Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina are Bundles of Sunshiny Warmth in First Teaser for tvN Drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Gosh, seeing is believing and all those expectations that Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina would double up on their dimples and smiles and blast us with happy cheer in their upcoming drama are on full display in the first teaser. tvN dropped Hometown Cha Cha Cha‘s first look this weekend and it’s all visuals, with scenes of the ocean, countryside, and the two leads smiling and being peppy whether solo or together. The drama is adapted from the K-movie Mr. Hong so those looking for the plot can visit that older light gem but I’m here to soak up this new version with a fresh mind.

Teaser for Hometown Cha Cha Cha:


Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina are Bundles of Sunshiny Warmth in First Teaser for tvN Drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha — 94 Comments

  1. Uh no,tvn drama back to flop as usual. Why they didn’t make another boring makjang drama like mine? Makjang drama it’s easy to get 10% rating. I predicted this drama will get 4-5% rating. Love marriage and divorced will broke another rating record.

    • 4-5% rating is not bad. Many successful drama end up with avg rating between 4-6%. For eg. Its ok not to be ok , flower of evil, mouse etc etc…what matters the most public recognition not only in SK but world wide. After seeing response to first Teaser you will get to know

      • This drama will get rating like doom at your service.Kim sun ho acting just like cf model with smile without emotion and one dimentional character. Mark my word. He just another nugu flop actor like jan ki young and olastic monster song kang.

    • Its better than showing and promoting extra marital affair, violence. This drama is heartwarming. It will definitely grab sk as well as international viewers. Mark my words

    • Ur saying KSH acting is emotionless.. U need to watch SU. The way he performed HJP character I doubt anyone can play like that. He is phenomenal actor.

  2. Oh gee. I don’t even know if I expect it to be good. All they did was smile in the video and I smiled along with them. They look so smiley and happy and man the visuals are just so good.

    I know they can act so it’s all the writer’s or PD’s fault if it turns pear-shaped.

      • Alex/Zoya/Rom/Harry/Priya/Rup

        Stick to one username and account. You ain’t fooling anyone, you dimit.

    • @6amsol

      This is a reply to your comment under my comment under @Rina’s comment.

      In case you have faulty vision, the quoted part was from @Rina’s comment. If you have issue with the prediction about the drama flopping hard part, take it up with @Rina. Or better yet, go kick rocks, sis.

  3. sometimes a drama that makes you smile is good too!!! If the story is a flop at least the people are beautiful and they are good actors…better than a mediocre story and not good looking folks for 20 hours.

  4. I love them both… They are cute. This will be huge success not only in SK but international level too. HOMCHA Fighting

  5. They both look stunning! It looks like a refreshing story and I want it! Not vengeance, murders, crazy people…

  6. I like the teaser. Very warm. Ratings-wise, I feel like it’ll do well. But I’m hoping for an enjoyable drama to stand out in this year’s slim pickings.

    • Have you been living under a rock? KSH is no rookie actor. He was good in Two Cops, and Start Up. Maybe you have to watch Kdrama more often! ?

  7. Rating-wise I think it will be average, I just care about the drama and I like the three leads. Once I was so sad with the ratings of Just between lovers because I’m a fan of Junho and that didn’t make enjoy his perfomance as it should… just an advise, enjoy what you like!

    ..and those hate and arrogant comments here, I know they’re immature start-up fans who still cannot move on. The three leads has new projects, so each on its own!!

  8. I would have actually liked this because of the FL if this guy wasn’t in it. Never have I been as turned off by actors due to their annoying stans than with Seonho and Seo Yeaji. What is it with twitter stans and their embarrassing worship of random actors they blow up due to one okay-ish role and start putting down everyone else as a result? Ugh.

    My dislike for Yeaji ended up being justified in the end tho… As for Seonho, let’s wait and see :p

    • Hmmm I had the same thought. I like KSH just fine but he was the second lead in a so-so drama. I dont understand why people think he’s the second coming so his popularity is a bit surprising. But I do think he is talented. Time will tell if he has a long career and maintains his current popularity. Lots of actors enjoy fame after a popular project but not everyone sustains it.

