SBS Fri-Sat Drama Taxi Driver with Lee Je Hoon and Esom Wraps Up with Average Ratings of 12.6%

This weekend saw the conclusion of SBS Fri-Sat night drama Taxi Driver (Deluxe Taxi), which was more than just a placeholder between seasons of Penthouse. The justice by extra legal means drama starring Lee Je Hoon, Esom, and Pyo Ye Jin overcame multiple unexpected bumps from replacing the second female lead Lee Na Eun due to her bullying scandal to changing screenwriters midway through, it’s decent success is a relief for the production team and industry that continues to struggle with Big Three network reliable hits. I watched the first two episodes and thought it was well-made and satisfying in seeing terrible people get their just desserts and comeuppance but the drama arrived in the second half of my Vincenzo obsession and it felt like similar style and genre so I didn’t have the appetite to continue. Those who did finish, please share your thoughts? Rec or no rec?


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Taxi Driver with Lee Je Hoon and Esom Wraps Up with Average Ratings of 12.6% — 26 Comments

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  2. I would say continue! Some fans are split on Ep 11-14 (The newbie writers change), and some liked the more serious/dramatic turn it took. However, Ep 15-16 was such an excellent cap off/send off! Imo, you really should finish this show. It was great, and definitely made you sympathize with the victims/cases. Very well deserved win for the crew/cast!!

    • Lee Je Hoon is a versatile actor,I recommend his movie Ghost Sweepers if you want a good laugh and Phantom Detective. I first like his acting in the drama Fashion King eventhough he is only supporting Yoo Ah In you can see that he can really act. Signal is the one drama that really made his name known and I’m still hoping for the second season of that drama. I think MOve to Heaven is also written with second season. I love taxi driver as well as Lee Jehoon he is so handsome as well!!!

      • Nice to see more fellow adoring comments about LJH!! I think he’s a dynamic actor to watch on screen. Very intrigued by how his career will shape out in the future. Hard to believe Fashion King was almost 10 years ago :O

        Dude has a lot of sequels lol, we shall see if any of those ever come into fruition. And yes, IA he’s very handsome too which isn’t too shabby eh ;)!! Some guys just have all the luck.

  3. This is one of the best revenge Kdrama I’ve seen so far. I love how they portrait the victims of this show and how they adopt the real crimes that happened in Korea. The epilogue and the hidden scenes were also well-made. The main villain is also a well-done character. I also love how they connected all the episodes for the finale part. The transition from new writer did not affect the quality of the drama. LJH is really great in picking his projects. Taxi driver and his netflix show Move to Heaven are both sooo good!!!! I am looking forward for his next project.

    For me, I cannot compare it to Vincenzo which is a drama I also enjoyed so much this year since the two shows cater to different audience and have different mood.

    • Yep. Agree to everything you said. Though i do find less flaws to TD than I did Vincenzo (some cringe humor scenes that I don’t like over dramatic side characters, excessive hero worship, ludicruous pigeon to the rescue scene). Taxi Driver is a serious human drama with little to no humour and a lot of action bordering on cruelty and memorable lines that makes one question the justice of life, the integrity of those powered to bring it and how it falls short. The last “case” in particular where karma did the job for Rainbow Transport is a hugely satisfying ending yet with a bittersweet consequences. I do look forward to a 2nd season if there is one.

      • Agree with u, TD is recommended. Satisfying and very good ending. I also wait for the 2nd season. ?

      • IA with everything you said. Two very diff dramas, Vincenzo was a villain till the end. Whereas Taxi Driver was an anti hero till the end. I think Taxi Driver felt more grounded (as it was based on real cases in Korea), but also tying it w/ the dramatics of drama very well. I think Do Ki was a more memorable and likable ‘hero’ as well. Perhaps LJH is just a better stronger actor imo?! Just don’t tell me that he has a bad reputation over there 😉 Haha jk ;).

      • @Pam. Lee Je Hoon is phenomenal. I have followed his career for years. He is one actor I feel is totally underrated. Strong acting, perfect diction, scandal free. Hoping he gets more recognition and credit after these two back to back solid dramas (move to heaven). I recommend the movies “I can speak” and “My Pavarotti” if you want to catch his other works on the movies front. I recommend these two specifically to showcase his mad acting skills in character assimilation.

