First Look at SBS Showcase of Modern Romance Drama Now We Are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong

This week SBS did a program 2021 Showcase which featured discussion and first look stills of upcoming dramas on its calendar. I was drooling with excitement when it got to the upcoming romance drama Now, We are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong. It’s set in the fashion industry which always elicits a groan from me after Fashion King but of course that was a one-off disaster and this drama is about the industry professionals and insiders and their lives and loves. The visuals of the two leads from the Showcase stills are impeccably styled, she’s classy and elegant and he’s your eye candy young strapping hunk with a liking for more mature ladies. My one concern is that both tend to have more mellow reserved onscreen personas and I hope their coupling doesn’t end up being too staid.


First Look at SBS Showcase of Modern Romance Drama Now We Are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong — 41 Comments

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  3. Nothing against the leads but have a gripe with writers framing the same romantic scenes (photo 4 & 7). Why oh why do they always make the OTP stare at each other from a distance or holding an umbrella in the rain???!!!! Been done to death scenarios. Atelier a J-drama set in the lingerie fashion industry with no romance plot was very well done. At the very least get some diverse ideas from Hallmark channel rom-coms, Netflix movies & Hollywood classics. Geez, I’m not asking too much.

      • Yes, agree. The J actress who played the owner of the boutique modelled her after Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. Her acting still came off as very original to me. This is how copying ideas from other sources are done without coming across as cheesy or pretentious.

  4. I don’t know about chemistry yet, maybe when I watch a teaser I can tell, but they surely look pretty individualy…I hope the story is good…

  5. SHK can definitely pull off any hairstyles but i think long hair accentuates her beauty even more.

    Looking forward to this drama coz it’s been a few years since encounter

  6. So far it’s building up as a visual heavy or looks only drama. Wait for teasers to come out for a better feel. Then again, I was massively fooled by teasers before. Fingers crossed for a strong plot & script.

  7. Jky has always been unmemorable and how come a lead like him get to star in drama with legendary shk? Bored of seeing him in this kind of role staring at noona with no feeling in his eyes just a blank stare. When will this guy enlist?

    • I have ti disagree. I think JKY was awesome in Come & Hug Me. His stare was scary. And in a totally different genre, he can be cheeky & sexy in Search WWW. His chemistry with Im Soo Jung was off the charts.

    • Beg to differ, but he always tried different roles, not like certain actor ls who only played the same role over and over again.

      If you only know him bcuz of WWW, then try watching ajjussi cuz he was the antagonist. Or come and hug me or kill it. Or his current drama with Hyeri.

      YG needs to give this man a good script. Hopefully this drama will get high rating, but i doubt it since it’s on public channel.

      • Totally agree with you! His acting is so underrated. He can play conflicted villian ( My Ahjussi), Melo (Come and hug me), action (kill it), homeless with a secret(Born Again) and one of his best male lead roles in search:www. Also he is multi-talented and can charm the socks off anyone. He has been one of the top male models in Korea, he can sing ballads and rap. He is a good drummer, great at sports and the life of the party once you get to know him. He definitely needs a good project.

    • Hopefully this year. He had two dramas this year but both flopped as expected. People criticize the other model-turned-actor Nam Joo Hyuk all the time but imo even he has more of a leading man charisma than JKY.
      Coming back to the topic, I think SHK will have to hardcarry this one unless the plot is amazing or something.

  8. I share your concern, these are mellow stills lol. I think they could have made the ML look more fashion-forward and more edgy – change the haircut, make him use accessories etc. It’s set in the fashion industry but you really can’t tell with the way they’re dressed in the stills above. I also agree that these umbrella scenes are getting old, but yes, they look great no matter what scenario you put them in. Will check out the first 4 episodes and see if it’s engaging enough.

  9. Jang Kiyong shows have been flops and he isn’t exactly an IT boy or popular, so Hye Kyo is going to have to hard carry. She deserves better.

  10. For a ML working in the fashion industry, the way they style & clothe him is a bit underwhelming. SHK as usual looks magnificent. JKY’s eyes, is he setting chemistry fire with Hyeri in gumiho drama? I haven’t got time to watch it yet.

    • That’s true, the fashion looks outdated. They should hire JCW’s stylist in lovestruck in the city, his style was top notch. ?

  11. Kim eun sook??Just meh,she became lazy,greedy and arogant after winning daesang.Just like writer norah robert, james patterson etc ect after writing hit novel they starting use ghost writer.Without lee eung book and supporting writer she just brand name just like lee min ho.Unles she can hired good supporting writer and good director and even casting lee byun hun not song hye kyo,I’m sure her next drama became hit big again.

    • Unlike you, i don’t concern myself with something that doesn’t happen yet. If it does well, it does well. If it flops, it flops. As simple as that.

    • I agree… a revenge drama penned by Kim Eun Seok? ROFL! I have no doubt there is a high change it would be a hit. but… I doubt it will be quailty drama. unless she get lucky again get paired by good director, it might be bearable to watch

      • @Nad : Ahn Gil Ho is quite good. But I don’t know if he can match well with Kim EUn Seok.

      • Nad.Ahn gil ho no near level of lee eung-bok.All of her drama succes because ghost writer aka supporting writer.She better paying a lot of money for her ghost writer.Get good director we don’t want Tkem sloppy editing happened again.

      • yess.. Kim Won Suk and DOTS make dots enjoyable. i really like the part and directing when the earthquake happening.

  12. I really don’t like the lead actor he’s been underwhelming in everything bar my mister.
    SHK’s a decent actress but her choices bore me, really getting tired of repetitive noona romances, who’s asking for this…
    I prefer me a sizzling mature romance like my misty if anyone can recommend me a mature romance please let me know.

  13. Let’s just say that if this drama fails to be a hit, SHK will be the target of criticism. It makes me wonder what enticed SHK to do this.

    I hope they have a strong supporting cast. It’s not good if they just focus on the OTP.

    • I also agree. The visuals of the actors are beautiful especially SHK. But i can’t see any chemistry between them in the stills, not to mention the uncreative poses with umbrella and rain which has been done too many times.
      I also find the male lead’s acting bland in the dramas i see him in. I just hope the story and writing would be good. Otherwise, this will just be another noona romance drama that we have seen which is getting kinda boring. Also, the romance dramas airing lately has been a miss, so i hope this will fare well. I’m on the bandwagon that SHK should have chosen a different genre other than romance for her comeback.

    • well, so what if it’s flop? Suzy is allowed to have flop rating. And she is still always getting offered left and right.

      You won’t always be at the top forever.

      I trust this writers because i like her previous drama. we will see. Romance drama is not always a bad thing if handle by a good writers.

  14. Kyo is such a beauty and Kiyong’s visual wont be subpar with Kyo. One true thing that this drama has is the eye candies. Just add a solid plot, surely this will get the viewers attention.

  15. SHK looks lovely but why a noona romance with that flop Jang Kiyong of all people? There are so many interesting young actors who can actually act and have onscreen presence but YG keeps pushing this man everywhere. His visual is overrated too, poor man’s Hyun Bin. I will give this a go for SHK though, I have missed her onscreen.

    • at times, he is good when he can excel his strength. but alot of times he is so bland, like he doesn’t even bother to emote. and he is abit awkward when required him act funny too.

    • JKY acting ain’t bad for me. He just doesn’t have the star power to move viewers hearts and to mobilize good ratings for his drams. It manifests to all his dramas. Well the investors paid a huge amount to SHK so the FL has really the pressure in mobilizing a good rating. Plus this is a public network so pressures are really left and right. Lets see the bankability of SHK. Well two idols are also here Sehun and Yura so i think these two will help for catching good ratings.

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