      SYJ was been around a bit longer than him but only became popular with IOTNBO. She was excellent in her role and probably could have had an amazing career but I think it has been derailed with her scandals. Too bad because she is talented.

    • This drama looks mediocre and seems like it won’t live up to ksh stans’ expectations, it will be boring to the max with perfect cinematography. Rating will be 2-3% but as it airing in Sunday slot maybe rating will be higher than 3%. Shin minah can’t bring rating and she’s bit boring actress with perfect smile meanwhile ksh has annoying stans although his personality is just nice but I find him dull and blah.. nam joo hyuk must be so bland in start up it made people like ksh more and not helping his role is far interesting than the njh role. I don’t see this guy being popular after start up. His other drama before was just so so too.

      • While the teaser is fluff, we should be careful about writing off a drama based on the teaser alone. We won’t know until the first few episodes.

    • @On

      If there was a like button, I’d have smashed it agreeing so hard with you. I elect to add JYB stans to the mix as well. Even though out of the three, SYJ stans are the absolute worst. Followed by Seonho stans. It’s really baffling. And frankly disturbing. These actors just broke out of nugudom with not-so spectacular roles/performances and you see an army of zealots worshipping them like a cult. Even going so far as to use them to shade established actors and actresses, veterans and legends in the industry.

      • Netflix is the real reason why this new-nugu,unknown actors gets their big break but if the said actors don’t pick a right role or good project after that either they will be buried in their nugudom again or forgotten..
        Anyway most of them are just flavour of the year, they won’t last. Too many talented and more good looking rookies will be ready to take their place.

    • EXACTLY why I commented about them being taken down a notch if this drama indeed flops like @Rina above bet it would. Seonhohadas and Yeyes are so frakking annoying. Gosh! No wonder they collaborate in fan voting. And I agree with @~ about JYB stans too.

      • Right now your the one annoying. Why you are giving so much attention to someone whom you don’t like. Just go and support ur fav ones. I am sure they need you the most. Stop wasting ur time on negativity

    • I don’t get why people get so worked up over so-and-so’s fandom. Unless the celebrity is actively egging the fandom on, a celebrity and his/her fandom should be treated as separate entities.

      I remember someone here once said that to be a superstar, you need fanatics, not fans. If these up and coming actors are able to create a following of fanatics, then all power to them. Some of you might not like SYJ or her fans, but you can’t deny that the woman had the IT FACTOR, and it is a testament to her draw that she was able to create such a devoted following with only one drama. Same goes for KSH.

      People complain that they want new stars in kdramaland, and when we finally get some new stars, people complain that those new stars aren’t “good enough” and their fans are annoying. Come on man.

      Also, how are all of you getting bothered by Twitter fandoms? Twitter’s algorithm tailors the timeline to your interests, so unless you’re hate-following the celebrity or adjacent topics, you shouldn’t come across that fan activity at all.

      • And why are YOU getting worked up and writing essays over other people’s opinions? Nobody’s gonna read all that. So shove it up your wazoo.

      • @Ophelia: Facts! I’ve noticed some trolls here who have an agenda to stir up hate against other actors and actresses. They will repeatedly bring them and their fans up in a derogatory manner-even in topics that are completely unrelated.

        None of these actors have stans any more obnoxious than other actor stans. Majority of actor stans stay in their lanes and only interact with each other or topics/posts about their faves.The reason certain trolls are in this thread complaining and acting so pressed is because they obviously stay in those fandom timelines reading tweets 😀

        I follow a ton of K-drama accounts and very rarely see tweets from any other fandoms because I mind my business and only read, like, comment on actors and dramas I am interested in. They complainers are just telling on themselves because (like you said) the Twitter algorithim is tailored to the tweets they follow and engage with.

      • Read all of this well written comment and I agree.
        They’re just people looking for any reason to justify their immaturity and jealousy.
        Being so pressed over other people’s success? Could not be me.

      • Ahjushii… Like really. Then let me remind you.. that Ajhushii ( as per your bad eye sight) won baekswang popularity awards more than 1.3M votes beating Song joong ki and Kim syun hyun

  9. Almost all actors and actresses have arrogant annoying fans, even well like IT actors or actresses or well know stars.