      • @Lydia1 Hi! I followed him for a while too, and I find he’s rather underappreciated than underrated imo. Thankfully, Taxi Driver paid him a lot of $$ for this series, and he’s A List movie actor there. I do feel he’s one of the best actors in his generation, despite not having big Hallyu success like his peers, he’s up there w/ the best.

        But on the bright side, he’s now getting accolades/his due in a big way as the Main Male Lead!! It’s also because he isn’t a fame wh0re/doesn’t pick easy rating hits as well, he does his work, and only comes out when needed.

        I’m guessing this means he has a solid reputation in the industry then ;)?! He’s a great actor. For someone of his talent/caliber, I feel like he’s kinda been under appreciated weirdly. Hopefully, as you said, he finally gets his full due!!

  4. i like the idea of getting those horrible criminals their own medicines, but im also afraid of to what extent the idea can carry out. Thank God, Do Ki & others are not playing God and able to stop themselves.
    Throughtout the series, bc i am a scaredy cat, i can’t fully watch the violent scenes with my eyes opened. Those looks so real that i close my eyes & reduce the volume *sweat …overall it’s a good series

  5. Comparing Vincenzo and Taxi Driver is like comparing a toy gun to a real gun where Vincenzo is a toy gun.

    In Vincenzo people just entered and left the prison like a vacation house and the logic became laughable by the end. I mean, it was that genre of drama. While Taxi Driver was more grounded and realistic. It also had a satisfying ending which can’t be said about many kdramas.

  6. Vincenzo and Taxi Driver was pretty different and didn’t have the same purpose.

    I liked Taxi Driver. I wonder what was the conflict between the first writer and the PD, because I didn’t see a complete change of story. LJH and Esom had more scenes together and I liked it. Maybe it was about a second season because they were teasing it at the end.

  7. Highly recommended. I personally prefer TD.

    Im glad that PYJ is the 2nd lead, she nailed it!!! Her acting in TD was superB! I like her more than first lead.

    Ps : LJH is really amazing both in TD and MtH!

  8. LJH is am amazing actor. Ive followed him since Signal and I say he foes choose great projects. In Time With Me had mixed reviews but I liked it a lot. I find him to be such a versatile actor. He brings life to every character. He is soooo good in Move to Heaven.
    TD is great. I didnt like the female lead’s character as she is annoying but I guess that was how the show intended it to be. Im glad she finally managed to put herself in the TD team’s shoes towards the end. HVwnt finiahed the drama but doing that today. Was half afraid the change in writer would ruin how good it had been so far, so thanks for the comments telling me it didnt!

    • Nice seeing fellow flattering comments towards LJH! I think Tomorrow With You is so underrated, that was a magical drama! Although its nice seeing it kinda get a second look again through Youtube and such. He’s a versatile actor, and really dynamic!

      Aww, I love Esom, and she did such a great job! The new writer used her character much better, which I appreciated a lot!! No worries, I think generally speaking Ep 15/16 brings it home, and I think you’ll like it! I hope S2 comes into fruition!

      • Ah yea Tomorrow With You is the correct title of that drama. Loved it and watched it twice. Lol how did I get the title wrong. Thanks

  9. Wang Zi Tao! yes im shallow… i followed LJH for a while now. i dont always watch his projects but for me he is a real actor

  10. It’s too serious for my taste (I’m one of the few in this comments section who actually liked the HK action movie-style humour of Vincenzo so preferred that drama), I clocked out pretty early because it felt too violent and serious. But the cast are good actors, I’ve been rooting for Esom to get her break ever since Because This Life is My First.

  11. Taxi Driver is a serious drama that makes you reflect about justice versus justice by law, moral ethics, is revenge the answer ? all the cast was very good and i didn’t see a significant change after one of the sriptwriter departure . I highly recommend it . A must watch of 2021. After Signal Lee je Hoon gained a new fan .

  12. Yes, definitely watch TD. Then follow up with Move to Heaven to appreciate the great acting skills of Lee Je Hoon. With these 2 dramas, he played probably 6-7 different characters so very well. When you’re able to see an actor transition between so many roles so well, it’s definitely a testament to how talented he really is.

  13. For me TD was predictable so I didn’t continue watching it for the plot but for the great acting. LJH was amazing, everyone was. Congrats for the success.

  14. Did Anyone watch LJH interviews? I was shocked how cute he acts off cameras lol só different from his acting roles

    • Yes lol! He’s such a cinnamon roll in rl! Its such a contrast from his dark/super serious roles. He definitely tries to enlighten the mood, that’s for sure.

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