K-netizens Target Shin Hye Sun Leading to Mask and Fried Chicken CFs Dropping Her After Being Swept Up Tangentially in the Joseon Exorcist Controversy

This is why K-ent has such a high rate of suicide people, what we’re seeing happen in real time with the angry furor over fictional entertainment products is a big part of why the industry so problematic with the pressure to always be on the side of what the public deems is right. The Joseon Exorcist controversy, itself a whole shit show, has expanded to wrap in K-actress Shin Hye Sun for her last drama Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen). That drama was written by the same screenwriter and when it aired netizens had complaints about historical distortion as well. QC remained a ratings hit and aired for its full run, and after the drama finished Shin Hye Sun gave an interview that she felt the role was a once-in-a-lifetime chance that she has no regrets doing. That set up netizens who apparently wanted her to disavow the drama for all its infractions against South Korean history, or what else I don’t know because how does one behave/act/speak in a way that mollifies an amorphous entity that is “K-netizens”. She has since lost two CF sponsors, one for face masks and the other for fried chicken that just recently aired with her QC character enjoying modern fried chicken in Joseon Korea. I hope she’ll be fine in the long run because she’s one of the longest toiling supporting actresses who deservingly made it just a few years ago and has massive amount of actual acting skills.


K-netizens Target Shin Hye Sun Leading to Mask and Fried Chicken CFs Dropping Her After Being Swept Up Tangentially in the Joseon Exorcist Controversy — 54 Comments

  1. Knetz deserve all the plastic actors and their wooden acting in garbage dramas….I hope they enjoy them because clearly actual actors, ones who know the A in acting, they’d rather hound them for sport.

  2. Those sponsors are absolute chickensh~t for this. Did they not purposely choose her because of her Mr. Queen success? Even using her MQ character for the CF? And they won’t even stand behind her for fear of backlash themselves. Who will K-netz target next? Ongoing River’s NIW because of his association with MQ? What the bloody hell?!

    • fans always inserts/ mentions this so so drama in every article if this blog. Donr worry the drama isnt popular or a hit so it wont be targeted,

      • LOL. You’re hatred towards KSH fans is so obvious. What a lonely human being. River is still better, ratingswise and quality, than Backstreet Rookie which you proclaimed will hit 20% raitngs and will be the biggest drama of 2020. Hahahahha

      • @joane is a known troll. Don’t engage with her. One reply is enough. If we reply to her, this thread will go longer, and KSH fans will once again be gaslighted and accused of “playing victims” and making this article about KSH.
        Decent people on this site all know that it’s relevant to mention Na In Woo as he was a cast of Mr. Queen too, they will understand, no need to justify it to this troll.


      • Here we go again, Joane. Whatever you say, RWTMR got stable and strong ratings and currently, one of the most buzzed dramas these days. Stay bitter because Kim So Hyun star power is formidable. She can stand any challenges and controversy because she got the talent and support to back it up.

      • Wasn’t NIW a cast of Mr. Queen too? It’s natural to mention him and be worried. In fact I’m worrying about Kim Jung Hyun too, he may be the next target

      • When @observer said on another article that KSH fans attract the worst kind of trolls and bullies, this is what she meant. @joane is the worst my eyes laid upon on this blog. Like everyone knows already that she’s a troll but she still passionately comments and instigate. What a petty person she is.

      • @joane,

        I dropped River even before Jisoo’s scandal and I’m not a fan of anyone in it. But I know the hell they’ve been through already. And I’d hate for this JE fallout that’s already making SHS collateral damage to affect anyone else associated with MQ and whatever project they’re working on.

        Don’t make assumptions about me when you don’t know me. So I’ll thank you to f~ck right off.

  3. OMG!!! This has gotten WAY out of hand. Really K-Netz????!!!! Can something be done about these Netizens who have some much spare time to complain just about anything??? (I am asking from a legal standpoint). Like for ex: Ban these people off of the forums that they are posting or issuing them fines somehow.
    I feel bad for Shin Hye Sun, she has worked hard all these years to get where she’s now. I hope she comes out of this mess stronger than ever to prove all these crazy out of control people wrong.

  4. Okay, I commented in a previous article that the JE backlash was understandable, but this is just RIDICULOUS. Shin Hye Sun worked hard in her career, being a supporting actress for a long long time, and now that she’s getting her very much deserved popularity and appreciation, they’re tearing her down too? There’s literally nothing wrong with what she said, it was indeed a great role that showcased her acting skills, and KNetz still found a way to twist her words into something negative? And then they will preach about mental health when a famous person killed themselves? What a joke.
    KNetz.. I have no words, they’re truly something else.

  5. since knetz are so eager to boycott anything related to the writer, mr queen and je, they should boycott all already. why they didn’t target the broadcaster? boycott sbs and tvn too. since they said that the casts didn’t have awareness abt the scripts, so they should also blame sbs and tvn for not having the same awareness. coz they allowed the drama but didn’t read the script at the 1st place. so now, stop watch any dramas broadcast in sbs and tvn. don’t be selective when boycotting. just boycott all already until satisfy.. just boycott ur own ppl ?

    btw, have that park something writer has already apologised? he is the one that has to be blamed the most. he started this mess. don’t go hiding. be responsible! why others have to held responsible for ur mess? such a coward

  6. I think Koreans are bored.

    What’s more alarming about this issue is, they are entertaining those complains in such a way which is more destructive.

