Jang Ki Yong to Enlist in the Military on August 23rd After Filming Finishes for K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up

Awwww, he’s going to be gone for two years soon! K-actor Jang Ki Yong is currently filming the romance K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up which will be wrapping up next month and his agency has announced today that he will be enlisting in the military on August 23rd after the drama finishes production. I didn’t follow Jang Ki Yong’s career that closely until recently when I really enjoyed his recently aired rom-com My Roommate is a Gumiho and now it’s going to be a two year break soon. If scheduling works out, Breaking Up should air at the end of 2021 which means he won’t be away from the screen for the full two year period with a drama airing during his enlistment. If Breaking Up where he’s acting opposite top actress Song Hye Kyo turns into a hit then it’ll be a great drama for him to leave on.


Jang Ki Yong to Enlist in the Military on August 23rd After Filming Finishes for K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up — 29 Comments

  1. There’s no way this drama will be succesfull because track record writer and director only have 1 drama so far. Even god writer korea kim eun sook,with execelent track record getting flop hard for 1st time lol. Encounter get decent rating in korea because ahjuma love to watch park bo gum not shk lol. Jan ki young drama back to back flop nothing spesial about him someone it boy will replace him soon.

      • LOL, I know, right? For someone with the username Beautyinside, they’re sure harboring some really ugly, negative feelings inside.

        Anyone who has kept tabs on dramas or any television in general for years can tell that there are no guarantees. Something can look like a total flop on paper and be a hit and vice versa. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was expected to be a flop in the US and here we are still making new episodes 20+ years later. LOL. You never know!

        I don’t find Jang Ki-yong the most engaging actor, but I hope he succeeds!!

  2. Oh I’m the same, I just know him from 1 drama that is MRIAG and I really like him there since his character is so precious. I wish him luck and I hope he comeback safely! Looking forward to Now, we are breaking up.

  3. Yess MRIAG made him more popular. He deserves that. Serve well kiyong…We can’t wait for your drama with hye kyo!

      • Scarlet’s heart got low rating (comparing to other dramas at that time) but still made the cast popular cuz it was popular worldwide. The same goes to MRIAG. Weightlifting Fairy also only got 3 or 4% (not in tvn, in national tv) but also very popular.

        Nowadays there are Netflix, VIU, wetv, iqiyi.. and more. The standard of popularity has changed.

  4. This dimwit Beautyinside hides under other usernames going around shading any actor it doesn’t like. A casual glance at the avatar gives it away plus the bad grammar & spelling give people sight cancer.

  5. Wanna bet with me.Now breakup up will get 6% rating in first episode than the rating will starting downhill like MRIG. Mark my word. Remember jan ki young fans really happy get 5% in 1st than end up to 3% lol lol.

  6. I hope his agency records alot of promo videos about him now and release them slowly throughout his enlistment. Like a placeholder so that when he comes back from the military, he doesnt seem like he was entirely gone.

    • Snowdrop is a period drama and it had a huge controversy so they probably re-shot a lot lol but I heard they’re already done. Breaking Up production is so fast actually because even another modern drama Human Disqualification is still filming that’s why Jeon Doyeon wasn’t at Cannes for Emergency Declaration, and they started in January

    • there’s an issue happened about the drama, as far as I know they changed the fl’s name, so they retake all the scenes they filmed

  7. I wonder if he will be able to regain his popularity after military, hard to be male actor in South Korea the competition is fierce there’s so many sunken actors who cannot get back to their place

  8. I like JKY a lot. Very impressed by his performance in My Ajusshi. It’s just too bad that he is really bad at picking projects, thus I ended up not watching most of his dramas.

    Still, I belive he has lots of potential and I hope that 18 months break following his MS will somehow do some magic on him and may he return with good acting project.

  9. Why is it only males that enlist in the military, why doesn’t women enlist too.. This is unfair on the male actors career.I know for a fact that if it was the opposite, there will be outrage…why don’t they just cancelled the whole stuff or at least reduced it to one year or 6months

    • With how Korean work culture seems to work, women are already at such a great disadvantage, especially when they become mothers. Men only need to endure a career pause for like one and a half year.

  10. I’m a fan of jang kiyoung he’s killing every roles taken. This boy will be everywhere once he discharged. Mark my words!

    • He needs a good script and a drama with 10% rating. I like him too. He’s a good actor. C&HM and Kill It are my fave dramas of him. Hold on, search www too.

      • Now we breaking up might get 8-9% and he’s good to go enlist and come back anytime he wants he will still achieve what he wants guy is complete package

  11. I don’t particularly like or dislike him but I see people on here talk about him like he is a top actor but he is neither a critically acclaimed actor nor a hitmaker. His filmography as a lead actor is woeful and littered with only terrible dramas, disappointments and flops. If this was an actress we would have post after post accusing her of having a sponsor and calling her names. The benefits of having a penis I guess.

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