    Question is, are they really fans or troublemaker? Why should i see the actors or actresses based on these so called fans n why should i let them affect me? Even though i had encountered personally some nasty so called fans. For me, my rationale is, what i like will be based on the character, personality and humility of the actors and actresses.

    Other than these so called fans there are many really nice polite level headed fans.

    I have seen Seon Ho on many of his projects and off camera, he is really a sweet gentleman who loves acting and who would bow to people on the street even he is in a moving car. He is just a humble guy. His true fans are just like him, of which i had encountered personally.

    Just my thought n ya everyone has their own view, is fine with me.

    • Maybe you don’t feel anything because you yourself among the annoying ksh stans.. anyway I admit ksh is nice and all but his acting still need improvement I just don’t find his charm yet it’s too factory-made

    • Lol this person based an entire celebrity real personality based on 2 days 1 night show and some drama bts..funny. even the criminal jung joonyoung gained many rabid fans from that variety show because his “good” personality..

      • Stop calling dear to internet strangers you found online *vomiting. Ksh stans try so hard to be nice lol. Where else would you see him aside from drama behind the scenes and 3d1n? A fancam? Lol that doesn’t mean anything. As if you are staying with him in his house to know his real personality.

      • Dear dear dear you are so funny thanks i had a good laugh in this pandemic hahaha

  10. Strange, me the annoy fan,haha…if i really annoy you, sorry ya.

    Yep, Seon Ho is always improving himself.

    I am looking forward to watch this amazing drama, ratings i don’t care much.

  11. Shin min ah best was in gumiho and arang …other drama really no good she getting look old..she look older than ksh…and seem the director try to make ksh look handsome,by looking at the teaser, ksh try act to look a good looking guy..very close up.
    Hope the story develop good…the rating will not bad…because the story very promising and airing at weekend..ksh now is very popular in sk. He just won baeksang popularity

  12. Some of the comments here are baffling to me. Why are folks so pressed over an actor breaking out and forming a big fanbase?

    “These nugus came from nugu-dom. They’re just lucky they picked the right project.” -> Erm, this statement applies to any established actor too. Everyone starts from somewhere.

    “They broke out with not spectacular roles/performances. They’re boring.” -> Well, these people must have done something correct to create such an enthusiastic fanbase. Bonus points to them for doing it organically, instead of having their agencies shove them down people’s throats. Time will take care of whether the initial hype is warranted or not.

    I am excited that new talents are getting buzz in the industry. The Gen Z era has arrived, and Gen Z want to mint its own crop of stars. The current legends/veterans/established stars came to fame before their time. We need a lineup of new faces to push the next Hallyu wave.

    • Wish I can upvote this. I feel like maybe those baffling comments come from people who have only started watching dramas for the last 2 or 3 years. I’ve been watching kdramas and the k-entertainment industry since 2005 and have seen the good, the bad, the underrated, the forgotten, etc. Luck has a lot to do with success. How many times have we heard of an actor turning down a role that ended up being iconic and boosting the career of another actor?

      I’m sort of morbidly curious what these folks would have said about some of the older actors when they first hit it big 10-20 years ago – like Won Bin, Jang Hyuk, Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung (he was so terrible early in his career), and Jung Woo Sung.

      • Those older actors you mentioned, all of them have strikingly handsome face and not this usual commoner face like jeon yeobeen and Kim seonho. Among that only jang hyuk is not that handsome, but he is charismatic and up till today I’ve seen no actors can copy his charisma yet. Meanwhile jyb is only tryhard to be cheonsongyi and failed badly but surprisingly ifans really love her..the taste has dropped on floor. For kim senho, I can’t stress enough how common his face look like, with his two eyes lack distance, his acting is also common.

        Jang hyuk now also whatever will happen to ksh after this .

      • I wonder how beautiful and talented these people are who degrade others for a mere physical appearance.

