Wu Yi Fan Loses 14 Brand Deals in Two Days as Allegations Continue to Swirl Over his Sexual Misconduct as China Television Association Officially Bans Him

I don’t know how Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) will try to hardnose his way out of increasing allegations of being a sexual predator including drugging and rape. In the two days since a young woman named Du Mei Zhu publicly accused him of luring, drugging, and raping her, and claimed that he’s done so many times before with other young women including some who were underage, the pressure is dialed up on him. Within the last 48-hours, fourteen brands have terminated and/or halted their partnership with Wu Yi Fan including big Western companies like Porsche, Bulgari, and Lancome. His side has released an official statement denying all the allegations and claim to be taking legal action for defamation. But since Du Mei Zhu’s bombshell allegations, many young women, some stars and others just average folks, have posted about their own shady encounter with Wu Yi Fan including the same MO of getting the girl up to his hotel room. Those encounters ended without anything as the woman found a reason to leave and did not drink any alcohol but some of the women have posted their texts with Wu Yi Fan and he’s definitely shady and sleazy just from the way he picks up women constantly. The Chinese Television Association today has officially banned him by releasing a statement that all relevant production companies and television shows are prohibited from working with Wu Yi Fan and that an investigation will be undertaken and that all relevant groups are to investigate the morals and behavior of stars before working with the person. During this whole situation, exiled actress Zheng Shuang posted on her SNS for the first time since her own scandal with surrogacy, abandoning her own babies, and tax evasion claiming she is reflecting and asking for a chance to tell her story. I love seeing even the cancelled try to ride Wu Yi Fan’s scandal coattails.


Wu Yi Fan Loses 14 Brand Deals in Two Days as Allegations Continue to Swirl Over his Sexual Misconduct as China Television Association Officially Bans Him — 18 Comments

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  2. don’t know the whole context but China is actually pretty good to do things like this, if this is from my country I might still see him in my tv.

  3. With so many young women coming forward, he deserves to be investigated by the police etc. However, powerful, rich men are rarely hold accountable – just like the Harvey Weinstein — took a long time before justice finally happen. So I hope Ms. Du and the other young women speaking up will take care and keep safe. Zheng Shuang trying to take advantage of this does NOT reflect well on her.

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  5. His team is arguing with just Du, point by point. Which is ridiculous considering the sheer number of barely legal women coming forward with their own experiences and receipts/proof.

    I suppose he doesn’t want to say “I habitually pursued 17 year olds and lied/manipulated them… but there was no rape.” Regardless, he’s a gross predator in his 30s.

    His acting skills are no loss to me- wishing justice and support for the women.

  6. All gold diggers slept with consent and when hookup didn’t end in marriage, wants revenge

    Uaing womem rights for their agenda. Terrible

    He has denied everything and he will win!

      • I am not a sheep who jump to conclusions for celebs. We gonna see who comes as right!

    • Are you a troll or are you just out of your mind? Even if they slept with consent, you’re okay with him targeting barely legal girls in his fan group and taking advantage of their admiration for him as their idol? He’s in a position of power, and he’s totally abusing it. He’s obviously going to deny. If it was just Du Mei Zhu, I may think there’s a chance that she’s a liar. There’s been 20+ women, who have shared their account of interactions with him or someone acting on his behalf. Many of whom support Du Mei Zhu’s description of his typical MO (e.g., audition for one of his MVs, special invite to a small fan meeting, etc.). It’s because of people like you that victims are scared to come out. They get accused of things like being a “vengeful woman with an agenda.” But if they hesitate and finally get the courage to speak up later, then it’s “why didn’t they say something sooner if it’s true.” It’s a lose lose situation for victims. If you are a fan of someone like that, I guess there’s nothing else I can say to get through to you. Good luck in life, because you’re going to need it with your blind eyes and poor judgment.

      • Nah, she’s not a troll. She’s just an insane Lee Min Ho fan who goes batshit crazy cursing out users here whenever they dare to defend female celebs she hates for no reason but then says shit like “I’m not a sheep who jumps to conclusions for celebs” for her oppa predator like Kris who target underage women lmao.

      • Shutup with your lecture and virtual signalling
        Stoo supporting horny gold diggers who slept with him and later when they realize he jsnt gonna marry them, trivialized rape
        Actual rape victims suffer bcoz u far left has made it a mockery
        So stop being a blind deldu and wait for verdict

      • You have to bring lmh who has done nothing wrong in his personal life and has donated most for covid. Him dumping your flowerpot fave ( wow people breakup. Get over it marie sue ) has made you mad
        U r blind worshipper of female celebs like flowerpot who is just a visual with no skills. Get over it marie sue

    • Have you seen the text messages between him and some of the young women that have come forward? It’s all over Cnews. He’s a pervy pedo.

      • Really? I doubt they are real as he is clearly denying it. Whatever justice will be served. And i m sure he will come put as right one. Manipulated texts most probably

  7. He can kiss his career goodbye. China is doing a good job at eliminating celebs like these. Props to their cancel culture. Zhang Sheung #2.

  8. Now that state institutions have gotten involved, it’s over for him. Netizens are one thing, the government is a whole other story. At this point, I’m wondering if he is considering using his Canadian citizenship and fleeing the country.

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