Ji Chang Wook Tests Positive for COVID-19 as Filming Halted on K-drama The Sound of Magic

Oh noes, it’s still hard to accept that COVID-19 is spreading wildly still 20 months after the initial spread. The Delta variant has been the crux of the recent months spike and it’s hitting South Korea hard as it is other Asian countries. I’ve been reading about so and so star, actor, idol testing positive in recent weeks and today it’s an actor I really like and probably the most high profile star to get hit. Ji Chang Wook has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine and care. Filming has been halted on his currently filming Netflix drama The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara) with Choi Sung Eun and Hwang In Yeop, with the whole production to undergo testing in the meantime. Sending wishes to Ji Chang Wook for a full recovery and everyone to keep staying safe as best as possible.


Ji Chang Wook Tests Positive for COVID-19 as Filming Halted on K-drama The Sound of Magic — 23 Comments

    • You probabdly didn’t know how vaccines is being prioritise first for us and western country, most asean got it late

      • It is not a US/Western thing versus Asia. The Australians also have hardly vaccinated. Korea and Australia did a stellar job holding their covid #s down. The downside is that Covid isn’t going anywhere (just like the Spanish Flu kept whipping around for years)and they are delayed in making deals for the vaccines.

      • It wasn’t between East and West but rich and poor countries. Isreal has vaccinated a lot. But some countries thougth their measures were enough and they waited. Now, with the Delta, it doesn’t work anymore.

  1. We are having the same problem in Australia.. please take care and make sure you are looked after well..good luck to all South Koreans as we all try to overcome this deadly virus!

  2. So sorry to hear. Even a mild case of covid is no fun. !!! Frankly I’m amazed that it hasn’t been more widespread among drama/film production, as it’s hard to social distance when you are acting scenes with other people. I hope he recovers well and that no one else is affected.

    • Funny it’s only him reportedly down with it. Why not the some of the cast &crew down with it too unless he got it first and spread it to the rest.

  3. probably got it after secretly going to adult entertainment outlets shady like kim min gwi trying to look young with that botox ahjussi face.

  4. Wow, all the the hate going around lately. Seon Ho fandom fighting with antis, SHK-SJK mudslinging still going on after 2 years. Spilling over to sjk’s female leads too. Must be the delta variant zombie effect. Lol.

    • Is just pure hate and fandom talk instead of dramas and acting careers, the content this blog is intended I supposed…all I read is nugu, ahjussi, plastic, ugly…

  5. Wish him speedy & complete recovery. Production sets have strict protocols in place to create safe work bubble but the new delta variant is 80% more contagious. Hope SK vaccine roll-out will reach 20-30s age group as they’re the most mobile/active.

  6. @Lyra B, it has its up and downs. Peaking in Sega era but picked up again in last 2 years. Must be the lockdown effects. People with too much time sitting on their bottoms & mental health going ballistic. Sane fans with quality comments are few & far between. Most don’t bother commenting hence all the crazies having mini-wars. Lol.

  7. Take care & rest well. JCW’s acting trajectory is cursed post enlistment. His peak was in Empress Ki, Healer, K2, SP days. Hope JCW breaks out of his rut coz he can act but his picks of scripts have not been stellar of late. He has the potential to hit it big in movies like Fabricated City and Hard Hit. Despite hit & misses in k-dramaland, he’s ranked no.5 in most IG followers. Props to his popularity.

  8. Funny how the idiot jcw commenter who loves to shade doom & call ML all sorts of names isn’t here to wish her oppa well. Must be a fake jcw fan stirring up poop on purpose.

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