Lee Seung Gi Takes Home His First Win for Best Variety Star Award at the 2021 Baeksang Ceremony

It seemed ill-fitting to congratulate Lee Seung Gi‘s big night at the 2021 Baeksang Awards with my earlier post covering the acting/drama/movie sides since he was there not for his excellent performance in the not excellent Mouse but for his other gig, the variety show chameleon. He was nominated for Best Variety Star this year alongside the usual names and with three popular shows under his belt Master of the House (All the Butlers), Sing Again, and Busted! he took home the prize for his first Baeksang Best Variety Star win. Of course it’s on a night when beloved veteran Yoo Jae Suk, nominated in the same category, took home the Daesang which also coincided with his 30th anniversary in the industry. If there is a genuine successor to Yoo Jae Suk then Lee Seung Gi’s name would be in right up there for sure so it was quite fitting. Congrats to Seung Gi who looked like the happiest of happy boys as he should after his win.


Lee Seung Gi Takes Home His First Win for Best Variety Star Award at the 2021 Baeksang Ceremony — 9 Comments

  1. I really hope that he gets nominated in the next Baeksang awards.it feels such a mistimed thing, with the evil turn happening right after the nominations were submitted,so here is keeping my fingers crossed that he get nominated next year.
    He does look happy but with the variety shows,drama,Lee Min hos YouTube video the guy doesn’t seem to get a rest..minreally hope that he takes his well deserved break.But who is to say Seungi is just the guy who goes on working until he has achieved everything

  2. It’s great that he won a Baeksang for Best Male Variety this year,hope next year it’s for Best Actor in Mouse

    • Lee Seung Gi cannot get nominated next year for Mouse at the Baeksang, the drama was submitted for this year’s nominations hence Lee Hee Joon’s Best Supporting Actor nom. Mouse is ineligible for next year.

  3. He deserves this so much!
    He has learned so much from Kang Ho dong,Yoo Jaesuk and every sunbae that he successfully made his own place in K-Variety
    I still remember the baby Seung-gi in 1n2d

  4. Ha! There was a scene in MITH where Uhm Ji wons trophys were shown and Seung gi says how much hard it’s to get a Baeksang
    So happy!

  5. Seunggi is best boy. Love him in any entertainment ~ be it acting, singing, emceeing or vshow ~ he brings so much joy to fans & viewers. This Baeksang award is more than well deserved. Congrats Seunggi!!

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