Netflix Greenlights Another Kingdom Spinoff Called Kingdom: Crown Prince with Joo Ji Hoon

It’s good timing for Netflix to release more zombie sageuk drama Kingdom news right now what with the side-story Kingdom: Ashin of the North being released in a few weeks in July 2021. The streaming platform announced today that it has greenlighted another Kingdom side episode titled Kingdom: Crown Prince which deals with the life of Joo Ji Hoon‘s lead character. Of course Joo Ji Hoon will be starring in it and it’s pretty cute that the Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri) two leads are both involved with Kingdom past and future episodes. I love Kingdom and don’t mind new side journeys but I do wish the news was on Kingdom season 3 because ultimately I want to know more about how everything is fully resolved over more details about characters. And also, please don’t keep going for too long like The Walking Dead series which got long in the tooth.


Netflix Greenlights Another Kingdom Spinoff Called Kingdom: Crown Prince with Joo Ji Hoon — 32 Comments

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  3. Jun ji hyun will be hard carrying rating drama like she did in lotbs.Joo ji hyun doesn’t have rating magnet.I thik park seo joon will be bring success too bad he reject this drama.

    • The writer of their upcoming drama, the story and together with the excellent cast will bring the ratings. This writer is from Signal and Kingdom, and her dramas are composed of great cast.

      • It is so obvious she doesn’t know the veteran/established actors and actresses.Only know the current ones

    • Coming from someone who is a big Jun Ji-Hyun fan and she is a megastar while admittingly much bigger name than Joo Ji-hyun in both name recognition and following. But to say she carried Lotbs is incorrect. She was co-starring someone whos already had major worldwide hits in Boys over Flowers, City Hunter and Heirs.. he was already ethablished and She had starred in MLFTS before they meet. Wait A second that is actully incorrect they both took a hiatus from dramas and went to the movie-world he was coming from 2 movies back to back in Gangnam Blues and Bounty Hunters and she did assassination if memory serves me right But what I am trying to say is that in her both big hit dramas she co-starred big cast Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Min-ho and Kim So-hyun are the biggest names in K-entertainment and attaching them together will not go wrong both locally and internationally and that is exactly what happen to MLFTS and LOTBS

    • Are you really saying/implying that Park Seo Joon better than Joo Ji Hoon? Casting change from Park Seo Joon to Joo Ji Hoon (not hyun…who is joo ji hyun btw?) actually lift the drama to another level. Now we didn’t only had one but two recognized actress and actor to play as the leads

      • They have NO idea. Even Gong Yoo and Hyun Bin has flopped projects. Consider how well the main actress and the main actor has been in the industry for long. Plus, does the awards that Joo Ji Hoon won for his films not count at all?

    • R u from Korea ? Or not ? U definitely doesnt have any idea who is Joo Ji Hoon in SoKor , he is one hell of an actor , and he is already a big name in kdramas , not to mention the success of his previous “Princess Hours” and “Hyena” .. u implying that Park Seo Jeon is better than him when the whole world gone crazy (thanks to Netflix) because of KINGDOM. Coz it is the role does fit him..

  4. Spotted someone with no idea who is Joo Ji Hyun make a comment here. If not for him, I don’t think Kingdom will have its’ success

    • And hella talented too. It’s his talent and charisma that brought him back to people’s consciousness after an almost career-ending stint in jail. He wasn’t that good prior though. But I guess the desire to reclaim his status pushed him to be better.

      • He is a lot more successful than the current Jang Ki Yong, Eun Woo, Song Kang and other up-and-coming 30 something actors who does not have a drama, which is a domestic/international success . He has Hyenna too, which is a big hit on KBS.

      • My two cents is that Joo Ji-hoon has never had a hit drama where he was top billed. I agree that he is one of those actors who does not attract viewership and I wouldn’t attribute the success of Kingdom to him.

      • Who the hell just typed that Jjh carried LOTBS.. what a blasphemy. If that was meant as a joke.. Pls stop it.

        She may have carried love from the stars ( which had a semi unknown KSH then) but not LOTBS that has the hallyu king himself who is more popular that all the Korean actors and actresses put together.

        If not that I like JJH personaly, I would have drag her bcos of this stupid comment

    • Who joo ji hoon?He’s just drug addicts!!He’s not bankable actor like gong yoo and hyun bin.His rating drama just average nothing spesial.

      • Seo In Guk’s fan better shut up. His 2% rating drama with flop movie combo flop

      • Joo Ji Hoon maybe not, using your word, bankable. But he’s talented actor. I’ve watched a lot of his movies. I personally prefer to enjoy actor like him, not that handsome but good at acting.

      • It is easy to say negative comment by making comparison to other actors. You better watch 1 & 2 seasons, for sure you will aporeciate the lead actor, Joo Ji Hoon. He is a very talented actor too.

  5. I love this series; possibly top 3 K-drama ever and so I will take this if it help tie us over until S3 – probably delayed until 2022.

  6. The success of Kingdom is not actors, but writer and director. It was obvious from the way whole drama was constructed. Leave same actors and get someone less competent behind the camera and enjoy lackluster results. So I will give all credits where credits should go.

    • I find Kingdom sooo overrated but I agree, it was never about the actors lol get other A-listers to do it and it will be just as successful if not more

      • Yeah kingdom was overrated, i wonder fans keep saying trending in worldwide if fact we don’t now exactly about rating.Ryu seung ryong,bae doo na,kim sang-ho hard carrying kingdom.Most credit kingdom because bae doo na netflix and hollywood darling.Joo ji hyun no doubt talented actor but didnt have rating magnet like hyun bin.

    • Even Hyun Bin has a flopped drama and some flopped movies. It is not that Joo Ji Hyun is a deadwood in the drama

      • Exactly, Hyun Bin also has a number of flop dramas and movies. Every actor will have hits and misses in their career.

  7. Looking at the comments, eh. Kingdom wasn’t terrible. When it first came out, it was refreshing and was nice to see Korea’s take on zombies in a historical setting. Although I do hope they don’t ruin what they got going with these spinoffs and continuations. It’s going the route of what Western television do best, ruin a good series with unnecessary seasons and extensions.

  8. Zombie dramas and movies are bound to be a hit,No matter who the leads are. And especially if it is made by South Korea. And this is thanks to Train to Busan and also because domestic & international audience are always fascinated by zombie apocalypse genre.

  9. For commentators who dislike Joo Ji Hoon that much, please, at keast, google how to spell his name correctly. Two haters of JJH kept jot down his name wrong though someone already mentioned it.

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