Choi Tae Joon and Sooyoung’s Pre-filmed Drama So I Married An Anti-fan Gets Streaming Platform Release End of April 2021

A long time on the shelf is better than forever on the shelf and the cast and crew of the K-drama adaptation of manhwa So I Married an Anti-Fan will finally see the end product. The drama was filmed in 2018, a lifetime and one pandemic ago, starring Choi Tae Joon, Sooyoung, and Chansung. Even earlier there was a Chinese-Korean joint movie adaptation with Chanyeol, Yuan Shan Shan, and Seohyun, so honestly either this story is that amazing or back then there was too much money to burn and not enough material to adapt. The drama will be released on April 30th on Viki and iQiyi and it’s actually good timing as since the drama wrapped male lead Choi Tae Joon enlisted in the army the following year and will actually be discharged next month in May 2021. Check out the posters and trailer below.

Trailer for So I Married an Anti-Fan:


Choi Tae Joon and Sooyoung’s Pre-filmed Drama So I Married An Anti-fan Gets Streaming Platform Release End of April 2021 — 11 Comments

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  2. Park Shin Hye’s bf: Choi Tae Joon was in some way close w/ the members of FT Island (The one named in the Burning Sun Scandals). Allegedly (I also believe that he said something to defend the member after he was indicted). Basically, not a good look in my eyes. It also made me side eye PSH as well, to keep herself around company like that. And yes, this show was in development hell for ever since 2018, so the production company should be lucky that Viki brought the rights for this show.

    • I followed the news when it happened. Personally, i think better not lump together someone who is close to the real criminal. The criminal has their own circle and CTJ is just a friend of his. There are a lot of circumstances where you don’t know or didn’t believe your dearest friend did such unacceptable thing. I’m not defending CTJ, but my best friend is a lawyer and she often told me stories about how our cruel society badly treating someone close to criminals as if they should be punish together.

      Regarding the drama, i finally understood why no broadcast station is picking it up. Even the poster doesn’t sits well in my eyes..

      • Thanks for your mature reply. I agree. Do we know all that is there to know about the case? Probably not? It’s a grey and tricky area to touch upon, esp. since its a sensitive topic. Just something that made me go hmm about. But anyways, best not to get too tangled up in this mess.

        As for the drama, it looks cheap and shallow. Streaming it was def. the best option for the cast/crew. At least that way, their work doesn’t go to waste.

    • So ??
      Bringing that what is the purpose ??
      Seriously do you have something or what bringing names with kind of an accusations ??

    • Bringing this issue up, when he was never officially mentioned in any investigation just shows how much you’ve read into the burning sun scandal, and lumped everyone as a general entity.

      And worse yet, you bringing Park Shinhye in all THIS.
      It’s like victim blaiming.

      Put the blame where it is due.
      Other people’s deeds & crimes are never the responsibility & blame of their family & friends.

  3. I have never seen a ML FL pose this bizarre even for a manwha. For goodness sake the FL looks like she is a slave trafficking victim at the mercy of a sleazy pimp. CTJ’s gaze is all wrong too. The way he is gripping SY’s wrist and her downright awkward squatting are too much. Tasteless and cringey. The colours in the last poster are soft and beautiful but totally wasted on the turd of a pose. Poor version of 50 shades of grey.

    • What in hell’s name is that kind of a poster???!! It looks soooo wrong in today’s context of Me Too movement. Asian fans understand that squat position is like getting ready for pooping. NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL. Gobsmacked. Fire the photoshoot director.

      • Koala’s rotation of header contributors better not put this poster on her blog header. Lol.

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