Ahn Hyo Seob and Jo Boa in Talks for Webtoon Adapted Romance K-drama Office Blind Date

I don’t read Korean webtoons for the most part, though a few times a K-drama adaptation has led me to marathon the source material such as with Sweet Home. But it does feel like there are a bajillion webtoons since the entry barrier is so low so the quality must vary wildly. With so many to choose from, there appears an unending amount of romance dramas set in offices such as with the upcoming drama adaptation of Office Blind Date. It’s basically two pretty people work in the same office and due to external shenanigans get a chance to fall in love as fated to be. I just finished Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick (She Would Never Know) and honestly stories like that need magnetic lead(s) to retain interest because there isn’t enough actual stuff happening to justify a 16-episode run time. Office Blind Date has offers out to Ahn Hyo Seob and Jo Boa for the leads, and the two in the past happened to attend the same brand event and was photographed together so visually they are total eye candy with chemistry still an unknown. If they accept the drama is slated for end of 2021.


Ahn Hyo Seob and Jo Boa in Talks for Webtoon Adapted Romance K-drama Office Blind Date — 11 Comments

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  2. The big question really is ‘Will they have chemistry?’ Although Jo Boa and Yoo Seung Ho had chemistry in spades in My Strange Hero, her flat chemistry with Lee Dong Wook in Tales of the Gumiho convinces me that it might be a good idea to do a screen test of the actors before casting (no matter how popular or well established they are) because chemistry is so crucial to romantic dramas and movies. There have been many dramas where everything worked except the characters’ chemistry and it became mediocre and other dramas that would have been commonplace, but get elevated by the leads’ chemistry and become classics or well beloved over the years. Good examples are Coffee Prince, Secret, Princess Hours, Queen Inhyun’s Man.

    • IN MY PUREST OPINION, her and Seungho in strange hero had an absolute flat chemistry. I tried watching it as I kinda liked her in idle mermaid and i loved Seungho in missing you but I end up skipping the leads lovey-dovey moment in strange hero. I almost dropped it but I liked the students on their section and how they beat the hierarchy among student in their school, but the leads loveline is a meh

      • Agreed. She is pretty good actress. But she never have this crazy magnetic chemistry with her co-star

  3. Hyoseop better not accept it. If his historical drama become a hit, starring in this drama is not a good choice because basically there is no real plot here.

    • Ahs isn’t a charismatic actor to begin with. He isn’t fit to be the male lead here. His flat chemistry with PBY in abyss still makes me cringe until now. He is not an adept thespian too. He will just ruin the drama. Also, this webtoon is so popular and the character he will be portraying exudes so much charisma.

      • Lol tbh. AHS is overrated as hell, I still dont understand why he won baeksang last year, idk if because he is handsome, his acting get a lot of pass, I agree he doesnt have charisma to carry the drama, and his acting isnt good either

      • Seriously? This webtoon is that popular? I try to read it but the story is… well just noting new, typical domineering-CEO ML and silly-worker FL (not gonna lie, main couple character just 2 dimensional). I like second couple more because their unusual dynamic.

        Agree with you, he better not accept this drama, because this drama didnt have strong story/plot, it purely rely on chemistry between the couple.

    • I want rowoon as he has personality , features , height , voice as kang tae mu and shin hari should be kim yo o jung ,just like shin ha ri who is a expanse of cuteness and her cuteness cannot be judged kim yoo jung is suitable for her role , so please its a request that please make kim yoo jung and rowoon as main leads

  4. It’s hard to judge this kind of drama before airing. It depends a lot of the production and the actors. It can work or not.

    I wasn’t convinced by Sunbae at the beginning, because dramas from webtoon can lack substance. But if it was a typical romance (but it’s why I like kdrama) there was more than that. They used very well the typical element (ex-girlfriend, separation, etc.) and it helped the charatecter to grow.

    Now, I’m not a fan of AHS and JB is not super good to choose her projects.

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