KBS to Replace Ji Soo with Another Actor in Sageuk Drama River Where the Moon Rises, Details Still to be Worked Out

In the span of 2 days the scandal broke, the apology given, and now the fallout path forward decided. I’m glad fans and viewers don’t have to question “did he?” and can now wish the victims of actor Ji Soo‘s pervasive bullying and assault during his school days can get closure and move forward. I believe Ji Soo’s career is over in entertainment, whether he will face legal repercussions is unclear but unlikely since it was doing his juvenile days. His downfall would have been only his to bear but for the fact that he’s currently the male lead in KBS Mon-Tues sageuk River Where the Moon Rises. The production team has cancelled filming for March 4th and 5th which was scheduled to discuss what to do and made the decision to replace Ji Soo with another actor. The drama unfortunately is 90% done with filming, through episode 18 with only 2 more episodes left. I don’t think audiences will tune in if Ji Soo is replaced only for those final 2 episodes and to replace him earlier will likely need quick re-shoots and pre-empting upcoming episodes for the drama to merge the new scenes earlier on. I’m glad the decision is made, I feel terrible for the entire cast and crew, and I think all these bullying accusations need to continue to be taken seriously, investigated, and truth revealed whatever the consequences.


KBS to Replace Ji Soo with Another Actor in Sageuk Drama River Where the Moon Rises, Details Still to be Worked Out — 17 Comments

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  2. I hope he genuinely repents to the victims. It’s horrid.

    Alas, this was the only Korean drama I’m still currently watching live-airing ? I’m back on my drama slump.

    I just read a different article that Jisoo showed bad behavior on set for this drama too, looks like his terrible personality carried to the present. Gosh, he ruined it for everyone.

    • Same! I’m too busy to watch currently airing kdramas, I only have time for this one.
      I dunno what will happen or if they will still air this next Monday.
      Fortunately there’s still Love Alarm.

      Also, been reading a lot of dream casting for the possible replacement of ondal. I this point, I think only rookie actor will accept the part.

      • OMG I totally forgotten about season 2 of love alarm! It’s going to be a small consolation while we wait for the return of RWTMR. I’m fine with a rookie actor 🙂

        I can’t believe I thought he was a gentleman.

    • This dude is toast and the allegations from his youth were godawful. Having said that, the article about his current personality isn’t much worse than a lot of other high maintenance celebrities who are demanding and rude. Unfortunately that is all too common. Regardless, there is no coming back from this.

  3. I hope I don’t see anyone sympathizing with him here like the last couple of posts bc he’s “changed” or “had anxiety about his dark past”. I can assure you that any anxiety he’s felt is only about getting exposed, he’s only sorry he got caught. All of this is the consequence of his own actions. In fact, he’s known that his past would catch up with him and still accepted projects, putting every production crew at risk time and time again.

    I remember a couple years ago he had allegations of sexual assault from a former sexual partner that was quickly buried, so he definitely has not changed. There are more testimonies rn on dailynaver saying that he r*ped a man and that he was basically a pimp in his 20’s and continued to prey on women. There’s also a post on pann rn from a husband who said that Ji Soo r*ped his wife when she was a first year in high school and he was a senior (18 y/o). No one here should speak for the victims or accept his apology in their stead, this man should be in jail.

    • I question how anybody could worry about his anxiety without thinking about the trauma or anxiety he gave to his victims.

  4. I’ll be glad to never see him on screen again. Drag out the trash.

    I’m giving major side-eye to his industry friends. Nam Joo Hyuk – what’s up dude? Birds of a feather?

    • They were not in the same circle of friends.

      Actually they were labelled as “friends” after Moon Lovers and their agency use it to media play their bromance. Some who watch their variety show about JS visiting Busan NJH hometown, said that JS came as rude and his thug-way was obvious throughout that show.

  5. Still have VINCENZO ( jubilant with a different sense of justice and the fact that they use Verdi’s Nabucco as the music embodied to Vincenzo’s character is not anodyne) Beyond evil is good too but if you don’t like thrillers , pass !

    • No need to say that i feel sorry for all the staff and crew . But bullying is a thing that i can’t suffer . When children are involved whatever the consequences , the truth must be said . It takes a lot of courage, sometimes a lot of years, for the victims to talk .

  6. This was the only outcome that’s best for everyone. Too bad his delusional fans thinks he did nothing wrong cause it happened in the past and he’s a changed person now.

    First of all. Doesn’t it bother you that he was already so vicious at a young age? “He was surrounded by bad influencers” okay so? There’s been plenty of people in that position that weren’t abusive like that. He also could’ve reached out and apologized sincerely before he was outed.

    Secondly, there’s been new accusations from people that have worked with him before that has said he’s hard to be with.

    Also it’s not weird for all of these bullying accusations to come out now. There’s a movement in Korea right now that is outing out bullies. Victims now have more courage to come out and speak the truth. So no, these people aren’t just joining the bandwagon and accusing people for fun. Well majority anyways.

  7. I am waiting for any statement from these schools’ administration, community leaders, parents and alumni associations on the REFORMS that they plan to do to address these bullying and harassment issues. I think SK adults are still in the “boys will boys”/”girls will be girls” or “kids will be kids” or “it’s a right of passage” mentality, essentially normalizing bullying, harassment and violence and it doesn’t seem like these institutions have concrete plans to help stop school bullying. IMO, education starts at home, so the families need to take a closer look at how they’ve been inadvertently helping perpetuate this culture of bullying and violence. The society is failing these poor kids.

    • Are you Korean? What makes you think you are qualified to comment? Please point out the society that has managed to eradicate bullying – or violence between adults for that matter. No wonder Koreans call Hallyu victims “I Roaches”.

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