makes me wanna ship them but I know it’s not gonna happen.

    The actor playing the king (who’s too weak and foolish for my liking) seems to overact sometimes. Something off about his performance.

    Dal’s relationship with his foster mom is sweet. So this episode answered my previous question about why they say he’s a fool. I thought they meant it literally. Like when he fell into the river from that height in the pilot, it scrambled his brains a bit. But it’s more of him acting like a fool for his survival. Okay.

    I like Tara-jin a lot! Even more than Ga-jin. Lol.

    All along I thought Ga-jin’s adoptive dad was the monk Wol gwang. And that he saved her that night.

    Could it be that the Chief knows her real identity, had her memories erased and turned her into an assassin? And he was behind that tipoff Go Geon received at the ceremony? Did he hope to get her killed? He can’t be the monk. I’m guessing he works for the general. Then where is the monk?

    Can’t wait for Ga-jin to recover all her memories and know who she really is.

    • I too wonder where the monk is. Is he still alive? And is he really the princess’ dad or is it just a red herring? Was that scene where he and preggers queen shared a look as she cradled her belly the crazy king’s imagination?

      • @Wondering Out Loud

        That’s exactly my questions are. But it seems to me that the Queen is faithful and the King loves to be swayed by rumors. Let’s see how the story unfolds. We’re only on the second episode.

    • @aurora

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      I love LJH in this drama too, he’s so swoon-worthy but ondal gets me hard too due to his pure puppy innocence ❤️ I love a man who is willing to do anything for you, even bending their philosophy.

      Tara is gold! I hope to see more of her interaction with GJ. She’s like that fun sidekick we see in movies haha

      The monk is alive, I’m like 99 percent sure.

      Her master definitely knows her identity. How twisted he is using the daughter to take the life of her own father. I think the master and the general is working together.

      @ wondering out loud

      No the monk is not the dad. It was shown that the king was mind washed and convinced into thinking/dreaming that. Yes that was his imagination. The talisman played a role.

      • Hahaha… Go Geon is alllll man. Dal is cute, though. But Go Geon (his younger version) also pledged his allegiance to the princess in EP1. I have a feeling he’s been carrying a torch for her this whole time and will take her side when he finds out who she really is. From the little I saw of him in this episode, he appears to have some integrity and doesn’t really approve of his father’s shadiness.

        I also think the monk is alive. Maybe some circumstances made it impossible for him to track down the princess and raise her himself given how he cared for her mum the queen.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that bald-headed assassin is in on it somehow. He and Ga-jin aren’t exactly chummy, from what we’ve seen. Perhaps he tipped off Go Geon about the assassination attempt [under the Chief’s orders?] We’ll have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

      • I absolutely agree, I also think 2ml expressed interest in her since their youth hood! I hope he continues to be honest and aboveboard unlike his abhorrent father! It’s a nice contrast.

        The monk is either her brother, her foster brother, childhood friend, or lover but sacrificed himself for her or had a crush on her mother but it was one-sided… I wonder which one haha

        That theory makes sense on who the informant may be haha

  5. I have only managed to check the first episode due to lack of time but I must say I enjoyed it enough to continue tuning in.

    KSH is captivating, though I find it bothersome when she played Pyeonggang’s mother with a teenage daughter who looked almost as old as she is. LOL.

    I think the childhood part is good enough to provide a solid backstory. Ofc, there are few cons that I personally not enjoying much.
    1) I don’t really like the child actress who played young Pyeonggang. I constantly read about how good she is but I was so bothered by her frequent straining of forehead and eyebrows to emphasize her feistiness. She did better in dramatic scene especially upon seeing her father’s madness burning down the temple.
    2) Guess I am the only one less impressed by Kang Ha Neul’s cameo. He was brooding too much what with the eyelids barely open. And tbh, he isn’t so convincing as a general. Perhaps, I was comparing him to Jo In Sung who did much better(despite the lacking in his voice) in The Great Battle.

    All and all, a good premiere episode and hoping will get better.

    • I agree with you. I didn’t like that the teenage daughter looked as old as her mom. They could pass for sisters. Didn’t like the child actress that much as well. And equally not impressed with KHN’s cameo. Probably because the young Queen got all of my attention.

      I really liked the Queen such a pity she was only in one episode.

      I really liked episode one more than episode two. So I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching.

  6. Not enough of Kang Na Heul for me! I’m sad he’s just a cameo 🙁

    For the drama, I need to see more because it was like an introduction and everything was fast.

    • Err I’m laughing at your pretentiousness LMAO. If there is someone who’s arrogant here, it’s you. Everyone knows that. And I’m fan of both girls FYI.

    • KSH fans need to obsess over ratings, as not having numerical-wise hit drama has been an ammunition against her. So, her fans are working doubly hard to emphasize that this numbers are hit. Hence, we also see a flood of the drama article, as everyone here know that Koala is trying to increase her bias drama ratings, as she has been trying for years to elevate KSH at the expense of other actresses (subtly, of course!)

      • @j
        This is just two episodes and fans of this show celebrate like mad. Penthouse 2 btw managed to exceed expectations with two digits,although it is broadcasted on a public tv station.

    • @KES You’re not a KSH fan, you’re not fooling anyone here we all know by now that you’re not so stop pretending ?
      Celebrating high ratings is hardly “obsessing”, any fan would celebrate their fave’s accomplishment. And no, we’re not worse than KYJ fans who even dragged KSH’s dead father on Twitter just because they’re mad that KSH was having a cameo on Goblin back in 2016 lmao

  7. @everyone

    Remember, let these people talk to the wall. Even adults need time-out ?

    Let them exert energy that could have been used to do actual fun things like watch a drama, eat good food, go to a park 🙂

  8. It’s actually fan seeing all this negative people all gang up here. And KSH fans are too busy to even care. Talk to the wall and have a life HAHAHAHAHA ??

    • and several of them had tried to pretend to act as a sohyun fan before.. bhahahahahahaha…now they are trying so hard to slender sso’s fans ??????

  9. @j

    Number-wise,Ruler is considered a hit and has won several accolades. Further, Love Alarm is generally considered a hit by Netflix. School 2015 and TTON are both considered cult hits. So, So Hyun is making all the right decisions in her career based on projects.

    • Writing this again…..Taking into account that Ruler’s mean rating is 13%, it is not considered a numerical-wise hit. The standard then was maybe reaching 20%, maybe 15% mean. Just look up korean articles stating so.

      Also the statements above, that is typical attitude of us fans. We tend to be focus or hypervigilant on perceived weakness of our biases, and then to find things on that aspect that would release them from that perceived aspect (maybe unfairly so). Examples: Suzy fans will be hypervigilant on any acting improvement/criticism topics, PSH maybe on chemistry before, maybe KYJ fans on ML age gap. Hence, KSH fans are focus on the numbers, as that has been the one factor of comparison against her.

      • i see.. what an i know mr queen, itaewon class etc isn’t a rating hit… owh yeah.. there’s even hot stove league, when the camelia bloom, and liver or die in public channel also wasn’t a rating hit. thank you for clarifying that all the aforementioned drama slike hot stove league isn’t a rating hit ??coz their average rating didn’t fall in between ur numbers ? only fiery priest was rating hit. eh.. numerical wise rating hit ?

      • Stop your nonsense justification. Almost every Korean articles considered Ruler a ratings hit despite of criticisms on its script. And you are just the one thinking that KSH fans are overhyping the ratings of RWTMR. There are few fans doing it but we cannot assume that the whole fandom is also doing it. Maybe you are just jelly that your fave’s dramas are not hitting the right numbers and buzz.

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