jTBC Drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick with Ro Woon and Won Jin Ah Wraps as Uneventfully as its Entire Mellow Run

This week my go-to Mon-Tues romance drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick (She Would Never Know) finished its run and I actually had to motivate myself to write a finishing post on it because the drama was soooooo lacking in any true conflict. Emotions briefly flare a few times here and there but it’s resolved in adult conversations and decisive decisions, probably the opposite of a cracktastic K-drama where we angst and seethe and swoon along with the characters plight. I loved Ro Woon the most, his character Heung Seung and his confident male lead performance that looked effortless which shows he’s got the natural acting charisma. Won Jin Ah was fine though in the end her character had a brain fart but recognized it and clawed her way back to the romance she should have never taken for granted. If I can recommend this drama it’s for all the supporting characters, surprisingly all those side stories were actually interesting and sometimes more interesting than the OTP who coasted on sweet interactions more than anything. Both sisters to the male lead had their own unique journey during the drama, one to marriage the other to divorce, and I really felt the love and support of the three siblings for each other. The second male lead went from douchey to finding himself and doing the right thing (finally) which set the clingy crazy second female lead free and she turned out independent and healed herself at the end. Honestly this drama was simply a nice watch but won’t leave any lasting impressions for me for the long run.


jTBC Drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick with Ro Woon and Won Jin Ah Wraps as Uneventfully as its Entire Mellow Run — 5 Comments

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  2. I loved this drama and it was because there wasn’t big villain or stupid conflicts (difference of age, parents against the relationship, difference of wealth, etc.). It was the characters’s choices that made the story like in real life. It was so refreshing for once. I liked the FL. She was honest about the importance of her work since the beginning but she changed step by step. It was nice to see her open herself to Hyun-Seung and searching for him. Hyun-Seung was a great character, He was very impatient but he changed too. His big heart was the best part. Won Ji Ah and Rowoon had a great chemistry and the BTS scenes showed that both of them are dorks :p This drama showed the characters relationships with simple scenes but taken all together formed a complete web for the characters. The main couple is for me the main reason to watch the drama, they gave me a lot of butterflies. But the supporting characters were really good too : KLAR team, the Chae siblings, etc. At the end, each character found a better place than at the beginning.

  3. One of the good thing in this drama, no villain role here. At first Jae Shin seems like a jerk and Hyo Joo like an annoying clingy girl, but we saw development of their characters.

    + KLAR team is the best, no toxic environment in office and support their workmates
    ++ Rowoon really shine as Hyun Seung, the almost perfect boyfriend

  4. I loved this drama so much and I could stay hours watching that beautiful couple. It is not a story with an unpleasant plot, it is a simple story where people’s decisions and actions defined the course of the story. I loved both the protagonists (especially Rowoon, this boy definitely has the wood of an actor) and the secondary ones, I did not like the twist of not being able to carry a relationship at a distance so much. but I think that at its point it was necessary for the plot.
    Of those dramas that you are happy watching in silence and of which you did not expect anything and gave you so much. I’ll miss him a lot.
    Rowon raised my expectations of love. Where can I find a boyfriend this perfect.

  5. I love the pairs here but the plot just so sucks but still i watched it since am a fan of this genre. No wonder the rating kept on going down. Sorry.

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