Yeo Jin Gu in Talks to Join Moon Ga Young in Fantasy Romance Drama Link

This link will be an interesting pairing, not one I ever thought about, but sounds intriguing once it’s a possibility now. Yeo Jin Gu has been offered the male lead in romance fantasy K-drama Link, which is a drama I’ve been keeping an eye on when late last year it was in talks with Kim Sun Ho as the lead. That fell through as Kim Sun Ho elected to do Hometown Cha Cha Cha but Link is moving on with a younger option that coincidentally has connection with Kim Sun Ho since Yeo Jin Gu was the voice of Kim Sun Ho’s AI assistant in Start-up and also made a cameo in the last episode. The female lead is reportedly Moon Ga Young who continues her steady workload in dramas with mixed degrees of success. Link is slated for early 2022 so let’s wait and see if this pairing gets confirmed soon.


Yeo Jin Gu in Talks to Join Moon Ga Young in Fantasy Romance Drama Link — 8 Comments

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  2. After almost 1 year, Link is still alive and selling the plot that seems to have no substance. The media play of this drama is more interesting.

    Hope he will choose wisely.

  3. It was offered to lee junki and lee jaewook too…all different age. It’s been almost a year since all this rumors so I think they reviewed the script.

    Awww Sunho and Jingu chemistry in that one scene….I hope they could reunite someday

  4. Maybe they also should change the female lead. MGY is overrated. Maybe give a fresh new face a chance to be the lead or someone who has star power to help with the ratings.

    • This is a sad comment. This call for “fresh faces” every time is the reason why so many good 20’s age actors/actresses get overlooked. MGY has just gotten her foot in lead role territory and already there’s a call for “fresh faces” to replace her. I guess older actors should just retire then?

      • Lol, true that. She’s only 25 y.o. The fresh face should be 17y.o?? And SHK or JJH should act as a grandma now to give the first lead to fresh faces? Lmao

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