Song Ji Hyo, Nam Ji Hyun, and Rookie Chae Jung Hyeop Start Filming Fantasy K-drama Welcome to Witch’s Restaurant

One good thing that came out of the brain hurty jTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth was discovering a new talent. I was like Park Hyung Sik’s character in Heirs when he first meets female lead Cha Eun Sung and he swans over with a cheeky “Dugu, new face?!” I’m talking about Chinese restaurant boy Sun played by rookie actor Chae Jung Hyeop who got his first role in Stove League. He’s on the rise going from small part to the male lead of upcoming fantasy drama Welcome to Witch’s Restaurant with Song Ji Hyo and Nam Ji Hyun. Song Ji Hyo is the titular witch who can cook up dishes to grant wishes and in exchange takes something she wants, fair and totally creepy trade lol. Nam Ji Hyun runs the restaurant with her and Chae Jung Hyeop is a server and also total eye candy. If he proves in bigger roles that he can act I see his career taking off similar to Ahn Hyo Seob. Witch’s Restaurant is adapted from the same name novel published in 2016 and will air as an 8-episode run on streaming site TVing.


Song Ji Hyo, Nam Ji Hyun, and Rookie Chae Jung Hyeop Start Filming Fantasy K-drama Welcome to Witch’s Restaurant — 21 Comments

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  2. Do I think sisyput is mess yes but however I think it is not even remotely close to the mess called Vincenzo it is cringe feast. Vincenzo is the definition of cringe imho

  3. My baby, Nam Ji Hyun!!! I don’t know if its your agency doing or its what you wanted, but it looks like you’ve been in hiatus for a very long time. Anyway, I’m glad you are back this year with 2 projects so far.

  4. Awesome to see Nam Ji Hyun’s next project! Fighting NJH. Can’t believe I can only see her in only 8 episodes. On a funny note, acting seems far away from NJH’s mind nowadays. Her mind went totally blank when the word “actor” was mentioned in a 3 second keyword game. Normally actors would say their own name/other actors/my fave job when this word is mentioned. Really hilarious to see NJH struggling & flustered before finally coming up with “my job?” She was real quick to respond to words like Tancoo (her love) and tteok-bokki (her fave food), Mom (most important person in her life) & ocean (coolness & freedom). Really loving NJH’s SOOP videos. She will be great in variety shows if she isn’t active in dramas. So natural and adorably funny.

    • Cheering on my fave girl NJH. I’m starting to wonder if she’s dating someone seriously irl. An actress would only slow down if she’s preparing to get married, already married or starting a family soon. If I were her, I would go full steam ahead with big agency behind me. At peak popularity with no other commitments to hold me back. More dramas please.

      • it seems more like she does acting just because she likes it and dont really care about stardom or staying relevant… if she is dating i just hope she isnt dating someone who likes to control her professional life… i remember her saying she prefers dating someone from the industry as its hard for outsiders to understand their profession…

      • I’m inclined to think differently. If NJH likes acting very much, it is wiser for her to pick minimum 12-16 episode dramas opposite popular actors to maintain her presence in the k-drama industry or shoot some high profile CFs or snag brand ambassadorships. It’s not like she’s in Jun Ji Hyun or Son Ye Jin’s S-tier league who can afford to take long breaks btwn dramas yet still retain their relevance. I’m afraid Writers and producers would lose interest and stop offering good scripts to her as many idol actresses are gunning for acting breaks. If she’s dating a non-actor/non celeb who doesn’t like her kissing handsome popular male leads or limit her acting roles, that would suck big time. I wonder who is giving her career advice for the past year.

      • Hwang Jeung Geum dated and married a non-actor. Bad for her acting career. Husband strayed, marriage broke up and she quickly went back to acting. Go Soo Young after married actor Jang Dong Gun gave up acting but now getting active again after that phone hacking scandal. Others like Lee Min Jung and Eugene are lucky their actor husbands are supportive. Both can still film passionate kissing scenes with their male leads. Lol.

