First Official Stills of Kim Go Eun in the K-drama Adaptation of Popular Webtoon Yumi’s Cells

I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the first chapters of webtoon Yumi’s Cells, which I checked out when I heard it was getting a K-drama adaptation. There are so many webtoons out there that I don’t have time to wade through the detritus but the ones that get drama versions are usually pretty good. The unfortunate shades to the concept behind Pixar’s movie Inside Out aside, it does present things creatively enough to be different and also has very strong South Korean culturally unique elements including the workplace and relationship dynamics. The first stills are out of female lead Kim Go Eun and she’s…..not the live-action image of the female lead the same way she was exactly the live-action image of the female lead in Cheese in the Trap. The Yumi hairstyle in the webtoon is already 99% impossible to pull off in a live-action but Kim Go Eun especially doesn’t suit it because she’s tall and lively whereas Yumi is this tiny petite thing who avoids conflict. With that said, she can absolutely overcome with acting and especially for those who have not watched the webtoon and have a preconceived image of Yumi. I’m rooting for Kim Go Eun but this is an uphill climb for sure.


First Official Stills of Kim Go Eun in the K-drama Adaptation of Popular Webtoon Yumi’s Cells — 16 Comments

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  2. whah so pretty. the hair is definitely look better on her than her hair in TKEM. Then again, In TKEM, she is supposed to be less care about her appearance.

  3. Since they casted a tall actress instead of a short/petite one, why cant they make adjustment to their hairstyle to suit the actress. KGE has that edgy look. But this hairstyle totally does not suit her. She could probably pulled off the bob hairstyle without the bang. The one she’s spotted on really made me cringed.

  4. why does she always have the ugliest hair styles in her dramas?
    how i wish she would have a normal hairstyle for once. lol

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  6. I agree she looks cute! Not my fave hairstyle but it doesn’t look half bad in these stills. She is a unique beauty but most importantly a fabulous actress. More focus should be on that and not visuals.

  7. She wasn’t exactly the live action image for CITT either, but this casting works for me. I do think however, that Park Bo-young from the same agency is a more natural fit? Petite, big eyes, just the everyday girl. I’m curious how the casting went, but we’ll probably not get the juicy stories.

  8. Such a plain looking actress. Plus this hairstyle, oh gosh, she looks really terrible . Not pretty and can’t act, unbelievable.

    • Exactly she was terrible actress,same shitt acting in goblin and tkem.I think goblin rating will hitting big if female lead more pretty and can acting unlike her ugly and can’t acting.

      • Mind telling me who’s so pretty and who’s so good at acting? I know I watch goblin because she was cute and fleshing to watch. What else does all them korean actresses does besides crying and being clumsy. Nothing new. Mind enlighten me?

      • OMG tell me about it. I can’t even watch it. Maybe it’s the character that is not suitable for her. Some people enjoy watching Goblin.but i cringe watching her scene. Yoo In Na steals the show

    • So rude. She might be plain to you, but is pretty to others. So far every korean actresses are on the same range so why bashing KGE. Even the so call goddesses is no difference from look to acting.

      • She was so ugly she couldn’t act.I can’t re-watch goblin because of her.

  9. I actually like the hairstyle, I think it helps define the character. I’d rather she wears this style rather than the usual long, flowing hair of FL in most dramas which is ordinary.

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