Oh My Ladylord the First MBC Prime Time Drama to Get Zero Percent Ratings as Audience and Critics Hammer the Tired Plot

It’s hard to get consensus these days but everywhere I look there appears to be the same opinion about MBC drama Oh My Ladylord (Oh! Master), which is that it sucks so so bad. From K-netizens to I-viewers to C-watchers, the drama starring Lee Min Ki, Nana, and Kang Min Hyuk was never primed to rake in high ratings but it’s still shocking to see just how badly it’s missing the low bar set for it. Last week one of the episodes only brought in 0.9% ratings and generally the ratings are in the low 1% for the last few episodes already. Hitting the zero perfect ignominy, which KBS nearly had with Lovely, Horribly and did have with Meow: The Secret Boy, we just need SBS to join the fun train to boast of record lows. I haven’t watched Ladylord so those who have/are please share its secret sauce for such epic new levels of suckage. The things I heard are tired romance tropes from like two decades ago, Lee Min Ki playing the same character type as before, the OTP lack of chemistry, one track minded second male lead, and frustrating noble idiocy.


Oh My Ladylord the First MBC Prime Time Drama to Get Zero Percent Ratings as Audience and Critics Hammer the Tired Plot — 27 Comments

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    • Yes, Meow is from KBS.

      But what is a good rating nowadays? I mean, I remember people dissing the ratings of Backstreet Rookie… saying that it was the worst ratings for a Friday-Saturday-drama. Guess who is getting a second season: http://www.taewon.com/160

      Similar to BR, this drama is also on iQiyi. I am not saying that it will get a second season such as Backstreet Rookie, but the numbers might be less worse than we all think. As long as iQiyi is happy, one should not care too much about the ratings I guess?

      • BR getting a second season has nothing to do with ratings.it wasn’t exactly popular on IQIYI either. Don’t expect JCW to comeback for the next season he already regrets the drama. His fans want nothing to do with BR and Melty.

      • @Juni

        Exactly. BR’s ratings, whether low or not, were the least of that drama’s issues. That ady person is acting like that low-quality, shitty drama wasn’t riddled with controversies to the extent of valid petitions to get it cancelled.

      • As a supporter of JCW @Juni, he never said in any interviews that he regrets starring in BR. He and her female lead were dragged for things they weren’t in control. So the fans are protective of them. And there ratings is still decent for a simple romcom/slice of life genre eventhough it’s not as high as TKEM who they followed on the same timeslot of Fri-Sat. BR reached 10% on their last episode. And they are one of IQIYI’s most popular drama in 2020. They will not plan a season 2 if they know it will just flop.

      • @Juni As a supporter of JCW, he never said in any interviews that he regrets starring in BR. He and his female lead were dragged for things they werent in control. So it’s normal that their fans are protective of them.

      • @Juni And BR Ratings may not be as high as TKEM who they followed on the same timeslot of Fri-Sa, but they still managed to have decent ratings for a simple romcom/slice of life genre. They even had 10% on their last episode. BR is one of IQIYI’s most popular drama in 2020. And I don’t think they will gamble to produce a season 2 if they will just waste money.

      • Neighborhood Lawyer had a 2nd season that flopped badly and tarnished the image of the casts. Of course production houses will take risks even if the 1st season was a flop and it never hit 10% nationwide. Not that the ratings matter because the drama was atrocious and deserved to be cancelled. The leads had no chemistry and nobody cares for a season 2. The PD signed for a different drama already and I agree JCW would never comeback to that awful mess.

      • @adyjunjihyun

        I dont think u had to bring BR here whatever pt u wanted to prove

        But nowadays there r many international fans watching korean dramas

        Korean viewers opinion matters and bring ratings but becoz of international fans its gaining popularity
        BR was popular enough in my country
        Its korean audience who called it worst drama but still thw rating were average enough

        The source of the drama was bad but drama was completely different

        Hope u stickb to d content of d post and dont bring unnecessary
        Comparison which can create misunderstanding

        If der is a second season ill be ready with popcorn
        Happy for my girl

    • You are all WRONG!! Although this started out awkward, it has blossomed into a real story. Never take time for granted. I now love this KDrama. Never waste any time on critics, naysayers, just live your life.

    • It’s mentioned above. Meow the Secret Boy got 0.8% for the first half of its final episode. Oh! Master is only the second primetime drama on free TV to rate this low.

  2. Heol he deserved this.Sorry for nana better with next project.There are so many clean image and talented actor,why casting him?He just trash and sexual assault woman.If they keep casting rapits,sexual assault seo yea ji and shin hye sun deserved comeback too.

  3. This drama is a K-drama tropes soup! Bad love triangle, truck of doom, coma, 49 days before dying, noble separation, cold ML, forced cohabitation, etc.

    I dropped it because even the casting could save it. The writer should be forbidden to write!

  4. I think the perfect description for this drama is that it’s so outdated!
    Would probably do alright if it was aired in the early 2000s.
    But in this era? Not a chance! Everyone has grown out of this tropey plotline phase. It would be alright if they brought in something new to the table. But nah it’s just the same old, same old.

  5. Koala, Meow: The Secret Boy was from KBS, not SBS. In other low-ratings news, the premiere ratings of Imitation by KBS recorded 1.0% and 0.9%. Let’s see just how low it can go for the remaining episodes.

    • Not really as big as deal as Meow (10:00-11:10 pm) and Master (9:20-10:30 pm). Imitation was basically put in a timeslot that is expected to rate that low for free TV (11:20 pm-12:30 am); JTBC just happens to fare absurdly well at the time.

  6. Having watched the drama, instead of sticking to a romcom, it had the female lead stating she liked both men and had both chasing her for 2 episodes. It then had the plot of the male lead going to disappear after 49 days and with that the push and drag, splitting up and him behaving horribly towards her only getting back together at the end of ep 14. Essentially, it tried to offer a bunch of things and failed miserably in all it tried.

  7. I watched 2 ep and at first I found it will be fun, but after that, hhh. Lee Min Ki became annoying character, the sideline character beside FL, ML, and 2ML are awkward (Nana’s manager and LMK’s assistant), the plot is so outdated.

    I pity the trio, esp Kang Minhyuk, why did he choose this drama?? Hopefullu they can appears in another drama soon

  8. If a romantic drama has no fantasy or a psychopath plot then it MUST have intelligent dialogues like Run On to be good! …and Lee Minki is a bad actor…

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