SNSD Member Seohyun Cast as Female Lead Opposite Na In Woo in The Jinx’s Lover and Tiffany Takes Supporting Role in Song Joong Ki Drama The Youngest Son of Sunyang

This has been a good year for SNSD member who have branched out into acting. Yuri is majorly impressing in sageuk Bossam: Stealing Fate and Sooyoung did her best in So I Married an Anti-fan, and Yoona has been cast in the drama Big Mouth with Lee Jong Seok. Two more ladies will join the acting return this year, the first being Seohyun who has been cast as Na In Woo‘s leading lady in the upcoming rom-com drama The Jinx’s Lover. She’s had a few leads in dramas under her belt and I think this casting should work. One the other hand, I’m a little leery of the other casting but also okay since it’s a supporting role – Tiffany will join Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Bin in the melodrama The Youngest Son of Sunyang, she’s playing an Korean-American character hence her ability to speak fluent English will definitely come in handy. The concern is that she’s only cameo’d in two drama drama so this will be her first substantive role so let’s hope she’s ready for the big leagues.


SNSD Member Seohyun Cast as Female Lead Opposite Na In Woo in The Jinx’s Lover and Tiffany Takes Supporting Role in Song Joong Ki Drama The Youngest Son of Sunyang — 23 Comments

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  2. I’m happy for seohyun has upcoming movie with mak dong-seok and this drama.She suffered a lot in drama time.Queen i hope she getting success in her career.Keep slay queen.

  3. Wow they are really busy. Besides their dramas, Yoona also has three upcoming movies while Seohyun has two movies.

    I’m worried about Tiffany, but she is currently headlining Chicago musical as Roxie Hart… so I hope the stage experience will help in the upcoming drama. I think Yuri improved and does great in Bossam thanks to her theater experience too.

    I haven’t watch So I Married an Antifan but I love Sooyoung in Run On and little role on Move to Heaven. I’m looking forward to her and Yuri next projects too. They’re currently my faves among SNSD acting line.

    • So I Married the Anti Fan is the best drama in 2021. The chemistry of the Choi Tae Joon and Soo Young is genuinely heart-fluttering. Both actors did amazing in it, very impressive. The drama is very funny and entertaining.

  4. I’m fine with Tiffany. Like what you said, she plays a Korean American and a supporting character at that.

    I am more wary about Shin Hyun Bin. I’m watching Hospital Playlist 2 right now and I find her very disappointing in this second season. The first was fine because she had no substantial screen time. Her loveline does nothing for me. I also checked out her filmography and she was last a lead in Warrior Baek Dong Soo (eons ago) and I recall that she had an acting controversy back then as well. She has obvious problems with her pronunciation and acting tone and those put me off a bit.

    I’m not sure if the lackluster female cast is a consequence of the rising actor pay in the industry. My guess is that with Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min onboard there is very little money left for the rest.

    • I am more worries for song joong ki,why he take another revenge drama after vincenzo.I guest he didn’t get good script from top star writer and director like park seo joon,altough han so hee acting was a bit meh and bland but the writer and director has good track record.Like lydia say there ton of PPL will make investor and production house happy because these two bring a lot of money. If sjk keep accept this drama i just hope he doesnt bring same manner acting like in vincenzo.Because knetz will blame and critism like they did in artdhal cronicle.Just him luck with this drama.Btw sjk doesnt have change to get nomination in next baeksang because kim nam gil,jisung and nam goong min.

    • Yeas, I guess the rising actor pay might be a factor too. On the other hand, A-list veterans actresses are now mostly paired with younger new male leads as well.

    • @lorraine – Maybe it has to do with the plot? I haven’t read the source material – so not sure how much attention they’re giving to the female lead. Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min are probably the 2 main leads, with Shin Hyun Bin’s role being more of a supporting character instead.

      I don’t think SJK has officially accepted the drama, correct? There’s been alot of grousing about the role being too similar to his previous work.