  5. nam ji hyun is one of the best actors in their 20s but she takes way too long breaks b/w her projects… i got the break she took after 100 days as she wanted to finish her college but its been a year since 365 repeat the year and her next just started shooting and that too is a web series… i hate seeing talented actors like her fall behind mediocre actors just because she doesn’t do as much work as those mediocre actors… hope this project does really well and wont end up like lovestruck in the city… i had huge hopes from its overall set up but it was just an old wine in new bottle… still cannot belive they romanticised an extremely toxic relationship and named it realistic take on modern relationship…

    • I support NJH leaving Soop agency and let her mother manage her career again. My fave oppa Yoo Seung Ho also not doing well after joining big agency. He did so good as child actor but not lately.

  6. Agree. Nam Ji Hyun is one of my favorite actresses too. Sad to see her picking this low key project opposite Song Ji Hyo. I believe this project has stalled for a year already. It was being prepped since March 2020 but filming didn’t start until female co-lead role was offered to Nam Ji Hyun this year. Seeing that it’s female healing focused, it wouldn’t excite K-viewers too much unless Cha Jung Hyeop has a main love plot-line with NJH. The young 20s viewers will gravitate towards KSH, KYJ, KHG, LJW, Song Kang dramas. Ahjummas viewers will be glued to Penthouse types & sageuks while others go for action thriller mystery suspense like Vincenzo, Mouse, Sisyphus, etc.

    • I think Nam Ji Hyun accepted this project out of loyalty and as a favour to Witch’s casting director who also cast her in 100 Days My Prince. Anyway, let’s cheer her on regardless of whether drama will be a hit or not.

  7. i admire Nam Ji hyuns drama choices and the girl is not greedy. she waits for good projects. she takes her time in choosing them she doesnt jump from one project to another. Her Instagram posts show how simple Nam Ji Hyun is -i guess her lifestyle allows her to work less or to be selective I will look forward to this drama as i liked NJH so much. Hope this drama is on netflix. All the nest NJH

    • I think commenters are talking about savvy role selections & balanced career management. Doing more projects does not equate to being “greedy”. They are not asking NJH to jump from drama to drama aimlessly. I see this word “greedy” bandied about in posts revolving around Kim girls and IU too. NJH’s co-star Han So Hee in 100DMP already snagged a role opposite Song Kang & hit drama World of the Married under her belt. You have to strike while the iron is hot. I hope NJH is not a three drama hit wonder and then fade into obscurity as an adult actress. That would be a waste. Her most popular time-frame is when she starred with PHS & SKJ in WHTMF, SKL with SIG, SP with JCW & 100DMP with DO. After that period, 365 Days saw NJH paired with lesser known actor Lee Joon Hyuk. Tt does look like a noticeable downward trend from that point onwards with jtbc Off The Course drama festa and now this Witch drama. Good luck to NJH who is very lucky to have a rich family to support her lifestyle which allow her to work less & be selective.

      • I just saw that 100days director is gonna do a big budget sageuk with park hyung sik and I hope nam ji hyun gets the FL… She had amazing chemistry with phs, is good at sageuk and also a good actress…
        Is she from a rich family? I didn’t know that…

      • Maybe @observer was being cheeky to imply that she’s from rich family since she only shoots one drama per year. Her 2 projects this year only amount to 10 episodes in total. 2020 she did 12 episodes and none in 2019. So that’s why some fans are being restless and wish to see more of her.

  8. This is a webseries… So rating doesn’t matter… Just hope it’s on Netflix for international fans… It needs to attract online viewers with its content… The only other webseries with well known actors was lovestruck in the city and I don’t know how it did in Korea…

  9. Being a NJH onscreen is not what makes her who she is as a whole. I see her as a person who loves travel and food as well as taking photos, just being carefree to be able to enjoy the outdoors. One thing she probably loves as well is her own personal time away from prying eyes of who she is with. To do that as an actress who is shipped here and there would be a headache. Imagine all the news and fan wars also gossip as to who the man is or what he does and why she loves him and many more to cause unrest in a supposed happy life for someone in a relationship. That being said she probably chose to be an intellectual and by finishing her university course go on enjoying her life with her family. Being a celebrity is something she may take at a minimum judging by how she accepts projects. She considers acting as a work(maybe a part time job) so let us just take it as she serves what she can. She may have some really stable family resources that help her with all her needs and so let us not worry about her source of income and thank her for even showing up once in a while. This is for her real fans who just love seeing her in well thought of projects that she accepts. Cheering on and waiting for tge broadcast of the new drama.

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