Kim Woo Bin Embraces Spring 2021 in New Elle Korea Pictorial

I wonder how those new to K-dramas who were not around during Kim Woo Bin‘s ascension to A-list young between 2013-2015 would react to him today with his comeback forthcoming. Sure one can watch dramas and movies with him but living through the rise of a talented new actor or actress is always a memorable experience in and of itself. He’s in the pages of Elle Korea for June 2021 just basking in the health and beauty of the lovely outdoors in spring, so full of vivaciousness. I never take my faves for granted so it’s with a happy heart that I can feel the sincerity and charisma of his smile back on my screen.


Kim Woo Bin Embraces Spring 2021 in New Elle Korea Pictorial — 9 Comments

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  2. It’s been that long?! School 2013 feels like just yesterday, haha but seriously it’s so good to see Woobin back again, I’m praying for his continued good health.

    I can’t wait for his movie to be out, I know model turned actors are the favourite punching bag of idol stans but Kim Woobin actually had the talent and charisma to back up his popularity.

  3. Just so happy to see him back and healthy, can’t stop smiling at his smile.

    Keep being healthy, Kim Woo Bin sshi

  4. He looks so happy and healthy and I can’t think of anything better than that. I’m really excited for his comeback but even if he chooses to just do awesome spreads and keep looking as happy as that, I’d be satisfied for life. ❤️

  5. SongKang and WooBin kinda lookalike?.

    I hope he is healthy already and ready to comeback to a tiring schedule of drama and film.

    Shin MinAh is a blessing to him.

    • I think maybe the jaw is similar but other than that Song Kang and Woobin are totally different looking lol, his dinosaur look is too strong!

      He and Shin Min Ah seem to be happy together, good for both of them making it through such a tough time. I can’t believe we’re finally going to see them in the same drama even if they’re not paired up, ha. Noh Hee Kyung picks her cast well.

  6. He definitely looks happier then before…And I can see pure joy in his smile…I am so glad he recovered well and was well supported by a dedicated girlfriend.

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