Jeon Yeo Bin Confirms Next K-drama as Mystery Thriller Glitch Airing Exclusively on Netflix

tvN drama Vincenzo aired simultaneously on Netflix and was consistently a top trending series on the weekends when new episodes dropped. So it’s even smarter for Jeon Yeo Bin to strike while the iron is hot with the streaming platform and pick as her next project the mystery thriller K-drama Glitch airing on Netflix. She plays a woman with a good family and good job who suddenly finds herself going down the rabbit hole of UFO enthusiasts when her long time boyfriends disappears in a haze of strange lights in the sky. This totally sounds like prime Netflix fare and the drama is from the writer of Extracurricular with the PD of Very Ordinary Couple and Journalist. Sounds intriguing so sign me up!


Jeon Yeo Bin Confirms Next K-drama as Mystery Thriller Glitch Airing Exclusively on Netflix — 5 Comments

  1. Get that Hallyu superstardom Queen! Super excited to see her lead a show. Her talent and range are immense.

    Btw, is it Jeon Yeon Bin or Jeon Yeon Been?

  2. Other than the fact that she’s talented, she’s also really beautiful. I like her face a lot and her overall vibe. Way to go Jeon Yeo Bin!

  3. Netflix original series have been consistently good. Moreover this comes from the extracurricular writer. No reason to not watch. However considering netflix series take time to be released, i guess we may have to wait until next year for glitch. Just like move to heaven that’s out this year while the casting news had been released at the end of 2019. Sigh. How will i survive the JYB drought.

  4. I really enjoyed watching her in Vincenzo and Save Me. Her character BTS is very fun to watch since she’s very lively. I am excited for this new series.

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