    • Those with liberal Western leanings may not understand that others take their culture and history more seriously particularly given South Korea’s historical baggage with China and Japan.
      SHS could have displayed higher EQ during the interview to avoid being seen as tone deaf and a sell-out by K-netz. But the latter need to watch out on the harrassment or they may end up triggering another suicide.

      • I do understand the sentiment, and if indeed the production is subtly serving China at the expense of the Korean culture, then there is a valid reason for the protest. And this serves a lesson for any production company for future productions.

        However, if they are just unreasonably gunning anyone e.g. in a case of SHS, then they probably more harm than good.

      • @MistyEyes – yours is the most reasonable comment I’ve found on the matter so far. Let’s not forget, these are KOREAN dramas and most of us here aren’t Korean, but seeing your culture being denigrated and appropriated by a more powerful country and then seeing media/drama that seems to back it up is legitimate cause for anger.

        The backlash falling on poor Shin Hye Sun is just wrong though. I hope at the very least that she wasn’t forced to pay a penalty fee, she didn’t do anything to deserve it and the scandal isn’t a result of her actions.

      • @MistyEyes and @RoyalWe

        ?? for your comments

        I’m actually stunned that the netizens are going after cast members. They didn’t write the script, merely playing what was written. Logically speaking, I’d expect the public to be more incensed at the writer and production team. Poor SHS and JDY! No actor deserves to suffer because of this fiasco.

  7. I don’t understand why Koala can’t see the controversy or fully understand it. I am not korean but Turkish and I can completely the controversy and think it is legit and their right. Tho I think the Shin Hye Sun outcome is little bit harsh but the comments may have triggered them.

    Imagine if this had happened to one of the kings of the Ottoman empire. Lets say one of the biggest names ”Sulaiman the great” The uproar would have been gigantic to the point that it would have inflicted everyone from camera to extras to stuntmen. The fall out would have been massive. King Sejong is the biggest king of korean history.. The choice itself was very bad by the production team

    • According to my understand King Sejong is one of their biggest founding fathers. The most important influencer in Korean nationalism. The uproar has legitimate grounds from their perspective tho I hope they keep Shin Hye Sun out of this

    • Yeah, I don’t understand too how Koala can be so ignorant about this issue….but if koala pro ccp then I can see why they have such a bias view of this issue

    • It’s TAEJONG. Not King Sejong. I would understand if it’s King Sejong, but let’s not act like King Taejong was an angel lol. There have been worse and crueler depictions about him in kdramas compare to him going on a rampage due to hallucinations in JE.

  8. This is truly disappointing and setting a very dangerous precedent! I can understand criticism and outrage over a drama and its setting, at least to a point, but when when individual actors and actresses are targeted this is taking taking the issue to a new level.

    The fact that companies and sponsors are quick to drop dramas and endorsements – are they that scared of the back-lash?!

    All I can say is that the events of the last two days have been extremely upsetting!

  9. This is not right. I get why the Chicken Ad immediately got hit but why even the mask ad?

    Will someone put a stop to this? Shin Hye Sun did not commit any crime or did anything to be dropped like that.

    JE already got cancelled. Isn’t that already enough? What do they want actually? The production already apologized, their work shutdown. I’m pretty sure everyone from the cast and crew are already devastated by what just happened.

    Truly not comprehending all of these.

  10. Oh no! I was hoping that JDY oppa’s career won’t be tainted after this and he won’t be targeted, but now they’re even targeting an actress from another drama! Wouldn’t surprise me that they would turn on him next, but I’m still hoping that won’t happen ?
    Why not just blame the writer and production? Why do they have to blame the actors too? Now the career that Shin Hye Sun worked hard for is in jeopardy, just like that… This is insane.. and so sad…

  11. Waiting for coverage of the Xinjiang cotton boycott. Many Chinese artistes and those active in China have cancelled their sponsorships with major clothing or sports brands that supported the boycott. Will the cancel culture be called out?

    • So, let me get this straight, you sorry excuse of miserable human being….You think a few jokes about Joseon annals and a few creative liberty surrounding a king who by the way as history dictates was an illiterate puppet king === forced labor of Uyghur Muslims’ by Chinese government, where they have reported to been subjected to every human rights abuse that you can think of under the sun….sometimes, its better to just hold your mouth…because this stupid comment didn’t do what you think it did.

      • No need to add that a lot of brands are made by forced labor of Uyghur Muslim’s . Nike, H&M, Asus, Zara, …the list has no end .

      • You pompous excuse of a human being, talking down to others on how they should see their own culture and history, what right do you have to dictate to the South Koreans what to do?
        Go read up about the Xinjiang cotton boycott controversy before making more silly comments that further betray your ignorance.

