Kim Jung Hyun’s Contract with Agency Concludes and Accuses the Agency of Defamation in Spreading False Information About Him

The saga continues with K-actor Kim Jung Hyun‘s professional career catapult off a cliff. Two months ago it was revealed that he was in talks to sign with a new agency after his contract was soon to expire with original agency O & Entertainment. After that the media started to report on a bevy of negative news around him focusing on his bad behavior during the filming of MBC drama Time, which the public witnessed firsthand during the press conference and later additional details about his conduct on the set was shared by insiders, all centering around how he was cold to all the women at the demand of his controlling then girlfriend revealed later to be Seo Ye Ji. This week Kim Jung Hyun’s lawyer released a statement that the actor’s contract has finished with his agency and revealed it was the agency behind all the false and harmful information being spread about him. Kim Jung Hyun was forced to do the drama Time despite being in a bad mental state prior by the agency which forced him to work to bring in income. The agency refused to let him go now because it was in financial dire straits and wanted to hold onto him. Kim Jung Hyun apologized already for his own conduct and personally apologized to the PD of Time who has told him that he would be happy to work with Kim Jung Hyun again.


Kim Jung Hyun’s Contract with Agency Concludes and Accuses the Agency of Defamation in Spreading False Information About Him — 11 Comments

  1. His company is so evil .Like they are about to close down …Then what was the purpose of asking him to extend his contract by 11 months??
    He had every right to look for a new agency..
    Even a psychiatrist said in his favour that how a mix of Ed, panic disorder, depression and anxiety can lead to u unprecedented behaviour and often hallucinations.
    I understand his situation but i feel bad for Seohyun too.. It’s good that he apologized personally, hope she can forgive him..I saw many people saying it isn’t our apology to accept .Thus if the director who suffered so much because of him accepted his apology and even offered him a new role..Why do i still see people whining about him coming back in the future..?? It’s not that he is intricately a bad person.. that’s what i figured out abt him so far.
    People should move on too…

    However i must say that he really handled this case well …unlike Seo Yeji…I still don’t understand that what was so difficult for her to clear out all the rumours against her..She lost her cfs, roles.. there is nothing left..So why not make all the efforts to clean ur name..The accusations against her are too big to be forgotten with mere silence..I can see even her fans are grasping at straws to defend her cause she is completely mum..Like atleast issue a warning against rumour mongers..

  2. I don’t believe him. The causes of this disaster keep changing : he immersed himself too much in his role, he had health issues before the filming, SYJ’s messages… He apologized for the principle but at the end, according to him, it’s never really his fault.

    • Did you read his apology where he said he takes full responsibilities for his actions? He never even mentioned his ex-gf at all.

      His previous company was the one who came up with the excuse of him method acting. The one who’s actually spreading lies is his company, O&E and they’re on the verge of bankruptcy hence why they tried so hard to destroy his reputation when he chose to leave.

      • Yes, I did. And I don’t believe him. He’s playing the victim card a little bit too much.

        He doesn’t need to mention SYJ, everybody already has an opinion about it. They were private messages, it helped him not his ex-compagny.

        The method acting was a good excuse, like that nobody had to pay indemnity for leaving an airing drama.

        The mess between him, SYJ and his compagny hurt a whole drama. They’re all guilty for it.

      • The released texts did not really help him either. KNetz still hate his guts and now think he’s a fool for even listening to her. SYJ’s case blew up again bc she has a whole list of previous misdemeanors due to her own actions.

        His agency was the one who released the info about SYJ because of his contract issues. They’re stating he left he drama because of relationship issues, not mental illness. If it was due to relationship issues, then it means is contract should’ve been extended. The private texts were released to support O&E’s side. KJH’s side is stating he left due to medical issues, hence why he released his own medical records. In the end, KEMA sided with KJH and he’s now left the agency.

        Anyways it is a mess. I agree with the last part of your comment. They are all guilty.

  3. I think it all because his depression + trash agency + toxic relationship that make him that way back than.
    I believe the media get his medical certificate from lawyer:
    I’m happy that at least he free from the agency and toxic relationship.
    I like him since School 2017 so I hope he can come back healthy and stronger.
    Fighting Kim Jung Hyun!

  4. Did the report mention which false information the company spread warranted this defamation lawsuit? Even if they made use of a clause to extend his contract, I don’t think that counts as defamation. I also don’t think they directly insinuated anything regarding the Time attitude scandal. They might have helped release the messages but technically he did everything on his own anyway. He should take sole responsibility for his attitude toward his co-star. What are his grounds for defamation then?

    If anything, I feel like this is suing for defamation regarding other matters but making use of the same lawsuit to clear his name for the scandal.

    • If I am not wrong his company did say that he had “gf issues” and not mental health problems..Maybe that’s why

    • Defamation in Korea is very loosely used. Even if you spread a rumour that is correct, you can still get sued.

      But the rumour that he was dating Seo Ji-hye after filming CLOY can be considered a gossip with the intention to ruining his reputation.

  5. I see, from the perspective of a third party I don’t think the cause had any relation to the backlash he received. Regardless of the reason, he would’ve received criticism.

    I also read that Korea allows suing for defamation even for true statements. Interesting then. I feel like this is so easy to maneuver for PR schemes…

  6. I think the agency released the texts to make it seem he left the drama due to personal reasons (i.e. his relationship) which would make him seem unprofessional. People would be more understanding of an actor leaving mid production due to health reasons so the agency wanted to change that narrative (which was the original narrative to begin with). But now we have the added info that he was in no condition to star in the drama from the beginning and the agency forced it on him anyway.

    What I get from all this is:

    1. What an awful, unsupportive agency. And they became petty and vengeful when they knew he was considering leaving and threw him to the wolves: releasing the texts, the Dispatch pics with SeoJiHye, etc… awful.
    2. SeoYeJi got entangled with this. Its unfortunate but you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Now people are aware of her manipulative behavior and unprofessionalism.
    3. KJH still comes out looking better than SYJ in the end because atleast he sincerely apologized (repeatedly) and has taken ownership of his actions.

    Time will tell if the audiences will forgive them.

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