Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri in Talks for tvN Romance Drama Twenty Five Twenty One Set in the 1998 IMF Crisis Period

A new drama casting news to end the week and one I never thought to mentally pair up together. Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri have been offered the leads in tvN romance period drama Twenty Five Twenty One which starts in 1998 during the Asian monetary crisis and spans the years after as the two leads weave their way through together and apart. His character is a news reporter and she’s a prodigy-level national team fencer who represented the country and won gold medals. tvN loves both Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri, their last dramas were on the network him with Start Up and her with Mr. Sunshine, so this makes sense. This drama is scheduled for end of the year in 2021 and will be directed by the PD of Search: WWW with the same screenwriter so it’s a reunion for that team.


Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri in Talks for tvN Romance Drama Twenty Five Twenty One Set in the 1998 IMF Crisis Period — 16 Comments

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  2. I was suddenly reminded of Money Game also from TVN. It didn’t do well rating-wise. Maybe this one will fare better since it is set in 1998. Whereas MG was about trying not to have a repeat of the financial crisis.

  3. Yay on Kim Tae Ri!! Seriously, she should be paired with older actors imo. Someone like Jo In Sung or Cho Seung Woo could be interesting. Nay on Nam Joo Hyuk. This guy is a charisma vacuum no offense. Sure he can emote, and he’s tall. But man, he’s bland. Snoozes…

    • Kim Tae Ri deserves to be paired up to someone with equally good acting ability. Yeah, no offense, but Joo Hyuk is meh.

    • Older actors obviously have better things to do than star in romance dramas. I think I may be aging out of Korean dramas because the lead actors just look TOO DAMN YOUNG. Ugh. Nam Joo Hyuk is a charisma vacuum to boot.

    • “Charisma vaccum” Perfect description for NJH lol
      It’s no wonder the second leads in his dramas often overshadow him.
      Nothing personal about the guy, he seems nice and all, but he’s the definition of bland to me. I don’t get it, if they really want a young actor, there are ones who are much better actors and have more charisma/screen presence than him that they could’ve cast opposite the amazing KTR IMO
      Would probably still watch this for KTR

      • I can’t get over the dead eyes. At least he has a somewhat masculine look about him instead of the usual jailbait we’re subjected to.

      • Every year since the beginning of time, I notice they push these ‘hot/rising’ stars to become A List leading man. But honestly only a few have withstand that hype, and made a path for themselves. NJH was part of YG models division which has a lot of backing, and now SOOP equally with lots of prestige/connections. Only time will tell, if NJH has not only the chops but charisma to sustain his fanbase in the future.

  4. Sorry, not into this pairing at all. Like others here, nothing personal lol I don’t hate him or anything, but I went from liking him in WFKBJ to being indifferent to him in that snoozefest (to me) Bride of Habaek to downright disliking him in Start Up. Not to sound like the usual Team Han Ji Pyeong, but I really didn’t like NJH in that drama, which is mostly because I hated his character there (sorry Koala, I know you love Do San lol), but it’s also his acting. Sure he had his moments there, like the crying scenes, but overall his acting is just nothing to write home about.
    Before anyone come at me, I do know how to separate the actor from the character. But if I disliked an actor in his previous drama, it would take me quite some time before I can watch that actor again. For now, I can’t watch NJH yet, his blank stare alone is annoying me so much lmao
    Sorry, kind of petty of me, but that’s just how I feel ?
    Besides, I think KTR deserves a leading man that has the same acting caliber as her.
    Too bad, I’ve been waiting for a new KTR drama for a long time now..

    • You sound exactly like a typical braindead Han Jipyeong fan. “No offence”. There’s a lot of cognitive dissonance going on in your comment since you obviously can’t separate the actir from the character.

  5. I know they have 7 years age gap, but I honestly think that a Yeo Jin Goo Kim Tae Ri pairing would work. Doesn’t look obvious to me if their age gap since Yeo Jin Goo has a very deep voice

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