      • @Duke

        Double standard much? According to your lofic, if you want people not to comment about other culture as it’s not their own, then you should also practice the same cause apparently Xinjiang’s problem is also not yours?

      • @duke
        I actually work with campaign you maggot brained CCP propagandist. I don’t need to lecture anybody,you need basic human empathy to know genocide and violence against ethnic minority is wrong.

      • We can also add the western oligarchy and governments organising bloody rebellions and devastating wars in Africa or overthrowing/killing African leaders to put their soulless puppets at the head of said states so big western firms can keep on exploiting African’s ressources and keep populations in poverty. We can also add how France, the land of Human rights, have been stamping a currency influenced by the Nazi financial politics in occupied France, since 1945 named Fcfa. We can also talk about the huge pedocriminality ring issue that has been a hidden plague in the western world and how authorities have been protecting pedocriminal (Jeffrey Epstein case) etc… Nobody on this planet can lecture anyone

    • It seems c-celebs are in support of the ccp and their practices in Xianjing, which is really disappointing but not entirely surprising. Chinese netizens are trying to cancel and boycott Nike, H&M, etc. because they released statements stating that they don’t/won’t source their cotton from Xianjing.

      That situation is far worse than the one in Korea. You have a country outraged, not because they feel their history and culture is being threatened but because they feel “evil international brands” are making China look bad by not wanting to be aligned with potential human rights violations.

  12. This is so honestly stupid I don’t know what to say. I feel so bad for the actors and actresses that got swept up in this issue.

    And this is why most known actors are now avoiding terrestrial channels and yes, even cables and just sign-up for dramas that are aimed for an OTT broadcast.

  13. Koala, one day when you are more mature and wise and less ignorant, I hope that you will make amend for writing this kind of article where you mock people who trying to defend their own history and culture

  14. And the ripple effect of the JE blowback keeps expanding. Just saw online that a sponsor for upcoming drama Snowdrop has pulled out over historical controversy concerns. Smh.

      • It’s not sageuk but I hear it’s based on real events and involves a love story with a NK spy? And we all know SK isn’t exactly besties with their northern brethren so…

  15. Despicable people who have nothing better to do than to criticize for ridiculous things. Why hide behind a screen and sound offended at every little thing. It’s getting out of hand and they shouldn’t enable these people. She should not be penalized for doing her job.

    • Also want to add that her drama ended a while ago but her name is still dragged into the mud. I feel for her. Maybe they should just stop doing historical dramas for now. But who knows what other things they can get offended about.

  16. Now this is just mob/bullying culture by k-netizens. I can now see that bullying is part of their culture, they’re taking “power to the people” to the extreme. Those companies who dropped her are taking the path of least resistance, but I would hope bigger companies would stand their ground and campaign against bullying.

  17. Jeez, I don’t remember this much backlash when k-ent mocked other cultures or even featured black face on variety shows. Yes, we understand defending your own country’s history is important but it’s as important as not making a joke out of someone else’s culture. Cancel culture only applies to when your own people is affected. An apology and making amends don’t exist anymore for mistakes. However, in the justice department a quick apology and a load of money can go a long way for inhumane mistakes. I’m speaking in general of course for that last part.

  18. People are too bored these days as someone commented before. These dramas are all fiction, how can they be accused of historical distortion when it’s not claiming to be a documentary or even has the ambition to depict history as accurately as possible. Just shows how narrow minded people are and that their is no room for creativity. JE had zombies in it for crying out loud, how historically accurate is that? Mr Queen had soul time traveling. Advertisers are adding to the problem by taking actions and despite the complaints that I remember popping up during Mr Queen, it remained really popular during its entire run so why did these people who found it so offense keep watching it and not boycott it? And the advertisers didn’t loose any money either. It’s even more ridiculous that this is getting out of hand AFTER the drama has aired, this is simply cyber bullying and mob mentality. I don’t agree that you can’t say anything unless it’s your culture, in my country there have been several loose adaptions on historical events and important historical figures where they focus on rumored facts and making them the key story points and no one finds that offensive here. I don’t know what’s going on in Korea but it sure is unhealthy.

    Next in the crossfire seems to be Snowdrop and that has not even started airing yet. If this is not a mob and cyber bullying thing then I don’t know what is, totally getting more and more out of hand.

  19. One only hopes this this outrage can be felt at the disappearance and even non-broadcast of those dramas from the “motherland” by international fans as well.

    Jut to be fair to those knetz.

  20. At some point the good/great actors and actresses will stop doing anything at all because of fear of cancel culture. Anyone worth watching will be gone and we will be left with the worst actors/actresses because the bad ones have nothing to fear since any news of their name will make them more known or popular. I think these people need to lighten up and cancel the cancel culture. Actors/Actresses are just doing their job, they are not in charge of props, script or filming. They are in charge of being on time, knowing their lines and making the script believable.

  21. Everyone that has some kind of education knows that this drama was fictional (not based on real facts). So to those of you who are against it, all I can say is GET A GRIP AND GROW UP.

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