Japanese Hallyu Fan Poll of Over 150K Votes Selects the Best OTP of Iconic K-dramas

This is a fascinating poll result piece and usually the Japanese fans of K-dramas aren’t heard as much as the I-fans or C-netizens so I usually go by what gets high ratings when it airs over there to gauge popularity. A recent Japanese Hallyu fan poll of over 150,000 votes selected the Best K-drama OTPs and it’s clear that some of the most iconic ones have now fallen low on the list probably due the the passage of time. The #1 vote for Best Drama OTP goes to Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds with 50,192 votes. Second place is Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young in Why Secretary Kim with 33,615 votes with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum rounding out the top 3 with 20,798 votes for Kill Me, Heal Me. I always forgot just how wildly popular the K-version of Fated to Love You was in Japan because Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara came in 4th with 11,690 votes, then it’s a surprise of the two Jeon Ji Hyun dramas that Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho at 9,132 votes for 5th place edged out You From Another Star with Kim Soo Hyun which got 7.505 votes. Check out the full top 20 below.

Best K-drama OTP vote results (Japan Hallyu fans):

  1. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (50192)
  2. Why Secretary Kim (33615)
  3. Kill Me, Heal Me (20798)
  4. Fated to Love You (11690)
  5. Legend of the Blue Sea (9132)
  6. You From Another Star (7505)
  7. She is Pretty (2544)
  8. Healer (1769)
  9. Romance is a Bonus Book (1720)
  10. Goblin (1190)
  11. Pinocchio (926)
  12. W; Two Worlds (724)
  13. The Moon Embraces the Sun (527)
  14. Pretty Noona Buys Me Food (522)
  15. Descendants of the Sun (446)
  16. Winter Sonata (406)
  17. Oh My Venus (206)
  18. Coffee Prince (175)
  19. Playful Kiss (156)
  20. It’s Okay, It’s Love (59)


Japanese Hallyu Fan Poll of Over 150K Votes Selects the Best OTP of Iconic K-dramas — 17 Comments

  1. My all-time fave drama OTP is Lee Seon Kyun and IU of My Ajusshi. No physical contact, just emotional bonding yet so very intense. Now, that is real chemistry.

  2. It looks like it’s younger people who voted. Winter Sonata has always been a classical in Japan.

    I really liked Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, so I’m happy its first place!

    For my top 3, I would choose Pretty Noona, it was one of the most beautiful love story, they way they portrayed intimacy in a couple without too many zooms, slow motions, etc. was the best, and Coffee Prince! It’s timeless.

  3. Maybe there is a need to clarify on whose OPT do they mean for The Moon that embraces the Sun. 😉

    For TMETS, the only OTP that I can think of is Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung. Kim Soo Hyun was good, but chemistry with Han Ga In was not really there. I kinda hope that Moon Geun Young’s agency then did not outrightly reject the FL offer. I could totally see her and KSH as the adult leads here, acting and chemistry compatibility.

  4. Actually, early Hallyu dramas do okay in Japan polls in general. Look at how Winter Sonata still managed to squeeze in the list despite being a 20-year old drama (about there) and there’s Coffee Prince too. I’m not too surprised about FTLY, since it was a hit in Korea as well, plus it starred ex-Hallyu stars. I think the real surprise is Romance is a Bonus Book which was by all accounts a forgotten drama.

  5. This is such a bizarre list. I’m shocked CLOY is not listed considering how huge the drama was and still is in Japan even a full year after airing. It hasn’t left the Netflix Top 10 since last year and they have been touring the CLOY exhibit all over Japanese cities the last several months with great success. Its basically responsible for ignition the 4th Hallyu wave there. Which brings me to Winter Sonata..the most iconic kdrama in
    Japan’s history not even being in the top 10? Like I said, bizarre list.

  6. Fated to Love You was still so good the second time around. The original Taiwanese drama ripped my heart out, but Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk were so good at making the characters their own (and ripped my heart out again).

  7. This is Japanese people’s opinion. Everyone has their own preference.
    We should respect it. I’m happy for MDBC couple. They really have the cutest and most pure chemistry.

  8. MDBC OTP were really lovable.
    I didn’t know Japanese peeps also loves watching KDramas. There’s nothing wrong with their choice. It’s their taste anyway. I’m happy they also love the MDBC couple great chemistry.

  9. Wow! Uri MDBC Couple!
    I remember EduWill Survey in Korea where they also topped no. 1 as celebrities (male/female) who would look best in hanbok. But they are really the cutest OTP I have watched. I ship their characters that I’m really trying hard also not to ship them in real life. Hahaha

  10. Thank you to Japanese Kdrama Lovers who appreciate and voted our MDBC couple even after 5 years that the drama aired.
    Everyone has their own main OTP they are rooting, and I’m really happy that Yoo Jung and Bogum characters were also loved.

  11. I am not surprised at all because boyoo couple was really cute and lovable pair. I am happy they are loved by japanese people too. They were cute,sweet and so lovely during the airing…i really loved their drama just lightly romantic,a bit of comedy was good for my nerves hehe …i hate violence,cliche,cringy romance…

  12. Wow! Just really happy that MDBC is still well loved up to this date. And Japanese people has a very good taste. People have different preferences when it comes to OTP, and I’m very glad, MDBC stood out in the voting.

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