Ji Soo to Enlist in the Army Public Service in October 2021, Denies the Sexual Assault Portion of Allegations, and River Where the Moon Rises to Replace Him with Na In Woo Starting Episode 9

The rapid downfall of actor Ji Soo has come to a conclusion and there are some wrap up news to report. Ji Soo will be enlisting in the army later this year in October 2021, but he’s serving public service due to physical reasons which of course he looks hale as a horse during filming but whatevs not surprised he’s still shirking his full responsibility. His agency KeyEast Entertainment has released a new statement that while Ji Soo has admitted his guilt and actions on the bullying allegations, he’s denied the sexual assault allegations. Over on the KBS drama River Where the Moon Rises, the production team will not preempt next week’s episodes 7-8 and will air both but cut as many scenes with Ji Soo as possible. Re-shoots with replacement actor Na In Woo will begin immediately and he will show up starting in episode 9.


Ji Soo to Enlist in the Army Public Service in October 2021, Denies the Sexual Assault Portion of Allegations, and River Where the Moon Rises to Replace Him with Na In Woo Starting Episode 9 — 18 Comments

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  2. I’m okay with never seeing this guy on screen again. Having said that, I know he had a really bad situation with his leg, I believe, on set of Fantastic. I really liked that drama and he was a co-star and had to take time off. He might be a scumbag but I get the public service deal here. I wouldn’t think the military would give him a pass just cuz.

    Also, KeyEast for the loss re: if you are gonna deny sexual nasty business, you might want to lead with that. Again, I don’t care but I am continually amazed at how bad at public relations many companies are unless JS jumped the gun with his statement.

    • @Kat. Agreed. The public will always associate him with sexual harassment and assault whether true or not. The denial of the allegations came a little too late after he admitted his guilt that it feels like an afterthought and insincere. I’m wondering if KeyEast will try to launder his image after Public Service, the way they are currently trying to do with Kim Hyun Joong. More power to them, though the public has long memories. Those who remember will never forget the charges, even if fans of his continue to support his career.

      • I think there is always going to be a niche for some types like KHJ and YooChun primarily because of their international fandom. I still think they are pretty much over in Korea. Even if they do some tiny low budget dramas, it’s probably because licensing is worth it overseas. JiSoo….I mean I don’t know. I actually think this current gig was him finally getting that big lead role. I think he’s toast.

      • Take it easy guys with the accusations on why he’s denying Sexual assault; none of us was there….if I remember correctly, he didn’t specify which guilt he was admitting to and I believe the original headline was bullying. Sexual assault was added later; so, he has every right to deny that portion if it doesn’t apply to his case….noone will like to be associated with that!!

      • Now I think about it, you might be right. The problem as an international consumer of Korean entertainment is it all got bunched together and that nuance gets lost. So bullying allegations, his apology, sexual wackadoo allegation, KeyEast denial. The timing was so fast, that as an international consumer of Korean entertainment is got bunched together. Yeah, that’s a mess.

    • @Eaglette

      No one here is commenting on why he’s denying the sexual assault charges. We are saying that his PR firm screwed him over by the way it was handled. He should have denied the sexual harassment charges at the same time he admitted to his guilt of bullying instead of two separate statements. The way it was handled will negatively affect his career in the future.

      • Yes, they may have but their only crime may have been to move quick with response without knowing the full allegation. They are not necessarily wrong if the trend thus far had only been bullying allegations, so you can’t accuse them for not having foresight.

  3. Am always in support of justice and am happy this came out and he gets pay for it and reflect on what he did but do I want his career to be over after this? No I don’t. I’ve never been in support of people been behind their keyboard judging someone on the internet whether a celebrity or not, if you do this you’re a bully too, a lot of people were slanting him like they were ready to kill him themselves if given the chance, were you guys all saints when you were young? Have you never been wrong all your life? and would you want all your past doings to destroy something you’ve worked all your whole life to build?

    Am not defending him in anyways and I’m a fan of bullying cause I’ve been bullied extremely before and when I mean extremely am serious but would I want them to be out there struggling to live or be on a sick bed? No. I’ll want them to have a good life and be doing well for themselves cause if I want anything other than that then am no different from them.

    I hope he comes back if the sex allegations aren’t true cause that’s another issue.

    • Honestly ‘I was a Saint’ growing up. I can honestly say I never bullied anyone in my life. The worst thing I did at school age 11 was cheat on one word for a spelling test. My teachers and classmates always said you are so nice i can always come to you for support or you’re a good student I don’t need to worry about you. Honestly it wasn’t that hard, just follow good morals growing up and maintain boundaries on your behaviour. I just don’t get comments where people say most kids did bullying or bad things. It’s not true most kids are decent.

      • yeah, most kids are decent, they may fight for the fallen hotdog in front of the classroom but that is the petty kids.
        kids will gossip about their friend but kids don’t make a group and beat up other kids, kids also didn’t target another kid to be their end meets.

        It’s about accountability, since Ji soo wasn’t got accountable when he was 15, people demanding it to be now. If you fake your diploma and get caught later in life, you get accountability when you get caught by making that diploma useless. Ji Soo has been working as a public figure and now the public doesn’t think he is a figure to see because he hasn’t paid for the wrong action in the past, that’s why his accountability is happening now. Like what his victim said, nothing compensates scar he left but now, if the public accepted him as their figure again, they also need to know what he did. He work as public figure for god sake, ofc moral will be on the end of the means.

    • You’re absolutely correct; if his case is only bullying and he sincerely pays his dues, he should be given a chance to make a living. Some people may think they are innocent because their form of bullying another may not have physically hurt them but if you’ve ever passed by a student with your friends and laughed while looking at them, that’s also emotional bullying…there’s so many forms and it’s prevalent all over the world!! I think if they really get into this, we may not have many people left unaffected.
      They may also want to include a punishment aspect to bullies characters whenever they are depicted on tv shows….many times, nothing really happens to them.

  4. Ive nv heard of his name till this news came out.. but he does have a face of a bully, and certainly not handsome.. good luck

  5. All this time I’ve waited for a good sageuk comeback from Kim So Hyun, just to be destroyed by that criminal. Then Ondal to be replaced by…ugh. Will skip this one and will wait for Love Alarm 2.

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