Beyond Evil Wins Best Drama at 2021 Baeksang Awards with Shin Ha Kyun and Kim So Yeon Taking Home the Best Acting Awards

A nicely laudatory ceremony for the 2021 Baeksang Awards wrapped up tonight in South Korea and I’m pretty happy with the results. The Daesang went to Yoo Jae Suk for his continued exemplary work as a variety star and host, so it wasn’t given to the drama side. Beyond Evil took home Best Drama and male lead Shin Ha Kyun won Best Actor, and queen Kim So Yeon got the Best Actress prize for Penthouse. The biggest surprise not based on award worthiness (he was!) question is Oh Jung Se repeating as Best Supporting Actor for It’s Okay to Not be Okay after winning last year for When the Camellia Blooms in a super packed category of all worthy nominees. Yeom Hye Ran was the first OCN win as the Best Supporting Actress for The Uncanny Counter. The Best New Actor and Best New Actress went to Lee Do Hyun and Park Joo Hyun respectively so also great choices. On the movie side, Best Movie is Samjin Company English Class and Yoo Ah In won Best Actor for Voice of Silence and Jeon Jong Seo is the second 20-something to win Best Actress for her turn in Call.


Beyond Evil Wins Best Drama at 2021 Baeksang Awards with Shin Ha Kyun and Kim So Yeon Taking Home the Best Acting Awards — 67 Comments

  1. Most of these sound about right. I woulda given Best Director to Park Shin Woo PD, though. Can’t help feeling some sympathy for PBIO fans. There’s always going to be that niggling doubt that if the scandal hadn’t happened, they might have won in some of the categories they lost.

    Not at all saying the winners in those categories didn’t deserve. Just wondering if maybe, juuuust maybe, the judges might have been leaning towards PBIO for so-and-so category but the scandal swayed them another way.

    But the way they erased the scenes of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Seen? And even the popularity award presenter couldn’t say her name as if she was Voldemort? That was cold, bruh. Lol. Her fans are still weeping about it on the bird app.

    • Wasn’t Yuri and her co-star the popularity award presenter??..Why do u think she would be happy to announce that person’s name who indirectly caused the maknae of their group so much suffering and sent her on a hiatus..??
      Anyways I don’t think the scandal affected IOTNBO much.Awards were evenly spread out with beyond evil taking the major awards just like it happened last year.Most of the winners, were already expected especially the Best Actor ,Actress and Daesang..On the other hand IOTNBO really deserved that technical and supporting actor award. Atleast it won something unlike Mr. Queen….
      It’s not uncommon for dramas to garner many nominations and end up winning few ..take last year as example.

      Even scumbags like Lee Byung Hun kept on winning…
      If anything, it would be Seo Yeji who may have had to suffer because of her scandal …but Kim So Yeon was abt to win it anyways.

      • Hello. Kindly read my comment once more. I didn’t say the scandal affected the drama’s chances. I said its fans would always wonder if maybe it did. It’s a natural human reaction to wonder. Even saw some comments on Twitter leaning that way.

        Also, I don’t know who Yuri is. Not a K-popper. And in case the mocking tone and lol I wrote wasn’t a dead giveaway, I am laughing at Ye-ji’s fans. Not condemning Baeksang or the presenter. Relax. It’s not that serious.

    • No, IOTNBO is overrated. The show won the only awards they deserved. Never really stood a chance in the other categories it lost in.

      Let’s not use the scandal to diminish the wins of Beyond Evil and Flower of Evil. Those major wins were deserved.

      • … ummm

        What major win did Flower of Evil have? IOTNBO wouldn’t have been nominated if it “didn’t stand a chance” firstly. Secondly, do you mean you consider the best screenplay as a “major win”? Because it’s literally one of the very few FOE nominations got and the only one this drama won. Babe, it’s not “major”. It was announced right after the best new acting category and was one of the ones before Do Kyung’s performance. I.e. a non major one. So, yea, you’re going nowhere with that argument.

