Gu Hye Sun Sues Youtube Blogger For Defamation Related to Whether Seo Hyun Jin Wrote a Witness Statement in Her Divorce Case with Ahn Jae Hyun

I’m don’t know who was right and wrong in the Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun marital dissolution mudslinging accusations, but to have this saga continue after the divorce was granted nearly 2 years ago and the timing with Ahn Jae Hyun returning to New Journey to the West feels sus to me. Gu Hye Sun has hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against a Youtube blogger who is a former K-ent reporter for defamation, claiming in his video commentary on her divorce case he accused her of something that is not true. Reportedly in the divorce case, actress Seo Hyun Jin wrote a statement for Gu Hye Sun’s side to bolster the adultery accusations against Ahn Jae Hyun, that after one day filming The Beauty Inside and a group went out to eat, Seo Hyun Jin witnessed Ahn Jae Hyun acting very flirty and close with another woman. Because the divorce proceedings were sealed, that remains just a rumor. The blogger said he contacted Seo Hyun Jin who denied ever writing this. Gu Hye Sun says Seo Hyun Jin did write it so claiming otherwise is defaming her. All of this going on does not involve Ahn Jae Hyun but goodness is his name back in the news in the worst possible way.


Gu Hye Sun Sues Youtube Blogger For Defamation Related to Whether Seo Hyun Jin Wrote a Witness Statement in Her Divorce Case with Ahn Jae Hyun — 19 Comments

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  2. This girl is mentally unstable, i feel so sorry for ahn jae hyun, even if theyre divorced he can’t seem to escape her. I can’t imagine how he feels..

    • IKR. If she willingly breaches the confidentiality of her own proceedings, I think she will only make it hard for herself to secure witnesses if they happen to be public figures—which is kind of the thing with both spouses being actors.

  3. I an more surprised this woman still has fans even tbough she had been caught lying through her teeth…not worth it for mentally unstable person

  4. “Mam, this is Wendy”

    Seriously, you already separated, there was no proof of him cheating.
    Looking like acting flirty and cheating is different things.
    Also he never said anything regarding her “comeback” after her supposedly “retirement”
    Give him a break

  5. What?! Seo Hyun Jin is dragged into this mess!
    GHS are you for real?
    SHJ is currently filming a new drama, please don’t get her embroiled in this!

  6. This woman is so messed up and abusive, people around her really needs to get her checked. Firstly, she goes around saying she has “forgiven” AJH and supports his comeback like she’s giving him some sort of benediction (basically, she needs to f-off). Now, she’s breaching confidentiality by exposing a potential witness. Not that I believe her for one second because what has she said in this whole fiasco that’s as true anyway?

    She needs to stop dragging AJH and SHJ and anyone else. I get it, she wants people to hesitate working with her ex husband specially with the perfect timing of him making a comeback. But honestly, I don’t think this makes anyone look bad other than her. She’s disgusting.

  7. The fact that his drama co-stars (many actors followed his IG and liked his IG post including Beauty Inside casts), variety show members and many friends/colleagues gave tons of supports for him during the past two years spoke volume.
    Glad that the majority of viewers have finally opened their eyes about this case. Most of the comments about AJH are positive. His long due comeback won’t be affect much.
    They said you learn more about someone at the end of the relationship than at the beginning. Her evil nature, scary obsession, self centered personality has been revealed. A worst kind of narcissist.
    Poor SHJ being dragged into this mess. Best friends? I don’t think she even knows the definition of a friend. She only care about herself Always playing victim card.

  8. Nobody knows what happened between this couple ,but GHS should have keep it private for her own good . As Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo .

  9. The Youtuber she mentioned in the letter that she filed lawsuit against him?
    The fact : he said that it is the first time he heard about it through the news.
    It’s another lie of her. There is no lawsuit at all.

    It has been known for years that she is a habitual liar/ pathological liar.
    She use lies to manupulate people and the public.
    She lied so many times. Can’t believe she still have loyal fans.
    One of her hard core fan commented in today’s article “ he forced her into marriage, hurt her and cheated on her. Hope he dies.”?????? Disguting. They are crazy as her.
    For the past two years, some of her fans sent death threats to his IG. They spread all the lies under the comment section of every article. Ridiculous. Like a cult.

    She tried to ruined his career everytime she has the chance.

    She took most of his money. All of his hard earned money from his modelling days. So sad.

    She said that she won’t speak about him anymore and she did the opposite.

    She announced her retirement in the industry and then what happened next? she participated in talk show, released multiple media articles, exhibitions and so on. She even confirmed that she is dating a new boyfriend and no one knows if it’s even true or not. Everything from her mouth are mostly lies. She is creating a novel by herself. A truly nut case.

    He suffered from depression for more than a year during their marriage. She said that it is his fault. She is not the reason for his depression and tell him to get over it by himself. F*ck

    I am still so mad that Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Seul Gi were dragged into the scandal. Falsely accused as mistresses. She never apologised to them. So shameless.

    She said that she has solid evidences of him cheating on her and submitted them to the court. And in the end, there is no evidence at all. All are lies and lies and lies.

    Now she asked others to forgive AJH for his wrongdoings and she said that she already forgave him. Wtf. Psycho.

    Pretentious, acting like an angel, like a better person all the time while ruining other people lives.

    Hope she will be out of the entertainment industry for good.

    • She is nore dangerous than seo/son ye ji…at least syj didnt twisted the fact and dragged unnecessary people into her mess nor did she implying or encouraged her fans to diss her hye sun on the other hand always pick up innocent victims to diss as her please..she is more psycho and dont deserve any spot in kdramaland…hope nobody gives her filming offer…she can do something else

  10. Everything she claimed to be the Truth has turned out to be exaggerated LIES. She also display textbook manipulative abuser patterns of behavior. I am so sick of reading about this woman.

  11. Hard to comment since we don’t really know what went on in their relationship. However, for her sake, I hope she stops talking about her divorce or her ex-husband. If she is mentally unstable, I hope her family gets her the help that she needs.

  12. No one knows what went on in their relationship except both of them

    Maybe she feels so unjustified that this is her only way to seek ‘fairness and justice’. So be it.

    S’times some folks may present themselves so charmingly to the world, to the judge convincingly, and everyone believes them and thinks the Ex is delulu.

    BUT whatever, it’s over. Does not matter anymore who was more right, or more wrong.

    She needs CLOSURE. Do herself a favour and get out of her own self-created toxic cycle. It’s just entrapment of self

  13. Uh so seeing ahn jae hyun comeback is making her itch again huh?
    She lies everytime she opens her mouth now even dragging seo hyun jin.
    In fact beuaty Inside casts all like ajh post during their divorce and supported him.
    This woman is kookoo for sure

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