Song Joong Ki Cast as the Male Lead in K-drama Adaption of Revenge Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang

Well this casting news coming official arrived earlier than I expected. After rumors last month that Song Joong Ki was the name on the top of the casting list for the highly anticipated K-drama adaptation of novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang, he is indeed the chosen one. K-ent is reporting that he’s been cast, though his agency says he’s still considering the offer but indeed has received it. This is a revenge on an evil chaebol family novel, with the male lead dying after betrayal and coming back as the youngest son to take revenge It’s set in the 80’s and the male lead is the trusted family help to the chaebol family patriarch but takes the fall for their money laundering and is murdered. He wakes up in the body of the family beloved young grandson and gets a second chance at life and vows revenge by taking over the entire family fortune.. Song Joong Ki is rolling off a revenge thriller with Vincenzo but that drama was quite different than the usual K-drama revenge or melo fare so my guess is the novel is good, the script is good, and Song Joong Ki doesn’t want to pass up a great character to play and keep challenging himself even if it’s in the same genre. The drama heads until filming later this year with a 2022 release date, with the PD of W: Two Worlds and the screenwriter of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Designated Survivor.


Song Joong Ki Cast as the Male Lead in K-drama Adaption of Revenge Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang — 49 Comments

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  2. I don’t think Vincenzo is Revenge melo to the core. And I think it’s more about The female lead one is taking the revenge and his character is just being supportive of his female lead taking revenge to babel group, which led to The female lead feeling the angst way more than him. Meanwhile in here, he is the one who get to experience the betrayal.

      • Yeah fl rumored to be suzy.What the fuck!!Holy shit!After kim tae ri and jeon yeo bin movie actress going to idol actress suzy flop??I don’t know better for sjk decline this drama.
        This remind me with another arthdal chronicle hype buzz drama end up biggest flop drama in 2019.

      • Gosh does Suzy really bring in money? I doubt anyone watches her dramas for her acting skills.

        No hate to Suzy as a person, but her acting skills have not improved in the past couple of years.

      • It’s not that bad. It appears that the female lead doesn’t have a huge role.

      • Suzy brings in big CF money but not just that she also brings in buzz. Startup didn’t have very high ratings but Suzy was constantly high on the buzz ranking. Recently saw an article that said actors that can constantly bring in buzz and ratings are very very few so their appearance fees has gone through the roof. If Joonki brings in both his appearance fee will be crazy high and Suzy will be a good affordable option as the female lead because she’ll be cheaper plus her endorsements will pour in money and most of her endorsements are luxury brands. It’s the same reason BTS V and Blackpink Jisoo are highly sought after despite not having dependable acting skills. Though it is estimated that the appearance fees for BTS V is currently the same as Kim Soohyun.

      • But didn’t Vincenzo just prove that as long as your FL is talented and has good chemistry with Song Joongki, she doesn’t have to be famous beforehand??

        Jeon Yeo Been was well loved in that role, and they didn’t need a ‘famous’ FL because SJK casting provides enough buzz on his own and it had an actually good script. I don’t understand why this new drama is throwing away the chance to get an FL who is actually a decent actress (don’t give me the “improved” spiel….if it takes literally ten years for someone to go from godawful to mediocre they’re still not “good”), or they just want that PPL money. I mean, they just cast SJK right after he was done with the hit drama of the first half of 2021 which was also hugely popular overseas, that’s buzz enough on its own.

        I don’t know about other idols but afaik no one from BTS or Black Pink has taken any lead roles as an actor yet? But then unlike most idol groups they’re actually highly successful in music, why go into acting if your day job pulls in that much money.

    • SJK’s name is big enough to make people watch the drama. His other dramas show that he has what it takes to produce high ratings, Who needs an actress who can hardly act and look pretry only.

    • Hau sorry to pop your bubble….. But lmaoooo suzy is cheaper option… Since you know well about rumors maybe you should know about actors and Actresses salaries tooo… Suzy got paid for vagabond 2019 almost the same amount of ksh with psycho… She’s literally the highest paid actress in that DC list lololo…suzy is a Korean goddess. You can keep crying

  3. Huh dejavu i feel it will be another arthdal chronicle season 2 please don’t accept sjk.He suit in modern day drama.It’s will be flop for sure and suzy will be female lead.Just no no no.

