MBN Sageuk Bossom: Stealing Fale Continues to Rise in Ratings as Second Week Gives the OTP a Reluctant Reason to Cohabitate

The premise of Bossam: Stealing Fate is that widow-hood in Joseon era was THE pits. Women who had the misfortunate to have their husband die must either live in spinsterhood forever or kill themselves to continue serving as the wife in death. Bossam gave widows a second chance, some were unwilling while others participated in orchestrating the kidnapping so they could remarry. It’s as female agency as it gets and I love that this story puts a widowed princess with even more baggage as our central bossam target. Sure it was a case of mistaken identity but it’s probably the best thing to happen to her, otherwise she would die in that household with zero chance at life aside from leaving the home once a year to visit her husband’s plaque at the temple. This week’s episodes 3-4 showed us how the Princess can’t go back to her husband’s home, can’t go back to the Palace despite having lovely parents, and because she’s so indoctrinated in Confucian principles but also has genuine human emotions it’s such a conundrum for her. Luckily she has her new “son” to just lay it out straight for her and also get our male lead to play ball, two people better off dead can and should live each day and see where it goes. This drama is so wonderful, with lush gorgeous sageuk visuals, it’s no wonder this week’s ratings went up to 4.648% and 5.551%.


MBN Sageuk Bossom: Stealing Fale Continues to Rise in Ratings as Second Week Gives the OTP a Reluctant Reason to Cohabitate — 14 Comments

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  2. I seriously want this show to perform really well on the ratings front mainly for selfish reasons—that completely subbed episodes will come faster. Hahaha. This is my new crack drama. Been awhile since I dared watch a saeguk and I’m glad I am enjoying this one a lot.

    Other than the lush cinematography, I love the OSTs! Really good songs coming out every episodes.

  3. I am really liking it too my new crack drama! I can ignore the sloppy chasing scenes haha they have a challenge to do when ratings achieve 7% and they’ll reach it in no time

  4. People underestimate good suffering and how character can grows. When it done well,it feels good. I hope it keep getting better

  5. Same here! I hope it gains more recognitions so that the subs come faster! It’s been awhile since I actually watch the raw episodes because I’m too curious lol.

    The first four episodes have been really solid and fun. The acting, cinematography & OST are great. I also love the leads’ chemistry.

    • Also, I think the princess character is well-written. She is strong and resolute without being sassy or having fighting skills. Kudos for.

      • *kudos for Yuri giving the character a regal aura despite the circumstances.

        It’s also nice how she is shown to be physically aware and attracted to our scruffy male lead. I’m looking forward for their characters’ growth and romance!

  6. I caught up to episode 2 and I can’t believe we are rooting for such a terrible male lead character. Surely there will be character growth but it will take some time for him to redeem himself. He almost ended her and he sold the princess for a trifle amount of money but only at the last minute did his so called conscience waken up. And unless episode 3 showcase otherwise, she almost forgave him instantly after just one slap. It absolutely makes no sense for her to stick around with this father and son duo that she just met under a day, just because she felt some forced compassion for the son. He knew he was at fault for kidnapping the wrong person but he made everything a million times worse. Also she barely knew them and the father hasn’t treated her well for the most part. If I was her, I would have ran away and start a new life elsewhere. The only character I find remotely interesting at the moment is the brother in law. He has to balance protecting and caring for the princess while dealing with his overbearing and and antagonistic family.

    The transitions of some scenes just felt very unnatural and it’s gets irksome seeing the kid constantly calling her mom, it doesn’t make sense haha Well onward to episode 3 and 4. The things I do for my friend so I’ll keep watching with them haha

  7. “I can’t believe we are rooting for such a terrible male lead character.”

    Thank you, Laura. Thank you. Not feeling JIW’s scruffy look here but he/the character is perceived to be hot so he’ll be forgiven anything (Drama Law #1). Even if he kidnaps a woman against her will, treats her disrespectfully, teaches his son that it’s okay to kidnap women against their will, contemplates killing her when he finds out who she really is, basically complicating her life and putting her in danger, ETC. I’m guessing they made him a single father to make him more sympathetic but I don’t feel any sympathy for him as at now. Whatever tragic backstory he has is no excuse. Also, I find the color tone so grim (with too-dark night scenes) but I’m guessing it’s to match the grim subject matter.

    Shame, I was so looking forward to this drama but I couldn’t even finish EP2. Maybe I’ll pick it up again when it’s done airing. Maybe.

    What else are you watching, Laura?

    • Hi aurora! ? The same, I feel no sympathy for him. Also based on the fact his young son is the only one running the household: cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry; he’s one of the worst fathers ever haha It will take a miracle for me to like him much less love him. It depends on the writers I suppose. I hope they don’t randomly give him a new personality just so we can like him, like a fast light switch. Also if they were going to make him so villainous-like, can they make him at least interesting? His personality is such a bore.

      I dropped I married an anti fan, do yourself a favor and never check that one out. My poor nonexistent brain haha

      I’m going to check out doom at your service! How about you?

      • Hehehe… thanks for the heads up. Will be dodging that bullet.
        Dropped Law School and Oh Master.
        Watching Sell Your Haunted House and started Mine (I love Kim Seo-Hyung and Lee Bo-Young).
        Will be checking out Doom At Your Service.
        I’ve also been on a sageuk-binge. Watched The King In Love and loved it mostly for its gorgeous cinematography, set pieces and costumes. The story was okay, too. Jang Young-nam was superb here. Can’t believe she wasn’t nominated for anything for that role. Will be watching Tree With Deep Roots, Six Flying Dragons and Queen Seondeok.
        Been meaning to check out Navillera, Undercover and Dark Hole but no time!!!!!!
        And then there’s the old dramas on the list but again, so little time!
        I’ve also been watching a few K-movies, mix of sageuks and moderns. Last K-movie I watched was Gong Hyo-Jin’s thriller Door Lock.

        Did you check out Navillera, Taxi Driver or Youth of May?

      • I haven’t checked out any of the dramas you mentioned, I haven’t been in a drama watching mode as of recent. I only checked out the dramas mentioned due to a friend, we watch the episodes together

        I’m always astounded at your list of dramas you plan to check out, currently watching, and dropped. So many, my head spins haha

        Sell your haunted house does interest me though, maybe I’ll wait for it to end before I check it out. I do like Lee Bo Young but I’m not a makjang fan haha

        But it’s lovely talking to you and reading your comments ?

  8. Am I the only one who had no clue Yuri was this good?! Or has she never been this good before? Anyone remember the absolute horror show that was Fashion King?! Only me? Probably for the best. Anyhoo. Yuri is so good here. So very very good. I love Sageuks. I watch lots of sageuks. She could stand toe to toe with any top sageuk actress I have ever seen. She is a revelation! Way to improve that acting! Major props!

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