SK Government Relations Dept Responds to Citizen’s Petition on Snowdrop and Joseon Exorcist Distorting History

Oh thank god there are sane people in the government in South Korea. Despite it happening just two months ago, I feel like the news cycle has churned countless bigger scandals since SBS zombie sageuk Joseon Exorcist got yeeted out of existence after airing two episodes. The bruhaha was over the fictional portrayal of the famous King Taejong as suffering from delusions and slaughtering innocent citizens by the dozens, as well as using Chinese food items such as moon cakes and thousand year old eggs in a Korean table (despite the setting being the border between then Joseon and then China). There might be other small complaints but it’s not worth giving it page space, but y’all remember how the blowback was so fast, so hard, and so wildly disproportionate to anything that might have been problematic that SBS decided to cancel the drama outright.

The netizen bitch fest then moved over to upcoming jTBC period romance Snowdrop set during the 80’s at the time of the student democracy protests against the government. Netizens demanded Snowdrop be cancelled before it even aired based on the synopsis where Jung Hae In’s character is a college student but may really be a North Korean spy, and Jisoo’s female lead character was named Young Cho which was the named of a real activist from that era. There’s more stuff, such as the second male lead being a government agent, basically the complaint is that the student democracy movement was being insulted, history distorted, and the government side whitewashed in this fictional drama to come. The citizen’s petitions went to the Blue House and now the government relation’s department has issued a response statement that basically says Joseon Exorcist has been cancelled so no further action needs to be taken on it and the government extends the freedom of artistic license and creativity to all works and will not be taking any action on Snowdrop after the production says it has not distorted history. So that’s that, I’m still bracing for Snowdrop to be hyper scrutinized when it does air.


SK Government Relations Dept Responds to Citizen’s Petition on Snowdrop and Joseon Exorcist Distorting History — 13 Comments

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  2. You are not korean. You have no right to mock netizens. College students lost their lives.
    If someone romanticized their pain, they have right to be angry
    Typical arrogance of koalas aunty

  3. It’s really sad when people are unable to separate fiction from reality.

    This has noting to do with mock from Korean people. I find censorship terrifying!

    When I want the „truth“, I watch the news, read historybooks and wiki, go to the library or watch a documentary. Not a TV-Show. That’s primary for entertainment. It can always be inspired from real events or people. That’s ok, the keypoint doesn’t change the show is fiction. There are so many Story’s about wars and real famous people like Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria, also about Napoleon, Hitler… some good, some Bad and tacky.

    I don’t need do like it. I can always choose not to watch the show. But censorship ist wrong. Also to make stupid petitions to cancel shows so nobody else can watch it.

  4. Lets this drama aired and don’t watch it I’m sure rating only get 2%.Jung hae in don’t have power carrying drama.He shine because big name han ji min and son hye jin.

    • I seconded! It isn’t I dont like him. I do like JHI however he doesn’t have that star power to have a good rating and be in the top of buzzworthy actors. He has paired with FL that have star powers that’s why those drama thrived e.g. SYJ, HJM, Hospital Playlist is Shin won Hoo PD so it really got good rating. His last film with KGE didnt get a good numbers in cinema plus his laat drama with Chae Soo Bin got a 2% and less of that #.

      However if this has good plotline, viewers will cling to it so let ua see.

  5. It’s like Merlin to have cancelled because it’s historically inaccurate – they even use late mediaeval castle with Renesaince features or The Crown which is based on partial informations.

    Korean culture was influenced by Chinese and Japanese cuisine and culture by no doubts, that’s historically accurate, so I would recommend to netizens to study history more but not the history books available in South Korea only because history books are never neutral – look what other countries are learning in their books about their neighbours…

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