  4. So this is fantasy body swap revenge melo action thriller? Any genre being missed out? SJK is on a roll after Vincenzo and Space Sweepers (which wasn’t good but the CG was amazing) if the female lead is Suzy then both their combined CF and star power should propel him even further into superstardom. If Suzy does this I don’t see her having much screen time a la PSH in MOA but it would be another ratings hit in her filmography.

    • I don’t think it will as hit as Vincenzo, since it seems heavy drama (hopefuly). the opportunity to make it a hit both 50 50. And I’m surprise this drama is time travel category eventually!

      • The scriptwriter is solid so if the script is good high ratings could be possible. I agree though it’s hard to say what may or may not get string ratings these days. Hush was especially a suprise at how badly it flopped while Beyond Evil and Mr Queen were hits that nobody expected.

      • Nobody expected? Say you didn’t expect it. Mr. Queen was no underdog. It was an expected hit. Wtf are you talking about? Beyond Evil is a hit more in critical acclaim than in ratings.

    • Her last ratings hit is Dream High which was like a decade ago. Suzy cannot bring in high ratings ala Song Hye Kyo

      • You seem don’t know Gu Family book exist, its average rating is over 16%, it’s very high too, While you were sleeping 2049 rating is always high,it also won the best Hallyu drama award at 2018 Seoul International drama awards!

  5. In the earlier post about netizens pick for the role, I saw some comments saying they’re a bit too old. Yet SJK is older than those picks so where are those commenters now?

    Anyways, I’ve seen what SJK can do. But I personally didn’t find Vincenzo that much of a challenge or the drama that great. But it had all the elements to easily be a hit which is never a wrong choice for your comeback. I wish he’d picked something more challenging after that drama, though. This one feels like a slightly different shade of the same color. But oh well. If he indeed confirms, then I hope it all works out.

  6. I read on qoo that novel is old but the plot is solid and the romance is barely visible in the original work. The core content is the succession of the chaebol, the stock fight, the corporate control and the brothers difficulties. Hope the writer stay true to the original work.

  7. This sounds similar to Innocent Man. A man who takes the fall comes back to get his revenge. Don’t tell me the male lead will also fall for the girl and be conflicted of his revenge plan. I do wish he’ll expand his range by choosing different project/genre. I don’t mean this is a bad choice by the way. It’s just that it’s too similar to his previous works including Vincenzo. Well, for now let’s believe in him.

    • Exactly it would be a win for her without having to do much. I’m sure they’ll focus all the promotional material in their “couple” even though the drama won’t focus on romance.

  8. If the female lead doesn’t have a huge role than cast a good actress who always play supporting role a chance.
    Sadly many good actresses don’t get casting opportunities as they are not idols or back by big agencies.

  9. No, the writer is fleshing out the love story per a released statement so the second main plot for the drama after revenge is the romance.

  10. Suzy acted as female lead in 6 dramas so far, already entered Gallup drama actors list 4 times, twice in top 10,the only 20s actress did it, already enter top 10 the most favourite Hallyu actors survey for concective 4 years since 2018, also the only 20s actress did it, she always brings huge buzz for the drama, her dramas brought big money for the production company, so there are reasons why she’s so in demand!

    • I think a lot of commentators here have already said the same thing. Everyone acknowledged her ability to bring buzz and money. I know fans tend to get defensive but nobody is denying the facts in this post based on the comments above.

      • Does this drama need more buzz though with SJK in the lead role? How much more incremental buzz is Suzy going to bring?

        If you already have one lead bringing the buzz, one thinks you’d want the other lead to bring the acting chops…

      • @Ophelia – exactly, did the producers of this drama not notice Vincenzo?

        SJK brings enough “buzz” on his own and more than ever now, they don’t need a famous (but bad at acting) FL for more “buzz”, people are going to talk about this drama even for him alone. I felt the same way about the casting of Taecyeon in Vincenzo too – you have freaking Song Joong Ki, why do you need an idol who isn’t even good at acting? What does he add to the drama that a better actor wouldn’t?

