Young Jeon Ji Hyun in You From Another Star Kim Hyun Soo Shines in Penthouse as Her Adult Acting Career Takes Off

It’s been the same three or four names of child actresses turned young adults in K-ent these days it’s a breath of fresh air to see a familiar face all grown up. Kim Hyun Soo, who rose to fame visually as the younger version of Jeon Ji Hyun in You From Another Star, has popped back into my radar with her role in Penthouse as the daughter of Eugene‘s character. I would say about half of the child actors and actresses don’t continue on into young adulthood and those who do it’s hard to rise to the top and still retain the same level of attention. Kim Hyun Soo has grown up beautifully and seems to enjoy acting as she’s done multiple roles since YFAS though none as high profile until Penthouse again thrust her into the spotlight. I think she’s got a chance to rise to leading lady ranks if she keeps up the hard work and I’m rooting for her.


Young Jeon Ji Hyun in You From Another Star Kim Hyun Soo Shines in Penthouse as Her Adult Acting Career Takes Off — 7 Comments

  1. All the Penthouse kids in S1 were horrible including BRN. They were toxic brats who were impossible to like. KHS and KYD only stood out because of their loveline which was a much needed break from the makjang. She didn’t have much to do in S2 but her character development in S3 has been a better arc in an otherwise horribly written season. I’m not sure how her future career will pan out because I can see her being stuck playing high school roles for a few more years by which time more actresses will pop up. The 20s may not have any standout actresses but it has a huge volume of actresses lately. The chances of her actually standing out in the sea of rising stars when she wasn’t even able to stand out among her child actors peers is even less.

  2. More like young Cheon Song Yi. I didn’t immediately make the connection when I first saw her in Penthouse S1. Her fixed teeth was prolly one of the reasons why. I recall they were crooked-cute in YFAS. She’s a good enough actress from what I’ve seen of her. And pretty, to boot. Best of luck to her in her career.

  3. She was really good in Solomon’s Perjury korean remake with Jang Dong-Yoon and Seo Ji-Hoon.

    She became a beautiful young woman 🙂

  4. She is my favorite rising actress at the moment. I really like that she seems to prefer darker theme dramas and movies since a young age which makes her standout from her peers. She is one of the most successful child actresses and seems to have been focusing mainly on movies rather than dramas for the past few years since he last major drama role was Solomon Perjury in 2016 before Penthouse. She is definitely still very young and I am looking forward to her next roles.

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