        The biggest awards are and will always be: Best PD, Best Drama, Actor, Actress and Daesang. The second level are Supporting Actor and Actress. Haha there’s a lot of random hate for IOTNBO in this site. I’m assuming it might be because of how popular and loved it is? People need to grow up and more than that, people need to fact check.

      • @WHUT?! Maybe you should fact check… FOE won for Best Director, which arguably is a pretty important category.

      • @WHUT?! Also, FOE had 5 nomination, which while less than IOTNBO, 5 nominations was the 3rd most of any drama nomination (Drama, Director, Lead Actor, Screenplay, Supporting Actor)… with FOE actually winning in one of the “major” categories (as you would classify), unlike IOTNBO’s wins (Technical, Supporting Actor). FOE is hardly a drama with “very few non-major” nominations.

        Just embarassing fact checking…

      • @WHUT?!

        Whut?!?! Lol. Please do some fact checking before typing all those funny comments because your above comment about FOE was a major joke lol.

      • @WHUT?! lol at least get your facts right before you type a long ass essay to embarass yourself. from what i see you’re the one who needs to grow up lmao chill

      • The irony is this dumbass was ALWAYS mocking IOTNBO’s ratings and calling it a flop. Yet those “flop ratings” were still higher than the ratings of the two dramas you’re now using to hate on IOTNBO. By your foolish logic, are BE and FoE flops too?
        Back then, you used SF2 and RoY’s ratings to mock IOTNBO. When those two didn’t get/win Baeksang nominations, now you’re using BE and FoE in your spiteful agenda of hate. I responded to your second inane comment way down below. Go read it, digest it and then go get yourself a flipping life. Idiot.

      • Dammit. My earlier comment to that troll @melone is not posting.

        People, especially @WHUT, don’t fall for @melone’s provocation. That user is a miserable hater who is always using other dramas to bash IOTNBO.

        Back then, they used the ratings of Secret Forest 2 and Record of Youth to mock IOTNBO’s ratings. When those two shows didn’t get/win any Baeksang nominations, now they’ve turned their attention to Beyond Evil and Flower of Evil to drag IOTNBO. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t even watched those dramas.

        All three shows (IOTNBO, BE, FoE) were so good in their own ways that they scored Baeksang nominations/wins and have dedicated fandoms. Don’t let this bitter @melone troll bait you into some needless fanwar.

      • @WHUT?!

        In addition to being objectively wrong using the standards you argued as insignificant wins. I hate when you got to drag down other categories or dramas to elevate yourself. While true some nominations are more lauded, imagine your precious IOTNBO trying to win jackshit in any category if it had a hot garbage screenplay. It is a pity that people like you who are blinded by popularity and biases downplaying the other staff in the production team that is involved in elevating leads. It’s sad enough that the production team makes pennies compared to the stars, but in their one moment of recognition, they are dismissed as not major to the drama’s success and credentials. I’m glad they separated the voting to recognize the technical successes of production teams, as evaluated by their peers, instead of being driven by blind fan popularity. Maybe you should be the one to grow up.

      • FOE won best PD which it deserved, but in total it had 5 nominations in the major categories. Whereas IOTNBO had 7. But FOE won 2, IOTNBO 1. The point is, it’s not a steal for either, so everyone needs to get over themselves.

        The whole IOTNBO is overrated argument is jokes. This year’s awards were extremely competitive and ALL dramas/nominees nominated had a chance. YOU might think they’re not, but that’s an opinion. Not standing a chance means not getting nominated, that’s a fact.

        But to op, I don’t agree that IOTNBO was exactly affected by SYJ. She herself was affected – well deservedly so because she’s a disgusting human – but the drama itself received a lot of nods. The voice overs, the multiple nominees, the attendees, awards themselves, etc. It’s been a year of amazing dramas so SYJ or not, what fans think or not, the awards were well distributed I believe.

      • Good Lordy, people really need to learn to read and stop twisting the words of others. Aaaaaaand I’m out.

