Public Watching Barbie Hsu’s Pending Divorce Play Out Including Husband Wang Xiaofei Apologizing and Trying to Win Her Back

I mean, there are two kids under 10 involved so this isn’t funny nor something that should be handled via public statements but yet here we are, day 3 of the Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Wang Xiaofei pending divorce. Normally the non-celeb spouse of a star in Taiwan ent gets little coverage but Chinese business man and chaebol heir Wang Xiaofei was super high profile from the beginning opening his own restaurants, launching his own businesses, and attending plenty of star studded events where he also was covered. So this feels like two famous people getting divorced and that’s why his Weibo and SNS activity has always gotten so much attention because he’s semi-famous. After posting an SNS on June 4th blasting Taiwan and praising Mainland China for COVID-19 related issues, the next day a reporter asked Da S what she thought of his SNS post and she told the reporter she was getting divorced and so has no thoughts on what Wang Xiaofei thinks or wrote. Since then he deleted the post, wrote an apology that he was worried about his family and people are emotional during this pandemic so he’s sorry for saying hurtful words, her mom and his mom have been trying to talk her out of the divorce, but she’s told friends that it’s over. Right now he’s in Mainland China and she’s in Taipei and if he wants to fly there to personally talk his wife off the divorce cliff he needs to quarantine for two weeks first so yikes, hard to kiss and makeup when you have to take two weeks before seeing each other. TW-netizens have also noticed that Da S has cancelled her Weibo follow of Wang Xiaofei though he’s still following her.


Public Watching Barbie Hsu’s Pending Divorce Play Out Including Husband Wang Xiaofei Apologizing and Trying to Win Her Back — 5 Comments

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  2. The husband’s insensitive post about Taiwan, her home, could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s probably not the sole reason why she’s divorcing him, but it was the trigger. I kinda get her reaction to his post against Taiwan seeing that the island is reeling from an ‘outbreak’ (still much less new cases than other countries tbh) and saw on CNA that it says that China blocks Taiwan’s access to Western vaccines. She can be under a lot of stress due to the pandemic (like the rest of us), probably going through peri-menopause, probably was irritated about her husband about something else, and then the insensitive post about the home that she loves and a touchy subject. I hope the husband learned his lesson.

  3. He was seen out drinking with his buddies and having hot pot party apparently at home within these 2 days ……nothing wrong with both but the message sending to her will be negative. Especially when she’s struggling in lockdown at home with 2 young kids. Not a good thing to do at all especially when trying to win her back. SMH. Like I said before, it’s ok to have your own political views, like it’s ok to have late night drinks or your hotpot party but why get photographed or made known? I wonder if it’s that hard to stay low profile for like just a few days? It’s like you are already in hot soup but you keep turning up the temperature for her to be impossible to cool down. I don’t think this is boding well. Covid has taken many marriages for less as casualties.

  4. Hate that people are criticizing her over her decision and saying that she is taking marriage lightly. They are not living her life, so they don’t know what happens behind the scenes. Whatever her reasons are, are not anyone’s business.

  5. I don’t really like how people are pressuring her when it doesn’t concern them! Let her take her own decision!

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