      • The cast should be confirmed, but just not announced officially. Shin Hyun Bin’s role in the original novel is bit part, but according to insider talk they are expanding that plot line. I’m interested because it has been a while since there was a decent drama on high level corporate warfare and the novel supposedly has a large following, but I’m not too big on this particular casting after watching HP. Ironically, I think her role in HP was what got her the job.

      • I’m puzzled about what role Lee Sung Min will play because it seems the two key characters from the novel are the main lead and his grandfather. Lee Sung Min is too young to be the grandfather. Or maybe they will modify a lot from the original?

    • You’re pretty much spot on with your assessment of her acting abilities. The general domestic consensus before Hospital Playlist 2 came out was that her acting is just about average and her enunciation needs work. However, now that she’s had to show more sides to her acting, the opinions have changed. To quote Knetz, she is in between alright and bad, i.e. below average. After tonight’s episode landed, she’s received even more criticisms – just bad. It seems like her shortcomings are getting exposed with a slightly heavier role, which is not a good sign. It might also be that she doesn’t really fit her character though, so there can be a bit of optimism that she can do better.

      • @kitai – Where are you reading these domestic opinions? Are you fluent in Korean or using a translator? All I see on social media are ppl spazzing over her and that guy’s couple scenes.

        Welp, she’s supposed to have a “love-hate” relationship with the ML and you need above average acting skills to pull of that kind of chemistry. I actually think SJK’s last FL (Jeon Yeon Been in Vincenzo) would’ve pulled off the role nicely, but alas…

        If Youngest Son is anything like HBO Succession, count me in.

      • I might have mentioned it before but yep I am fluent. I helped sub one or two obscure dramas and BTS cuts back in the day too.

        The casting for Chaebol Son was big news. Initial reactions were really positive. Also, it confirmed a previous leak so everyone was camped in the forums on that day for more gossip – on Im Sang-chun’s drama, Park Ji-eun’s drama and whatnot. I happened to catch a thread that asked about Shin Hyun-bin’s acting skills and the responses were more muted than I expected; that’s how I knew. Forums are places where people voice the very good and the very bad. Unfortunately, I think SHB’s acting is perhaps just maybe a little limited? If I were to guess it’s at the point where no one will start a thread to specifically praise it? So the bad ones stick out. I don’t have my own take. I’m watching OTVOI instead and I’m just poking my nose into HP because no one ever writes about OTVOI.

      • HP director often cast actors who fit the role more than for their acting abilities. I didn’t know her before, but in HP1 I liked her character a lot, but in HP2 I think her character changed? I don’t know if it is her acting or writing? maybe the magic was from her one sided love…anyway, we can judge better her acting with her upcoming drama

      • since i cannot reply to your 2nd comment – yes, OTVOI is already super awesome after 2 eps!!! my assemblyman is back ❤️ it is much better cast than that coroner/forensic drama (dropped it cos i cannot stand her)

    • She has? I can hear her fine. By that I mean I can understand her as there are a few actors around who speak with an obvious lisp and it is hard for me to understand them.

      I have no problems with her pronunciation. I also Googled her work. Her last main lead in both dramas are movies are not in 2011.

      Not really a devout supporter just that I am happy with both the main lead casting for this upcoming drama. She also has another drama coming up in Sept.

      • I mean the 2 male leads casting. I like the plot and I have been a great admirer of LSM since Misaeng. Have actually skipped the last 2 SJK’s dramas since I didn’t like the plot.

        The 2 female actress casting didn’t bother me. As for HP I actually like the ObGyn story so SHB’s speech doesn’t affect me.

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  6. Soo Young is the most surprising for me. The girl can act and her chemistry with Choi Tae Joon in So I Married the Anti Fan was remarkable. That drama is the most heart-warming and heart-fluttering drama of 2021. It’s fun and very entertaining.

  7. Expect yoona and taeyon all of them are irrelevant today . The sisterhood was so fake when they threw jessica out . Thats why 4 members group like bp is much better where everyone stands out. ROSE album sales are huge.

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