      • @Zen

        Lol. Unfortunately, it happens too often on this site. And then you get 20 people queuing up under your comment to criticize your opinion when they could just go write their own standalone opinions on the posted topic.

        I got what you meant. And I’ve seen those fans on Twitter. Given neither of us are in the room when the judges are deliberating, none of us can state with certainty whether or not a nominated work was affected by external factors like scandals. All we get are the results, not how they arrived at those results. And speculating doesn’t help or change anything. So the best thing fans can do is to just accept the results without creating drama and move on. Period.

      • @WHUT?! Please just next time before you type, I think it’s better you get your facts right first so as to avoid embarrassing yourself greatly. ?

    • Eh, it’s okay is hardly the best drama out of the nomination.
      With beyond evil, vincenzo and penthouse, I doubt other drama can squeeze in.

      There is also the uncanny counter an flower of evil (even if the male lead also has scandal)

      Even without scandal, it’s okay wouldn’t win either

      • @Papps Eh, you know this… how?

        You were part of the committee of choosing the nominees and they didn’t listen to you and went with IOTNBO for 8 categories while Uncanny Counter didn’t feature?

        Or you were part of the judges deciding the winners where – again – IOTNBO had 3 wins, just like BE, while Uncanny had none?

        That’s for your personal insights and making it sound factual. Cute.

      • Oh and just to add salts to your wound, you mentioned Vincenzo? It didn’t get a single award. You really weren’t very influential in the judges committee were you? Or maybe it was you against the others? ?

    • Yeah I am surprised that Park Shin Woo PD didn’t end up winning best director because he carried that drama along with Oh Jung Se (performance of the year for me), the cinematographer and illustrators. FOE is well directed but nothing special. Whereas Park Shin Woo really did some magic on IOTNBO. He transformed a boring, cliched story into a macabre, Tim Burton-eque fairytale and should’ve been rewarded for that. It was a treat watching that level of visual story telling as a film student. I am so bummed he lost because I thought he had it in the bag since last year.

  2. Why is OJS winning a surprise to you? That award had his name written on it and none of the other nominees stood a chance against Moon Sang-Tae. If you’re damn good, you’re damn good. It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter whether or not you won the year before.

    • Agreed. He was fantastic. I teared up at KSH crying during his speech. That brotherly love was the highlight of IOTNBO for me.

      • That some awesome bromance in real life. It wasn’t showy, and there wasn’t even any direct interaction but gosh I really felt the emotions.

      • It was one of my favorite scene last night. The magnanimity of OJS in accepting the award and my man KSH looking really proud of his big brother’s win.

        Sang-tae and Gang-tae were my favorite characters in IOTNBO. Best of luck to the both of them in their future projects and hoping to see them again in next year’s Baeksang.

      • @flowerpot @Butterfly @ULAN

        Ditto. I kept replaying that moment over and over. How his luminous eyes shone with tears as he clapped. He was so so proud of his hyung. Ah, my heart! And I also loved how OJS gave a shoutout to the real-life autistic fan he went to the amusement park with. I love the Moon brothers so much!

  3. Soo Hyun showed up looking like a whole snack and Koala didn’t put up his picture? The sacrilege. ? I see all the other Best Actor nominees except him. Please fix it, ma’am. And congrats to all the winners!

    • MINE! Because he’s all mine, I don’t want to share. 🙂

      Okay, fine fine fine, I put up two for everyone to savor. Such a whole meal, not just a whole snack.

    • Whatever his agency and one of its talents are going through right now clearly didn’t manifest on how radiant Kim Soo Hyun was at the Baeksang. It didn’t even matter that he didn’t win. We all know he’ll have many more opportunities to bag a Daesang in the future.

      • Oh my word, have you seen the pictures posted on Soo Hyun’s IG and Gold Medalist’s IG? I swear, Koala needs to make an appreciation post for just this Baeksang look and add ALL those delicious pictures. ?

        Damn right, Koala. He’s a full-course meal! Thanks for adding these two. ?