  11. Start Up is still in top 3 at Netflix ranking among all kdramas since last year until now, Suzy brought the most buzz for this drama, she ranked first at the most buzzworthy actors list for concective 4 weeks, twice at the 2nd, once at the 3rd, once at the 4th, entered Gallup drama actors list ranked 6th, her acting skills got many praises, this drama’s TVing rating is the highest at the second half year among all dramas, this drama is well love by many Korean and international viewers!

    • Yuck another suzy stand.Song joong ki doesnt need famous idol cf to gained buzz in drama.Remember artdhal chronicle star studded cast and famous supporting role end up biggest failure in 2019 because they dont have any money for cgi effect.Sjk alone get paid 200 milion krw in vincenzo,so writer and pd cast less popular movie actress with good acting and winning several award like Jeon yeo bin.So they can save some money for better cgi and effect.Just save some money for editing and cgi they dont want another biggest failure drama like artdhal chronicle right??

      • Don’t you know the reason many dramas flopped hard with many great actors/actresses in it? Plot is the most important, great acting skills can’t save bad plots, many dramas don’t need cgi and effect. AC’s failure is mainly because of the the plot. Start Up doesn’t have big names of male leads, look how popular it is in Korea and international! Suzy is really good in her role!

      • AC’s failure mainly because of the plot, great acting can’t save bad plot drama, many dramas with great actors /actresses flopped hard because of the plots. Start Up doesn’t have big names of male leads, look how popular it is in Korea and international! Suzy is really good in her role!

      • I think Start Up buzz continues because of Kim Seon Ho not Suzy.
        Suzy perhaps initially.

        Just give SJK a decent female lead with acting chops rather that “big star”.

  12. Suzy’s acting skills already got many praises since While you were sleeping, Start Up even got much more, there are reasons she can enter Gallup drama actors list top 10 twice, only buzz can’t make it twice in top 10, bad acting can’t make it this far either!some people here just don’t want to admit it,keep trying to drag her down!

    • Well between While you were sleeping and Startup there was Vagaband were Suzy went back to bad acting. She only does well in roles that are tailor made for her unfortunately, so it’s not that her acting skills improved. I like Suzy well enough but she’s a weak actress, but who knows she might finally learn how to act for real.

      • @Vivesten – exactly. She’s only bearable in roles tailormade for her limited skills by Park Hye Ryun, other prestigious kdrama writers have written roles specially adapted for her and she still couldn’t manage.

        It’s not like her dramas live up to their hype for the ratings either, Startup barely got 5 percent as highest rating (Tale of Gumiho and Mouse got more tbh).

    • Suzy has very limited acting range. She can only act in certain types of character ala her character in WYWS. Her strength is her top tier beauty and that she possessed a certain amount of female lead’s charm (with the right character) but she’s hardly passable acting wise lol. People pointing this out isn’t necessarily hating on her.

  13. While SJK did mention that he wants to try darker roles/genres and I like the writer’s previous work (Sungkyunkwan), I am still not 100% sold that this drama is a good idea for his next project. Oh well, let’s see if he accepts it. Hopefully, he’ll get an equally awesome supporting cast.

  14. the synopsis said the chqracter has already dead from beginning. might be it will be the first time his character will have to die? sad ending?

  15. Congratulations to Song Joong Ki if he accepted this role. He will be so busy. Although Arthdal isn’t that loved compare to Vincenzo, still it had fair ratings in Korea. It is just it had so many labor scandals before because of its huge budget and the game of thrones plagiarism related issues. Even with those iasues I still loved the drama.

    If Bae Suzy will be this drama’s FL, given SJK’s capabilities, he can give advices to Suzy to be better in acting, the same way with the PD. For me Suzy is a good actress. She can act and ahe can learn. Let’s give her a chance.

    However, there are young actresses around the corner that can be chosen like Kim Da Mi.

  16. Suzy iss a top respected actress who got paid the same as sjk himself per dramas episode and korea ppl worship her the most, more than anyone fav here who live in their bubble world in the nasty comments section…. So nahhh she won’t be in this male centric drama.. Thank God

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