Episode 14 of River Where the Moon Rises Starts Ga Jin’s Palace Politicking with Ratings of 6.4%, 8.4%

After the action packing episode 13 of River Where the Moon Rises, the action moves squarely back to the palace and I kinda dozed off because it’s back to the stuff that the drama never did well in the first place. Ga Jin is starting to politic and set traps herself, good for her but it always feels like a kid playing dress up. Even Go Geun, who did the horizontal sexy with Mo Young (blergh), when he tries to warn his dad on how to play the game of thrones it feels like he has no deeper clue what his dad did to get to this place. The politicking is where Ondal is the weakest, not because he can’t do it but because it’s totally anathema to his personality and what his dad and nanny taught him. That’s why Sunnobu got wiped out, because they play by the rules and everyone else cheats. I worry DalJin will fracture a bit with their different styles of dealing with danger but I’m sure the drama will smooth it over quickly because the OTP remain the most consistently satisfying part of this drama.


Episode 14 of River Where the Moon Rises Starts Ga Jin’s Palace Politicking with Ratings of 6.4%, 8.4% — 3 Comments

  1. I seriously feel like I’m in the minority here haha I’m like a broken accordion but although we return back to palace theater, it was so exciting. I’m personally not a historical drama politics kind of person but I’m digging it here unlike Ruler where the politics are long and draggy. Here, it’s executed fast and we don’t have to deal with long, whiny conversations. People here generally get to the point.

    The opening scene was so thrilling, holding the edge of your seat kind of thrill. And yes king and crown prince is saved by our lovely warrior couple. Princess fighting in silk costume was Lava Hot ?

    I can’t stop saying how much I love ghost village ❤️ They hinted the young precocious girl will have a story. I hope so.

    The traps set by princess! Bravo! The princess playing the hunter in the cat and house chase, I’m here for it! It’s time to knock queen down a couple pegs. So the queen son is biologically the king’s son after all. Her ambition is what will ruin her, I’m looking forward to it.

    Nanny, shame on you.

    Herb lady is now entrusted by king of Silla to end princess life. I’m excited to see.

    For some reason I believe Gogeun is protecting princess by going to his father and tell him to be cautious of the sunno tribe and to not underestimate them and princess… when has his father even taken his word seriously? His father always does the opposite. So mmmmmm maybe that’s what Gogeun wanted. And why did Gogeun saved princess old chief master? What’s up his sleeve?

    The scene when O surprised his mother was ❤️❤️❤️ Oh how much I love their mother-son relationship.

    There was so many positive, fun things in this episode. The writing is getting better emotionally and logically. Let’s go ep 15!

  2. The writing is really boring especially when it involves the palace. I’m only watching for the OTP. It would be better if this is just 12 episodes.

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