      • Forgive me, for I have sinned. But sin or not, I’m ready to devour #KimSooHyun! That man, he’s unbelievably gorgeous, handsome, sexy & hot! He’s delicious, fresh, appetizing & saucy with extra drippings of gravy. Who’s hungry now?
        But beyond his looks, he’s an accomplished actor, well-loved and respected in the industry.

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  5. Again, such boring outfits with almost everyone in black and/or white. Lee Joon Gi’s jacket looks one size too small and he was trying to suck in his stomach so he can button it.

    • Lol! I thought the same about Joon-gi! I really liked Kim So Yeon’s dress but I wish it had been a more eye-popping colour.

  6. Kim CHul Kyu Deserve it!… Such a mersmering directing. I live for Kim CHul Kyu PD and SIm Na Yeon PD Nim. Rarely whiplash tonal shift, The script awsomely told. Well deserved! If I want direct a thriller – melodrama, Kim Chul Kyu will be one my pick as my director! Might be is a plus Beyond Evil has better script so a talent director won’t be hard to direct it. not saying Flower of Evil is not well written.

  7. I’m feel bad for kim soo hyun look like his cousin ruined his life.His star stardom sky rocket hit after hit then Bam he shotting Real his 1st flop.Since then everything getting worse.Even getting paired with nugu actress.From han ga in,jun ji hyun,gong hyo jin from this (pysco bitch) hugh downgrade.I don’t think he’s career will bounce back with hit movie or drama.Because his cousin controlling him so much.

    • ?

      Judging by the fact that he won a Daesang for his most recent role + a Baeksang nomination + one of the most critically acclaimed/successful drama in 2020, think he will be just fine. You are (fake) worrying unnecessary.

      Oh! And his next “pairing” is Cha Seung Won, so yup no need to feel sorry for him. He is right where he’d prob want to be.

    • Oh, it’s you again. What’s with you and your animosity towards Kim Soo-hyun. You’re always in every article here about him and leaving negative and malicious remarks on him. Don’t you have better things to do than just spew so much negativity towards the guy.

    • Kim Soo Hyun won an award while acting Jun Ji Hyun in the Seoul International Drama Awards.Nuhus actresses, bull###

      • I think the person is referring to Seo Ye Ji as the downgrade and nugu actress, not the others.

  8. I am satisfied with this year’s results (barring my Shin Hae Sun’s snub)..Most of my prediction came true..But again Mr. Queen deserved something..
    Anyways last year, When Camellia blooms’ back to back wins irritated me so much..That drama was so not for me..But korea loves those stories…so who am i to complain?

  9. OJS’s acceptance speech was really sincere and touching. It was the most heartfelt speech I’ve heard in such a long time. And he was so humble too – he mentioned that while a lead can stand on his own, a supporting actor can only be recognized if he gets the lead’s support. Paraphrasing but it was so touching. KSH was teary in the end. They obviously have a great relationship. It was my favourite moment in the whole event. And of course, OJS announcing himself as the winner. That was awesome lol.

    Congratulations to everyone! A lot of very expected winners – in fact, I could could 1-2 that shocked me, but everything else was quite predictable despite the extremely strong competition. Specially on the Actor/Actress’ side. Last year had some amazing dramas and even more amazing performances. This year, it’s an honour to be nominated specially in that Best Actor category. Anyway, KSY looked stunning and Suzy’s second dress was gorgeous.

  10. Satisfied with all the winners except Yoo Jae Suk winning Daesang. I mean, no hate on him but Korea continues to award him time and time again as if no one else worthy other than him.

    • I adore YJS too, but 100% agree. It could’ve been SHK or KSY. Then SHS could’ve won best Actress, or any of the male nominees best actor. IMO, they’d have all been deserving so I just didn’t understand why YJS had to win – again. Come on, ffs. He’s great, but so are others. I rolled my eyes when KSY’s name was announced because I just knew it would be YJS.

      • Agree. But even if KSY had won the Daesang, they wouldn’t have given the Best Actress to SHS. Even though she deserved it, too. They would have most likely given it to Uhm Ji-won instead.

