Cheese in the Trap and Coffee Prince PD Takes on Drama Adaptation of Manhwa Want to Do Nothing About a Young Woman Trying to Find Meaning in Life

Another manhwa is getting the K-drama adaptation and judging from the sheer volume of manhwas/webtoons in South Korea there will be no shortage anytime soon. The story is called Want to Do Nothing and deals with a 26-year old woman whose life falls apart in busy Seoul when she breaks up with her boyfriend she was discussing marriage with, her mom dies in a car accident, and she loses her job after a sexual harassment complaint. She ends up wanting to do nothing with her life and moves to the remote seaside village looking to live off her meager savings but spending it on doing what would make her happy. She ends up finding happiness in things that don’t cost money like walks and time alone before encountering people who add warmth. The story deals with many modern day disappointments, frustrations, and unfairness but the writer wants to convey to readers not to give up in life even if its hard, to keep on living. The drama cast and start filming in the fall of 2021. It does sound a lot like When the Weather is Fine but hopefully enough differences to deliver a different experience. Directing will be the PD of Cheese in the Trap and Coffee Prince.


Cheese in the Trap and Coffee Prince PD Takes on Drama Adaptation of Manhwa Want to Do Nothing About a Young Woman Trying to Find Meaning in Life — 22 Comments

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  2. Coffee Prince yes but Cheese In the Trap no. Whoever gets cast hopefully the PD won’t decide to write off the main lead for the second lead half way through the story. Aside from that the plot sounds interesting but very slow.

    • Things happen for a reason. Just gonna put it out there. Will be watching this ^^ Hope they field a strong young actress. This role will require chops to hold together 16 eps of musings.

  3. Sad that the héroine is young because it would be a perfect role for Yoon Eun hye . Both worked so well in Coffee prince and YEH seems to be very interested in the meaning of life, in the little things that can give you joy , …just dreaming .

    • Not like they ever cast age appropriate actors for anything. PSH was 23 in Sisyphus while 31 in real life and IU was 20 in My Ahjusshi while 25 in real life. There’s more but you get the point.

      • True @spari, but nowdays there is a plethora of rookie actresses that producers like . It’s sad because YEH experienced a lot of things in his life it would have been benefique for the depth of the character .

    • Sadly yoon eun hye did get new offer drama after last drama ended.If song hye kyo keep getting role,why she can’t?

      • YEH is not on the same level as SHK, that’s obvious. As much as I am not a fan of SHK, her dramas consistently got high ratings and not to mention, her visual deemed as goddess by Koreans.

        YEH was only an “IT” girl. Sure, she was popular back then but not tht she was ever beloved among Koreans and the plagarism scandal made it worse for her. She’s pretty much a non-factor in K-ent now which is sad, considering she got the talent.

      • Yes it’s sad , YEH has been more beloved by I fans . She used to have a very strong international fan base , just watching the views on Soompi forum speaks a lot . A it girl during 10 years , she always will be part of hallyu wave . I don’t get why koreans dislike her so much even with the plagia scandal, a mystery for me .

      • Yoon eun hye have 3 hits drama like my fair lady,coffe prince and princess hours.Because of that she became diva and arrogant and dont forget her famouse quote “dont use my name to promote your brand or something.She was stupid and her agency stupid too didnt apolegize plagiarism scandal.

  4. I love WHen the Weather is Fine, it was really beautiful. But for me, it sounds like Little Forest living simply with her own vegetables, fruits,etc. But it looks like the FL didn’t go back to her home in this one.

    • I agree, the plot is similar to Little Forest. Both the Korean and Japanese versions of the movie resonates with me. Maybe because I’m in love with Liziqi’s lifestyle channel on Youtube.

  5. I think YEH too old to play this role…I know this will get a lot of hate but Suzy has been way to quiet this year, I would think they may offer her this.

  6. Facial features has resemblance with yoo jung, maybe they can cast her after Red sky. Slice of life dramas seems good nowadays and very relatable too

  7. I think actress Ryu Hye Young will do well in the title role if PD decides to take a chance on her. Watching her in Law School reminds me of the time of Reply 1988 where she was one of the more memorable characters for me. There’s a down to earth aura about her and she’s very charming in her acting. If only she wasn’t so eccentric in real life, she would have probably been a bigger name now.

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