Jung Il Woo Rocks the Unkempt Scoundrel Look in First Promos for MBN Sageuk Bossam: Stealing Fate with Yuri

Hhhhmmmm, I didn’t know I was missing this in my drama watching life. Pretty boy Jung Il Woo doing the Bidam makeover and actually looking…..oh so smexy. I’m glad, he’s first big break was sageuk Return of Iljimae and perhaps his next return to the big leagues will be with this MBN drama Bossam: Stealing Fate. He plays a n’er-do-well who earns a living as a grabber, someone who wraps up in a blanket (i.e. a bossam wrap) a widow and drops her off to be remarried. Back in the Joseon era that wasn’t always rape and coercion, sometimes it was willing on the part of the widow but chastity prohibited her from remarriage so to get around it she would be forcefully carried off and remarried. In the drama, Jung Il Woo’s character accidentally bossam’s the Joseon Princess, herself a widow after her husband dies on their wedding day but she only married him for duty as the dead husband was the older brother of the man she really loved. So I’m guessing Jung Il Woo will bossam her to marry her true love but then it all goes sideways and we get an unexpected romance instead. COUNT ME IN! He looks so good as does female lead Yuri, she’s not the best actress but goodness they’ve got the angst eye-acting down pat.


Jung Il Woo Rocks the Unkempt Scoundrel Look in First Promos for MBN Sageuk Bossam: Stealing Fate with Yuri — 8 Comments

  1. This is one of the upcoming dramas I’m looking forward to. I like JIW. You didn’t add the teaser? Anyway, fingers crossed the drama will be fun.

  2. It seems like I’ve been waiting for this drama forever! LOL. I like him best in sageuk dramas too, so definitely excited for this.

  3. Oooooo! I have been dying, as in waiting for soooo many years, for Jung Il Woo to return to form. He really is great when he is in something that does not suck but it has been sooooo long. I hope Yuri doesn’t drag him down too much because this sounds like a great premise and I love him in sageuk.

  4. Yuri’s acting is serviceable, so I think she’ll do well in it. She’s steadily improved with each project; and while she’s not the best actress; she’s not Hyeri-level bad either. Most of Jung Il Woo’s best roles are not when he’s acting as a chaebol, chaebol’s son or a prince(the only exception is TMETS) so if this role is a departure from playing the scorned prince in a saguek, I’ll dearly anticipate it. I loved him in TMETS, and also in 49 Days where he played a really quirky character. Hope this becomes a breakout role for him. He’s overdue for one. His past few dramas have been mediocre.

  5. I really liked him in Return of Iljimae. One of my earliest experiences with sageuk dramas. And I still remember bits of it and why and how I liked that dramas. His chemistry with FL was sizzling.

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