      • @Zen,

        Serious question – why do you think SHS wouldnt get the Actress award if KSY were Daesang? Is it because of the scandal?

        I thought since she went to the event and they also showed quite a lot of clips of her (unlike SYJ for example) she wasn’t affected by everything. If you are correct tho, glad KSY won it because unlike the Actor’s category, I thought there was a clear/obvious 2nd favourite in the Actress…

    • To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Yoo Jae-suk. He is alright, but quite honestly I have never really see him carry a variety show by himself. I find everyone in Running Man more memorable than him. You could replace him with anyone in my opinion. Unlike Kang Ho-dong who plays an instrumental role in the dynamic between the cast members and comedic relief in Knowing Bros. I find guys such as Kim Jong-min also funnier.

      • hae u seen “hangout with yoo”? he carried his own show with his alter egos and last year he made success with refund sisters and ssak3. he fried chickens, performed harps with orchestra, sent love letters to audiences, etc

  11. I was only interested in the male variety entertainer award which was won by Lee Seung Gi. Congratulations to Seung Gi, you deserve it and I am so so happy for you! ???

  12. Don’t be so greedy, Madam Ockoala, it’s an injustice not to share him with us. ✌✌??

    Kim Soo-hyun looking so damn fine last night. I think this is the best I’ve seen him in the past award shows.

  13. Win daesang for flop drama heh??Its okay not be okay was avarage 5.5% rating then he getting paired with korean odyssey co-protagonist another flop drama avarage 5% rating.You know ordinary day was co-production by gold medalist aka his cousin ceo???Since the drama will aired in coupang play we can’t see about rating system.Rembember my word his next drama co-production by his (COUSIN)(COUSIN).

    • I guess it’s a hard pill for haters like you to swallow that he is still one of most sought after actor in the industry after that ONE flop movie, still in high profile projects, still getting nomination in Baeksang and still raking in those CFs. If you must harp on ratings, please be reminded that It’s Okay’s rating is the highest among the best drama nominees. So Baeksang has a penchant for flop dramas and actors?

  14. Darn, i realized i’ve only watched IONTBO and Flower of evil out of the nominees not like last yr’s were I was so torn who to place my bet. So i really have no say aside from KIM SOO HYUN is looking sooo good. That hairstyle is his best yet if i dare to say. I can’t wait for his next project.

  15. Did you guys know that OJS has prosopagnosia (face blindness). He cannot recognise faces, not even his own nor his son’s.

  16. Ha! I hear those shameless SYJ fans edited the Baeksang Best Actress in TV Wiki page and put up a picture of their girl as the Best Actress. It’s restored now but what a bunch of psychos! Smh.

  17. Finally the experts have spoken. The best drama of the past year is Beyond Evil. Certainly not IOTNBO thank god.

    • This hater, again? I can imagine the hot flashes you got when you heard the drama you hate so passionately that you can’t function without bashing it at least once a day scored 8 flipping Baeksang nominations. The most nominations out of all the dramas. Even if it didn’t win all of them, its record 8 nominations is still part of the drama’s many achievements. So take your hate boner and go screw yourself with it.

  18. I don’t think the writing of Beyond Evil was good. There were so many weird things for a police/thriller drama. But the casting was good, they’re the main reason it worked.

    I’m sad for My Unfamiliar Family, this drama was so good!

    The usual white and black… One day, they will try color! :p

  19. Bravo for Beyond evil actors , My unfamiliar family the best drama for me as it was so well written , all the cast made it so real . It was touching, warm, and much more … As always the red carpet was boring wich is sad as bright colors would have been welcome to relieve the stress after more than one year of Covid 19

  20. On one hand, happy that Unfamiliar got recognized and nominated for it being outstanding. On the other, sad that it didn’t win anything. It was such an underrated gem.

    Also, those dissing Yoo Jae Suk – it’s his 30th anniversary in the industry so it’s to honour him for how much he achieved last year. Saks3 was so amazing and Hyori/Rain/him made such a great pair. It was totally deserved!!

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