  13. I’ve seen repetitive hate towards Jeon YeoBeen and Kim SunHo and a lot others, maybe because there have been a lot of breakthrough actors lately who are now really popular and reading some of their comments they feel like they’re stealing their fave’s spotlight or something…the industry is getting competitive and your personal favourite cannot be everywhere!

  14. I’m just cracking up with some of the bagging comments- new nugu, nugudom, olastic, ahjumma, ahjussi, etc. This blog is an absolute gem for lexicon studies.

  15. Errr, me thinks too much pink lipstick in first photo. I don’t feel the centre parting hairstyle on ksh. This hairstyle is not flattering on older males. Nam Da Reum yes, Song Kang yes, but ksh who’s nearly ahjussi age, nah. Other than that hairstyle, I quite like dimple couple. Hooray it’s on Netflix. Even if it gest low ratings on tvn, Netflix i-fans will give drama plenty of buzz.

  16. I simply love Shin Mina in Oh My Venus with SJS. It has the perfect blend of comedy & seriousness. Testament of SJS’s nuanced acting. Tried watching Gumiho but not feeling her chemistry with LSG which is strange as many loved that OTP. Dropped Tomorrow With You after one episode. It felt so draggy and drawn out. Just not feeling it with Lee Je Hoon. Hoping this pairing will be good.

  17. I’m just surprised that this drama with its cast managed to snag to best tvN Sat-Sun timeslot. It’s either my assessment of the leads’ draw is under, or that the management has confidence in the script.

  18. SM & KSH are Netflix favourites & domestically have squeaky clean image. Nearly all SM dramas are there – MGIAG, Oh My Venus, Tomorrow With You, Chief Of Staff & now HCCC. KSH has been promoted to ML from SL guy by Studio Dragon/CJ ENM. His previous tvN dramas 100DMP, Catch the Ghost & Start-Up are all created by SD/CJ. Once they like an actor, he’ll be carefully managed/marketed to top-billing hence bagging the most coveted tvn timeslot. KSH is indeed lucky. tvn/sd/cj coffers are already filled selling HCCC screening rights to Netflix. With no other high profile tvn dramas completed, putting this drama in Sat-Sun timeslot is the easiest to fill up all the advertising slots. Just my 2 cents opinion. Doesn’t mind to be proven wrong. Lol.

    • I guess you might be replying to my comment. I looked at the list of Sat-Sun tvN dramas and most of them have actors well-known for being able to lead a project (regardless of the actual viewership). SMA has not had a hit after MGIAG and I believe this is KSH’s first lead role. Both of them don’t have a track record of carrying a drama by themselves. It’s not customary to stick such a cast in the Sat-Sun tvN timeslot, that’s why I think either my assessment is under or they just have confidence in the drama.

      • This isn’t KSH’s first lead role, but it is his first lead role after becoming extremely well known internationally after Start-Up. But before that he was already pretty popular within South Korea itself from being a fixed member of 2D1N and from leading another TVN series called Catch The Ghost.
        You might be underestimating the amount of fans he has. For a frame of reference, he recently won the Baeksang popularity award even while going against industry giants like Song Joongki & Kim Soohyun.

  19. From my point of view, tvn management is very astute in sensing the flavour of month factor. The buzz from Start-Up is still fresh & they’re waiting to see if ksh can hit it out of the park with his first ML role. Since he’s older & no enlistment to worry about, generally popular, it’s easier to market him in the next few years.

  20. After reading some negative comments I get to know that not only drama lovers but also haters giving buzz to this drama. ????

  21. I don’t like this ksh guy his eyes are too near to each other like there’s no distance between his two eyeballs they look unflattering

  22. Nah the way I can predict whose fandom these haters lurking the comments are from. lol. Ya’ll really be pulling a kpop fandom type of behaviour here ey.

    Hate the obsessive fans if you hate but not the genuine fans that have been nothing but positively supportive.

    Hate the character if you hate but don’t hate on the actor who has been doing an incredible job and that has done nothing to deserve your hate.

  23. When I read the comments, I feel like Kim Seon Ho is like an idol. I usually saw this kind of fanwars in Kpop. War between haters and fan lol
    Nevermind back to the topic, this drama looks warm and I looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be great.

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